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  1. Orbixal

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    Small secret I used to be part of the BSG team for 2 years I started in technical support then was moved to Moderation team after asking the "Wrong Questions" To the development team on how things were being handled. Then at the end of 2018 I left BSG due to the fact that they are in disarray the community team has no clear leader. The developers seem to have no functioning hierarchy and don't get me started on how they treat content creators they don't like. So I think I do know what I am on about. Models are all nice and all but core game functionality is still not in place that was supposed be in the game years ago pretty sure the modelling team don't deal with net code or core functionality. Also they were already fully funded from an external company before the project started 7 years ago. I believe in the vision but the execution and lack of true communication and care BSG show the player base and lack of actual targets is dis-heartening. I didn't expect a finished product by now but I expect massive issues or packet loss/desync as well as several dupe glitches and exploits that have been in the game since pre-alpha to be sorted yet they are still in the game. Didn't say I hated this game I am saying that I believe BSG need to take a long hard look at themselves and see where things are going wrong. They need to stop with the dribbling of information, un-detailed patch notes and need to start giving us hard figures. Why is net code still in the state it is? What are they doing to resolve it? Why are these Dupe glitches still in-game? Is there something in the core code of the game preventing this fix? Why is core mechanics like Vaulting, Ladders, Breach options and many more core game-play mechanics still missing? Why aren't they more transparent about what they are actually working on instead of just saying "bug with door fixed" "Fixed Crash" give us details on why it happened and how its going to be resolved. I say these things as I want this project to succeed but from experience of BSG i am very doubtful.
  2. Orbixal

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    Well 3 years of playing this game has shown me things slightly change but not usually for the better. Also yes they maybe be passionate but passion doesn't help when half your team are unseasoned developers who are learning on the job and this is there first time working on a project for a company...... Oh wait was I not supposed to say that??? Also it isn't about being only as good as your last release. Its about consistency of delivering what it says in the patch notes. The amount of times I have seen "Fixed Stutters" "Fixed Crashes" and then the patch comes and literally nothing changed. They don't even go into detail on what they have fixed with the stutters. Weather it was CPU based GPU bound or the fact that it was because of X reason. Don't even get me started on the changes they omit from the patch notes. I am so surprised people are so defensive of BSG when they should be questioning why things aren't being communicated on what has actually been fixed or changed in the main baseline of the game.
  3. Orbixal

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    Heard this many times over the years doubt anything much will change. Except for getting a ton of more Mods sorry to burst your bubble new blood. But EFT never changes.
  4. Orbixal

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    I have been a player of EFT for over 3 years buying the EOD version back in 2016. I have played since early closed Alpha and was also a part of the Moderator and Emissary Team for two of those years. I left the community team at BSG due to the fact of the business practices being used by BSG and Nikita and lack of communication across the board was extremely poor. I can understand you think I am ranting for no particular reason but I am a veteran player & Ex-BSG member who is sick and tired of the lack of communication/care for the community. In my time during my 2 years working BSG I found how little they care what the players think/can be bothered to communicate with us. Time and time again things like this have been posted over the years with little detail or explicit time frames with some changes never actually coming or seeing the light of day. I do say how ever EFT has come far. But for the time frame off how long development has been going on core features are still missing. For instance in 2016 videos and comments were made on Ladder system that still to this day hasn't been implemented which isn't even a hard task to be done. I am not jumping on the so called "Band wagon" of hate I am purely expressing my frustration of the lack of true communication/care that BSG show towards there player base. The fact that the patch notes since beginning of development are extremely vague and omit major changes to the games core functionality is mind boggling. So to answer your question no I am not one of "them" Also think you miss understand my post nothing at all was said about a release ETA. I am frustrated that people seem to believe that if you say anything negative towards BSG or Nikita painted with a brush that you are just whining. It may seem this way but I have put up with years of the same old trickling of information and vague promises that never seem to be met. That is all.
  5. Orbixal

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Yet again vague and lacking in any real information. Starting to get really tired of these token answers.....
  6. Orbixal

    Rendering Grass and Bodies

    You won't hear anything until they release it. Getting information from BSG is like trying to get blood from a stone. Trust me I used to work with them.
  7. Orbixal

    Rendering Grass and Bodies

    Grass optimisation and render changes are currently in the works already so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  8. Orbixal

    Upgrading Problem

    Well then I would suggest contacting support as it seems the system is not working in your case. Maybe try re-launching the game and the launcher and see if you have received the items.
  9. Orbixal

    Upgrading Problem

    You need to reset your profile Here How ever doing this will mean your level and gear will be reset.
  10. Orbixal

    console progression

    more like 40+ Hahahaha
  11. Orbixal

    console progression

    I believe as of this time there are no plans to bring EFT to console. It would be extremely hard as well as the amount of controls in this game would not translate well to a controller.
  12. Always happy to help a new player add me on Discord Orbixal#0738
  13. Orbixal

    Can you not Sherpa trial key players?

    No this is not a thing. You sure you have added them correctly? Also currently there is Backend issues with EFT that are being worked on at the moment so that might be the issue.
  14. Orbixal

    Ive been given beta access

    I am not sure what you mean. Character Progress? Or keep the game?
  15. @Penguinmu I can understand your frustrations and I am glad to see your topic is created constructively unlike many other posts. Yes I understand it can some times feels like banging your head again'st a wall but here's a few things you need to realise. BSG are already fully funded for full production of the game that is why they are taking there time so don't worry about it stopping production as this is not on the cards. Also the stuff we get access to in Beta isn't all of the assets/game functionality. As allot of it is being tested internally and tweaked before being released to the public for general stress test and bug finding. I can understand your concerns about EFT as you are passionate about this game and it shows. But you need to realise Streamers are not the average player. They normally play for long periods of time with the intention of min maxing so they have more options to do things on stream there for showing more varied content. When looking at normal players who aren't running 30/40+ raids a day progression and such seems allot slower and balanced. Allot of the frustrations with bugs for streamers & players is that bugs stop/lower the enjoyment of said action in EFT. This is totally valid but you need to realise when you bought EFT you did so agreeing to the EULA which states that you have pre-ordered a product and for pre-ordering that product you get the privilege of access to early alpha/beta builds of EFT to help BSG find issues and bugs with EFT. If you did not understand this when pre-ordering I am sorry but it was warned to you several times. Yes I know you feel that you need to voice your concerns but believing BSG/EFT is going to go belly up any time soon is not understanding what you signed up for.