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    this game is just unplayable sometimes

    When you bought EFT you did so agreeing to the EULA which stated that the product you have access to is an unfinished game and is not the final product. Pre-Ording EFT gave you access to the development of this game and you did so understanding that you would be playing to help test/find bugs. Not to play a finished product as soon as you pre-ordered. These kinds of statements like "I paid $150 so it shouldn't be like this" are a bit childish. I would suggest when creating topics about issues or worries you have about the game. Instead of just saying this is broken fix it maybe give a suggestion on how AI can be balanced or how they can be changed. Just saying "AI are to OP" is in no way constructive or helpful. #Locked
  2. Orbixal

    How do i report a player?

    Currently there is no function to report players. However player karma is going to implemented in the future but currently no ETA. Sorry to hear this happened to you but this is the risk you run playing with random players. My suggestion is finding some players you can trust to run with. Try the Un-Official discord there are always players wanting to team up and help out. If you are still struggling add me even and we can play when I am free. #Answered #Locked
  3. Orbixal

    Still no accurate directional sound?

    It has been stated several times that the sound will be re-worked not ETA yet though. #Answered #Locked
  4. Object culling is already planned and is already been worked on. #Answered #Locked
  5. Orbixal

    Why is there no Auto ban?

    There is already an Active Anti cheat currently in operation. Users are banned daily and if you search the forum we periodically post ban lists of a small fraction of users that have been banned. As well as others have stated it is possible to easily wipe an entire team in a few seconds with carefully place shots. #Answered #Locked
  6. Orbixal

    improvements in character movement

    Everything is in a state of testing so changes to movement are likely. No ETA when or what they will be though. #Answered #Locked
  7. Orbixal

    About the possible upcoming wipe

    My suggestion to you is use it while you have it. EFT has and will have many wipes before release. Also BSG can do partial wipes but for testing purposes some skills/trader levels maybe kept but your stash and player level will most likely be wiped. Biggest suggestion I can give you is don't get too caught up with gear as it is but a feather in the wind fleeting. So you might as well use it while you have it. #Answered #Locked
  8. Orbixal

    Dying game

    Forum team and Development team are two completely separate entities. Also if you had been paying attention to the forum you would see we recently posted patch notes for 0.10 which has a large amount of bug fixes incoming soon. #Locked
  9. Orbixal

    Jumping is Excessively Difficult

    Vaulting is already planned for later in development. #Answered #Locked
  10. Orbixal

    Last patch notes and feel

    The patch that was uploaded yesterday was only a technical update and was not aimed at dealing with the large issues but to prepare for 0.10 deployment. There has already been an announcement that this week we will be releasing a large performance and bug fixes patch which you can find the details for here.
  11. Wipes come with every major patch next one will likely be in the next few weeks. Definitely not years.
  12. Orbixal

    7 days keys beta testing

    If you bought a EFT key from a third party site BSG will not be able to help you. We do not distribute keys to third party sites. In our eyes there is only one way to buy EFT and that is from the main site. I suggest contacting the key site as BSG did not sell you the key so they cannot help. #Answered #Locked
  13. Orbixal

    Promo code from g2a

    We do not distribute keys to G2A or any other third party site. All keys from Keys sites are sold by users and not the site/BSG. In our mind there is only one way to buy a key and that is from the main EFT site. I would suggest getting in contact with the key site as BSG did not sell you the key so they cannot help you. Also I am giving you a verbal warning for the profanity I edited out of your post please read the forums rules before posting again.
  14. Orbixal

    How to know if there's a hacker in your game

    This a bug and not someone using hacking software. Please submit a ticket to support. #Locked
  15. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#3

    @DDdayHUN OK I am sorry I didn't fully understand you post at first. Trader levels will be reset with every major game update with the rest of the game. I have revoked your warning and sorry on the confusion. #Locked
  16. Can you please take screenshot of what you are seeing.
  17. SLI is currently not supported but is being worked on. No ETA as of yet.
  18. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#2

    Traders inventory reset every hour. But rare/limited items sell out fast so make sure to check how long is left on the time in the top left. #Answered #Locked
  19. Orbixal

    Question to the developers#2

    Do you mean the traders? Or the Scavs?
  20. Orbixal


    First off I don't know where you guys are getting this idea there isn't a Anti-Cheat. Just because it isn't client side doesn't mean it doesn't exist and trust me it does exist and is currently working. Please in future before creating a topic like this search the forums. #Locked
  21. Orbixal

    Huge ban wave

    Bans are handed out manually and are reviewed by the team at BSG users are not banned without overwhelming evidence of cheating. Sorry but your friend was a cheater. Reason not all names have been posted is that some are not suitable to post under the forum rules.
  22. Orbixal

    new place on factory?

    Please submit from your profile page on the main site here. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile #Locked
  23. Orbixal

    Frame drops after patch

    Disable Nvidia Highlights by pressing ALT+Z and going into settings. This is known to cause stutters and freezes in current patch.
  24. OK I am going to say this once more as I have said this a thousand times. This has already been discussed to death there are tons of these posts in future please search the forums before creating a topic that has already been discussed. If you feel you have something to add to the conversation or constructive feedback then great but nothing in this post at all in anyway is constructive or adding to the discussion. People creating content for in-game are not the same Developers working on the anti-cheat these are two completely separate departments. I am also sick off seeing these posts. We have several times told users that the Anti-Cheat is in constant development there will always be cheaters in any game. BSG are trying to do what they can and have already banned a large amount of users and are still doing so. My closing statements for this is BSG is committed to removing cheaters from EFT and will battle with this through out the life span of this game. Also I see so many users assuming because they got killed and don't know where or how or got "Pre-Fired" assume its cheating. I can tell you now as a Veteran player of EFT I "Pre-Fire" when I hear users running round a corner. I have got to the point that when I hear certain sounds in certain positions I can roughly predict what path a user may be taking. So what I am saying is just because you feel like you shouldn't have died or the other user was "No where Near me" or "He Pre-FIred me" Doesn't mean they are cheating. #Locked
  25. Orbixal

    Speed Hack Back

    We do not accept player reports of hacking at this time please in future search the forums before posting. Anti-Cheat is already active and working updates are rolled out more often than you might think for the AC. Banning daily doesn't make sense. The reason we do not have instant bans. Is so that the users of these types of external software won't know what action or script set off the AC and got there account banned. Also the reason we do not send auto bans is so that the developers can teach the AC what to look for to ban users. No AC is perfect and 100% accurate to assume that changing to a third party AC would remove the issue with cheaters doesn't make sense. #Locked