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  1. DUOing

    Why cant i play with my m8, but i can play solo in under 5 seconds. Also please upgrade or expand the number of servers you have. I'm really tired of seeing the same recurring desync problems from alpha.
  2. Twitch Team

    Looking for a group of other small streamers looking to band together to help each try to make something out of stream and love for the game. If you would message me on here or whisper on my twitch at twitch.tv/g1shockwave1984.
  3. alpha container ?

    When you go into raids and put items in before or during the raid and lets say you die inside the raid anything in the container is safe and will still be in there. Mainly used for meds
  4. Fac key updates

    So any updates on where people are finding, i have a feeling ill just come upon it on a scav but any news on new spawns would help.
  5. Fac Key

    Looking to buy fac key. Id pay anywhere from 750k rubuls to 2500k dollars
  6. Trading a Factory Key

    i dont have a doc case but ill do 750k for it.
  7. Back off the Devs

    I understand that it is frustrating that the servers are down! It's not this a permanent thing, they will fix it soon. It just makes me mad how people can't play for two seconds then go on the put all this hate up and call the patient people Dev fan boys.
  8. Extraction

    I have been killed a few times by scavs camping the extraction in factory and it bothers me that already killing 5+ scavs by the door and already using all my ammo to kill naked players with knives and etc.. I suggest that less scavs should be put into factory and also less spawning in?