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  1. no.........they wont because the traders are going to change the prices of the items regularly inc sale prices
  2. It isnt a post apocalyptic Russia 2028 wasteland yet...........theres still business going on in the world. EfT would be really ducking boring like this.............really ducking boring............like f so ducking boring its unreal.
  3. you know this is the plan with traders right , stocking monitoring raising prices of hot items lowering ones for things that dont shift etc (and their repsective sell prices) The trader market/prices will regulate themselves , as will the player flea market.
  4. CptBluemax

    Very low FPS after playing awhile

    yeah and its only this game that does what its doing to my 980Ti pushes her past 90C and downclocks the core. worth a temp check while in game after a while or sitting on scav/pmc screen
  5. CptBluemax

    Very low FPS after playing awhile

    could be gfx card melting , you dont want to know whats its doing to my stock cooler 980Ti since 0.9 lol
  6. CptBluemax

    Dumping 20 rounds into unarmored players

    same here , so many rounds are just not....doing anything lol
  7. CptBluemax

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    Perfect here......excellent surround positional audio on Kraken 7.1 V2 Make sure you have synapse installed and nothing else,not razer surround just synapse.
  8. CptBluemax

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    absolutely amazing
  9. CptBluemax

    Armor feeling a bit too strong?

    lol armours actually working realistically now....it actually stops the rounds its meant to.
  10. CptBluemax

    Bans for using forbidden software

  11. CptBluemax

    Those who are experiencing crashes: We need your crash logs!

    Scav exit crash on interchange , SE exit , had lots of loot on me from another pmc , nothing else running on desktop apart from mouse and headset software,teamspeak,msi afterburner. Froze instantly as soon as the timer went to 0 , was totally unable to get the task manager up had to sign out. Game regularly freezes on startup lately but get no crash logs. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  12. CptBluemax

    What is the point of the AKS-74UN/UB?

    they sure can
  13. CptBluemax

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    This is underneath factory btw guys , the hermetic doors with the blinking camera light Had a pink TerraGroup electronic access card once upon a time , gonna be real interesting to get down there in main raid story mode.
  14. CptBluemax

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    lol you feeling alright?
  15. CptBluemax

    make fun of me for being bad

    whatever you do don't give up , I woulds try and get together with a group of like minded people to play the game , you will enjoy it much more. I would honestly say 6 months of on and off is not nearly enough to become truly proficient in EfT.