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  1. Wooglesworth

    Just my opinion

    I think a big problem with this game is the armor system aside from the bugs. I know what a lot of you will say "durr..durrr..GET GOOD SCRUB" but that's not it in my opinion. I understand armor should give somewhat of an advantage. But, if I have to shoot you 20 times before you can hit me 3, and I DO IT, you should die. I don't care what gun or ammo I'm using. I've lost so many gunfights in the past week because bad players are geared to the teeth and I shred them just to get two tapped. It's really diminishing and makes you just want to play something else. I doubt it will be fixed or changed in any way, but then again, this is just my opinion. Let me know what you think
  2. Wooglesworth

    The update broke my game

    Game freezes and won't respond when at first loading screen since update. Uninstalled and reinstalled nothing works. This game is in a constant downward spiral. GG. This is for the best I feel. I'm done with going to play Insurgency Sandstorm. Good luck fellow Tarkovians. I pray you don't get millisecond one tapped peak by hackers like I use to at least once everyday. Peace
  3. Wooglesworth


    I'm on NA servers so it may be different. I appreciate your feedback though! I do play from 6 am to about 10 am in the morning though since I work night shift. It's just getting old the only players I do find are usually cheating. Just got one tapped when a dude peaked a corner on factory in literally a split second. He never even stopped moving. As soon as I saw the first quarter second his body popped out..POP...instant death. I dunno maybe it will get better. Hopefully, at least.
  4. Wooglesworth


    Well it seems like the game is going down the drain because of hackers and so many broken things with the devs not seeming to care. I just have one question, does anyone play this game anymore? I'm not even being sarcastic. I've done so many Woods raids and haven't seen or heard a gunshot from a player in days. Customs will very rarely have about two other players or so. Factory most of the time has one to a few other pmcs but is always filled with scavs. But forreal what's going on? Should I just move on?
  5. The first problem is that it's so hard to see stuff in this game at any distance far off or just a good ways away. I have a great gaming pc that has no trouble running other games at 60 fps max graphics but this game just isn't optimized and I know that. But spotting enemies at a distance is unreal. I've tried everything and I just don't know what to do. I see youtube videos of people playing and their game looks crystal clear. I get a bunch of pixelated blurry, white line images when looking a good ways out and I do not know how to get rid of it. As I've said, I've tried everything. Second is audio. Once again, I have no problem hearing footsteps or shots in other games and figuring out the direction but in this game...oh my god. It's almost pointless to even try because no matter what direction something is happening in it just plays through both ears at the same noise level. If anyone could give me any advice on these two I would much appreciate. I love the game and want to play but these two issues turn me off so much! Thanks!
  6. I currently have Kotion Each G2000's and they are pretty good but I feel like there is a lot better out there for this game. Here's the link to them https://www.walmart.com/ip/G2000-Gaming-Headset-PS4-PC-Xbox-One-Controller-Surround-Stereo-Sound-Gaming-Over-ear-Headphone-Microphone-Noise-Isolating-LED-Light-Professional-PC-/581904506?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=14168&adid=22222222222250516458&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=o&wl2=c&wl3=74560712267675&wl4=pla-4578160278279752:aud-807612879&wl5=&wl6=&wl7=& wl10=Walmart&wl12=581904506_10000014590&wl14=kotion each g2000 amazon ps4&veh=sem&msclkid=e5c5ff425fcc1ee75954a4bd543fda63 they are really cheap too only being $25. Can anyone suggest some good headphones for this game that are just super expensive please? I'm having a hard time telling direction of noises with this headset unless I'm on factory then I can usually pinpoint the sound a bit. Thanks!
  7. Wooglesworth

    Performance Issues

    I'm not bashing the game at all, I love it. But I have a https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GS65-Stealth-THIN-051-i7-8750H/dp/B07BNZ6Z9M?th=1 laptop and I know it's not the best. But it has no problem whatsoever running any other game I have at high framerates while having them look very good graphically. But for some reason no matter what I do this game just looks and plays horrible on it, I don't get it. Compared to most youtubers which I know have high end desktops most of the time I just don't understand how their game looks really really good in certain aspects where as mine looks horrendous. Can anyone explain why it looks so bad? Am I doing something wrong or..? It also says I have 80+ fps most of the time after I disabled hyperthreading but it doesn't seem like it with these little hitches. Just looking for advice or maybe an explanation! Thanks!
  8. Wooglesworth

    Next wipe?

    Anyone know when the next wipe is? Not trying to be a Debbie downer but I've been trying for a few weeks now and I can't compete with these guys and only playing the game for about a month and a half makes it that much harder. I love it so far though. Just REALLY needs to be optimized better. But anyways, anybody have an idea or estimate of when the next wipe is? Please and Thanks!
  9. Wooglesworth

    So this just happened...

    Wasn't in a raid before update hit and kicked everyone off. I was looking at traders stuff just browsing around. I let the game update then proceed to log in. Next, I find a match on customs and as soon as I'm fixing to spawn BOOM dead. You were killed in the raid because you left early. LOLOLOLOLOLOL what the hell is that
  10. Wooglesworth

    Reshade Crashing Game

    I just tried downloading reshade and using it for the first time and every time I try no matter what I do it crashes my game. I've tried opening it with all three options. It just gives me a crash with one of the folder names. This happening for anyone else?
  11. Wooglesworth

    Random FPS drop?

    Yesterday I was getting at least 65 fps on customs and averaging between 70-80. Just logged on and downloaded the little 14 mb update and now I'm getting no more than 40 fps if I'm lucky. What is going on?
  12. Wooglesworth

    Console Edition One Day

    Have the devs ever said anything about releasing a console edition of the game for PS4 and Xbox One maybe one day? I think this game could get a whole lot bigger as interesting and fun as it is! Just curious and tell me what you guys think!!
  13. Wooglesworth

    I don't get it

    I've had this game maybe a month now and I've put in a little bit of playing time. It's just so hard being a new player as I'm sure you can imagine. I don't like to fight anyone at all because every time I try I just die. I don't get this game. I've beat a few quests and now I'm on one where I have to kill 13 PMC's which is gonna be difficult considering in the past few days I've seen barely any players in matches. When I do try to kill someone its pathetic. I can blast the poo out of them on fully auto with the level 1 AK from proper with the best armor pen ammo and they just double tap me. It's unreal. I understand the game has a big learning curve and this and that but it's really pushing me to the point every time I get destroyed to just not play anymore. Anyone have any friendly advice?
  14. Checked everything. My drivers, audio settings, headphone settings, and in game setting. Sound just quit working. My headphones play sounds through browsers and other games. It's only Tarkov they don't. Any suggestions?
  15. Wooglesworth

    Desktop Build Help

    But that should be able to run this game well above 80 fps or so right? I'm trying to get the best performance possible and I plan on adding to the build as time goes on. I watch Kotton stream a lot on twitch and he usually gets no less than 120 fps which I'd like but his build is over $4000 lol