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  1. I know you can hotkey meds, but how is it possible to med that fast? It was a constant spray of 17 bullets (didn't let go of mouse1) and he was returning fire as well. Maybe I'm missing something but I thought meds took like 2s or 3s to use. Thanks for the explanation though.
  2. How do I avoid just getting raped by an m4 when they hear me 1 tap another guy near them? Normally I can secure a 1 tap hs on someone but I get traded by an AKM or m4 which I have no sort of armor to defend against. Thanks for the advice though. Works fine in theory, but you don't gain XP from scav runs so I can't level up my traders.
  3. no, you can only get prs, t and fmj from lvl 1 traders. You can't get BT, BS, BP, or AP ammo. How would forgetting things I learned from CS:GO like basic aiming skills help me? What do ballistics and trajectory have to do if I'm 5 feet from my opponent? Chilling out doesn't seem to work. I've tried it. Wipe isn't supposed to happen for weeks so guess I'll just get fucked till then. But you can't level up by doing scav runs and I get instantly 1 tapped doing PMC runs, so how am I supposed to gain XP to level up traders etc. when I don't gain xp from scav runs and get raped by m4s any time I do PMC runs?
  4. odd. for some reason it isn't showing it for me ok thanks for the advice. I have tried the mp5 a few times but I just kept getting destroyed every time so I stopped using it because it was melting my roubles
  5. I don't see any PS 5.45 on prapor. The only 5.45 he has is PRS and Skier has FMJ. Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that this game still hates new players for some reason. I just did another run where I dealt well over 500 damage in 1 mag so he couldn't have healed and he didn't die. What's the explanation?
  6. Troll answers like "just git gud" etc. I'm just gonna ignore. I'm looking for actualy advice here. I've tried everything under the sun (camping, playing aggressive looking for fights, and sound whoring). Nothing works. I'll just run around the corner and hit them with 17 bullets from my AKS and they'll drop me before I can even think to heal - usually I get 1 tapped. It seems no matter what armor I wear, I just get 1 tapped. On the other hand, I can hit someone with 17 5.54 mm bullets (PRS because that and FMJ are all I have access to) and deal 184 damage according to the game and they live. What am I doing wrong? No matter how I play I just can't get any kills other than the occaisonal scav player or a pistol PMC. EDIT: Also just wanted to add that it's not that I'm a terrible aimer or anything - I was DMG in CS:GO, it's just something about this game that I can't seem to get down.