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  1. CptBluemax

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    Well done BSG well done , Happy Brithday
  2. CptBluemax


    for 29.7 million roubles......maybe lol
  3. CptBluemax

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    thats not the reason at all its firing 7.62x51 full power loads out of an 11 inch barrel........still its a relatively light weapon firing 7.62x51 with full auto cabability..........and tbh the recoil isnt actually that bad with the standard 22inch barrel length. 'balance' is nothing to do with why it has heavy recoil and everything to do with the weapon platform and caliber being fired
  4. CptBluemax

    A weapon you must include in this game

    The RsHG2 disposable anti-infantry RPG might fit your bill. (and yes we've seen it)
  5. CptBluemax

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    loooooool ikr! All the CGi intros for the raids and the main questline as well , the karma......all the other crazy AI around the place...cant wait. That aint even the half of it either my lawd its gonna surprise us all.
  6. CptBluemax

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    dude its gonna be lit , people got nooooo idea I swear
  7. CptBluemax

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    I am dead , dead sure it is , there may be some kind of tunnel system that leads to the complex/elevator.....the other door next to it leads to the FSRA fallout bunker as well apparently TG have been doing some serious dodgy stuff down there and its gotta be a big part of the story thats for sure , clearly doing LIVE experiments as well....bastards. Down with TG and USEC!
  8. CptBluemax

    Headshots & Helmets

    Go do some research , clearly you have done.......absolutely ducking zero
  9. CptBluemax

    Headshots & Helmets

    Might want go go and look up armour The standard Ceramic level IV (roughly since theyre GOST R 6) plates in 6b43 Fort are rated for at least one 338 lapua magnum AP at 300m and a good handful of 7.62x54R AP at 10 meters....not to mention the whole suit is IIIA rated without the plates and it has a heavy spall liner....almost all good level IV plates are rated for 30-06 AP at 15 meters....and multiple hits. The IOTV with E-SAPIS is specifically rated for a minimum of 3 30-06 m2 AP and the vest is roughly IIIA rated as well , although a specific mil std. read above
  10. We'll be alright methinks , I reckon the thought of a wipe after we start the release game will bring a tear to our eye lol.
  11. you wont TeasR my friend.....you wont trust me We dont even have the first main story objective play through yet , let alone all the traders and tasks. Can you imagine how long it will take to get to level 80+(let alone actually get to level 100) with things like objective based extractions,karma,working AI , more AI like USEC,Ru Military , UNTAR , all the unique scav gangs and bosses with their own styles of tactics gear and weapons , the medical animations , all the skills that are going to be in that will take agggggessss to level and thats not even the half of it.Its gonna be for the long game it was never ever meant to be wiped in release , its purely just to test thing (not test the wipes itself , things need resetting to add new parameters etc) Plus we will need our levelled tough well geared characters for the DLCs which will be more story on 3-5 raid maps and those maps will be added to free roam , those are going to be INSANE let alone the finished main game. We have Arena and Free roam modes down the line. I get where you coming from but I think as time goes on you will change your mind , it will not be the same game at all.
  12. It realllllllly will be , its going to surprise even you and me who know it will be The wipes will just end up pissing me off , but will end up sending players with less time to play absolutely insane with mouth frothing rage lol
  13. Yeah I mean finished with the 80% of content we are missing...mechanics...items.....things like med animations , karma , the story , the crazy hard late game quests , the much more difficult game than it is now all the other insanely rare items etc etc