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    Upgrading Problem

    Well then I would suggest contacting support as it seems the system is not working in your case. Maybe try re-launching the game and the launcher and see if you have received the items.
  2. Orbixal

    Upgrading Problem

    You need to reset your profile Here How ever doing this will mean your level and gear will be reset.
  3. Dear Users. When creating a request please make sure to put your full username including the # and four digits after your username as shown below. I and other Sherpas have received allot of requests without any ID numbers. Which has meant accepting raid requests have been impossible please double check this before submitting. Regards
  4. Orbixal

    console progression

    more like 40+ Hahahaha
  5. Orbixal

    console progression

    I believe as of this time there are no plans to bring EFT to console. It would be extremely hard as well as the amount of controls in this game would not translate well to a controller.
  6. Always happy to help a new player add me on Discord Orbixal#0738
  7. Orbixal

    Can you not Sherpa trial key players?

    No this is not a thing. You sure you have added them correctly? Also currently there is Backend issues with EFT that are being worked on at the moment so that might be the issue.
  8. Orbixal

    Ive been given beta access

    I am not sure what you mean. Character Progress? Or keep the game?
  9. @Penguinmu I can understand your frustrations and I am glad to see your topic is created constructively unlike many other posts. Yes I understand it can some times feels like banging your head again'st a wall but here's a few things you need to realise. BSG are already fully funded for full production of the game that is why they are taking there time so don't worry about it stopping production as this is not on the cards. Also the stuff we get access to in Beta isn't all of the assets/game functionality. As allot of it is being tested internally and tweaked before being released to the public for general stress test and bug finding. I can understand your concerns about EFT as you are passionate about this game and it shows. But you need to realise Streamers are not the average player. They normally play for long periods of time with the intention of min maxing so they have more options to do things on stream there for showing more varied content. When looking at normal players who aren't running 30/40+ raids a day progression and such seems allot slower and balanced. Allot of the frustrations with bugs for streamers & players is that bugs stop/lower the enjoyment of said action in EFT. This is totally valid but you need to realise when you bought EFT you did so agreeing to the EULA which states that you have pre-ordered a product and for pre-ordering that product you get the privilege of access to early alpha/beta builds of EFT to help BSG find issues and bugs with EFT. If you did not understand this when pre-ordering I am sorry but it was warned to you several times. Yes I know you feel that you need to voice your concerns but believing BSG/EFT is going to go belly up any time soon is not understanding what you signed up for.
  10. Orbixal

    Battlestate Games my honest 5 cents.

    I..... Just.... WHAT??? This post was so disjointed it has baffled me. BSG are working hard on this game. If you are having issues then please submit your issues to support as they might be able to help you. As in regards to a refund unfortunately it isn't going to happen. When you agreed to the EULA and TOS it states that the money paid is none refundable. As well it states that what you are paying for is a pre-order (Not a finished game) with the privilege of getting access to the test builds to help test and submit bugs/issues. If you didn't understand this then I am sorry but that's not BSGs fault. Also posting in this manner is in no way helpful to the betterment of the game it is just a rant. For this reason I am locking this topic. #Locked
  11. Orbixal

    2 Games 1 Account...

    In the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) you signed when buying EFT clearly states that sharing accounts is against TOS (Terms of Service). Doing so can result in a ban please be wary what you are posting/discussing about your account. #Answered #Locked
  12. Orbixal

    Sherpa Request's Discord ID PSA

    Please wait for further information. I will update when I have said information.
  13. Orbixal

    Sherpa Request's Discord ID PSA

    This shouldn't be like this thanks for letting me know will pass this on.
  14. Orbixal

    Sherpa Request's Discord ID PSA

    When you put your username in you should have put for example Orbixal#0738 as it allows you to do this. As for notification of acceptance you will be emailed if you have been successful or not but at the moment there is a back log so please be patient.
  15. Orbixal

    Sherpa Request's Discord ID PSA

    Who did you request with?
  16. Orbixal

    awful netcode

    Your shots hit his chest and the wall as you can see dust impacts. This isn't a net-code issue just unfortunate Aim. Also would suggest next time not standing still but moving to a different firing position as it made it very easy for the user to kill you staying in the same spot. #Locked
  17. Orbixal

    Cant change servers

    Please submit a bug report here. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support #Locked
  18. Orbixal

    this game is just unplayable sometimes

    When you bought EFT you did so agreeing to the EULA which stated that the product you have access to is an unfinished game and is not the final product. Pre-Ording EFT gave you access to the development of this game and you did so understanding that you would be playing to help test/find bugs. Not to play a finished product as soon as you pre-ordered. These kinds of statements like "I paid $150 so it shouldn't be like this" are a bit childish. I would suggest when creating topics about issues or worries you have about the game. Instead of just saying this is broken fix it maybe give a suggestion on how AI can be balanced or how they can be changed. Just saying "AI are to OP" is in no way constructive or helpful. #Locked
  19. Orbixal

    How do i report a player?

    Currently there is no function to report players. However player karma is going to implemented in the future but currently no ETA. Sorry to hear this happened to you but this is the risk you run playing with random players. My suggestion is finding some players you can trust to run with. Try the Un-Official discord there are always players wanting to team up and help out. If you are still struggling add me even and we can play when I am free. #Answered #Locked
  20. Orbixal

    Still no accurate directional sound?

    It has been stated several times that the sound will be re-worked not ETA yet though. #Answered #Locked
  21. Object culling is already planned and is already been worked on. #Answered #Locked
  22. Orbixal

    Why is there no Auto ban?

    There is already an Active Anti cheat currently in operation. Users are banned daily and if you search the forum we periodically post ban lists of a small fraction of users that have been banned. As well as others have stated it is possible to easily wipe an entire team in a few seconds with carefully place shots. #Answered #Locked
  23. Orbixal

    improvements in character movement

    Everything is in a state of testing so changes to movement are likely. No ETA when or what they will be though. #Answered #Locked
  24. Orbixal

    About the possible upcoming wipe

    My suggestion to you is use it while you have it. EFT has and will have many wipes before release. Also BSG can do partial wipes but for testing purposes some skills/trader levels maybe kept but your stash and player level will most likely be wiped. Biggest suggestion I can give you is don't get too caught up with gear as it is but a feather in the wind fleeting. So you might as well use it while you have it. #Answered #Locked
  25. Orbixal

    Dying game

    Forum team and Development team are two completely separate entities. Also if you had been paying attention to the forum you would see we recently posted patch notes for 0.10 which has a large amount of bug fixes incoming soon. #Locked