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  1. Orbixal

    Why is there no Auto ban?

    There is already an Active Anti cheat currently in operation. Users are banned daily and if you search the forum we periodically post ban lists of a small fraction of users that have been banned. As well as others have stated it is possible to easily wipe an entire team in a few seconds with carefully place shots. #Answered #Locked
  2. Orbixal

    improvements in character movement

    Everything is in a state of testing so changes to movement are likely. No ETA when or what they will be though. #Answered #Locked
  3. Orbixal

    About the possible upcoming wipe

    My suggestion to you is use it while you have it. EFT has and will have many wipes before release. Also BSG can do partial wipes but for testing purposes some skills/trader levels maybe kept but your stash and player level will most likely be wiped. Biggest suggestion I can give you is don't get too caught up with gear as it is but a feather in the wind fleeting. So you might as well use it while you have it. #Answered #Locked
  4. Orbixal

    Dying game

    Forum team and Development team are two completely separate entities. Also if you had been paying attention to the forum you would see we recently posted patch notes for 0.10 which has a large amount of bug fixes incoming soon. #Locked
  5. Orbixal

    Jumping is Excessively Difficult

    Vaulting is already planned for later in development. #Answered #Locked
  6. Orbixal

    Last patch notes and feel

    The patch that was uploaded yesterday was only a technical update and was not aimed at dealing with the large issues but to prepare for 0.10 deployment. There has already been an announcement that this week we will be releasing a large performance and bug fixes patch which you can find the details for here.
  7. Wipes come with every major patch next one will likely be in the next few weeks. Definitely not years.
  8. Orbixal

    7 days keys beta testing

    If you bought a EFT key from a third party site BSG will not be able to help you. We do not distribute keys to third party sites. In our eyes there is only one way to buy EFT and that is from the main site. I suggest contacting the key site as BSG did not sell you the key so they cannot help. #Answered #Locked
  9. Orbixal

    Promo code from g2a

    We do not distribute keys to G2A or any other third party site. All keys from Keys sites are sold by users and not the site/BSG. In our mind there is only one way to buy a key and that is from the main EFT site. I would suggest getting in contact with the key site as BSG did not sell you the key so they cannot help you. Also I am giving you a verbal warning for the profanity I edited out of your post please read the forums rules before posting again.
  10. Orbixal

    How to know if there's a hacker in your game

    This a bug and not someone using hacking software. Please submit a ticket to support. #Locked
  11. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#3

    @DDdayHUN OK I am sorry I didn't fully understand you post at first. Trader levels will be reset with every major game update with the rest of the game. I have revoked your warning and sorry on the confusion. #Locked
  12. Can you please take screenshot of what you are seeing.
  13. SLI is currently not supported but is being worked on. No ETA as of yet.
  14. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#2

    Traders inventory reset every hour. But rare/limited items sell out fast so make sure to check how long is left on the time in the top left. #Answered #Locked
  15. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#2

    Do you mean the traders? Or the Scavs?