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  1. whereismyloot

    Where have all the aod eft members gone?

    EoD is still sells ? isn't it was "limited" edition ?
  2. whereismyloot

    Hacks or Bug?

    so its a bug that is used as hack
  3. whereismyloot


    isn't here "Report a hacker" thread ?
  4. whereismyloot


    Hans like das, ja
  5. whereismyloot

    Thoughts from a new player

    right, speaking of adaptive difficulty, how about what you find in crates depends on your level, like if you level 1 you find only cheap weapons, no rifles, only pistols, and food but if you open it at level 40 you will find in expensive rifles, scopes, bitcoins, sounds interesting right ? how about some adjustments, like if you play as han solo, it will give you more experience after you finish raid ? I mean it has to be more rewarding if its more difficult, that way it would stimulate people be more diverse instead of skipping playing because they wait for their friends to team up with let me tell you about real "grind" and its name is: "Minecraft", and no one complained so far, or "WoW" clickers, they clicking on sheeps like million times a day but still its one of the most popular games ever fun ? No. realistic and hardcore ? Yes. why else you bought that game anyway I understand you had fun watching youtube videos, but they do montages of most interesting moments, otherwise its all grind and blood and sweat to get there in actual gameplay, hard truth, deal with it but on the bright side, you will eventually get to be those players on 10, 20 or 40 level and you will get fun smashing those hordes of newbies, and at that moment you will realise that the game is actually "fun" do you realize how easy it would be to cheat, so in this case it would be like so your client connects to server, after presumably you playing in offline mode for 200 hours, and it tells server that you are now 40 level with 1 trillion rubles earned, right ? so how server knows if you are actually played 200 hours to earn all this or you just used exploits like "art money" or something ? and don't forget right now even that testing "offline mode" is temporary, they say it will be removed after release, why ? because its an online game, can you ask "World of Wizzards" developers to introduce offline mode where you can level up and earn money ? sounds silly right ?
  6. whereismyloot

    SCAV ON SCAV VIOLENCE: A fresh perspective

    so you want people to behave like in movie "Batman: Dark Knight" where no one have pressed a detonator button ? never, its a "hardcore" game, everyone for himself or may be "tit for tat", strategy will be better ?
  7. whereismyloot


    you can, but don't expect to stay alive for too long after that
  8. whereismyloot

    Literally Unplayable

    I remember back when I had Celeron 500MHz, with "voodoo 3dfx", and I played games on it back in 2000-2002, many games couldn't run smooth, especially if the map was big and open, I had only 5-10 FPS, so there was no point to roam around too much or even fight enemies with such lag, so the solution to finish such map was just look down to the ground and run to the end of the level where it will load new smaller level, with a decent and more enjoyable 20-25 FPS, but I still played games like that, it was fun time I remember I prefered games on "unreal" engine because in it if you don't look at many objects you don't have lag, in comparison to "quake 3" engine, that was laggy on any map, even on small interior maps, where you can only see narrow corridors, it may been because of not very good occlusion culling or something, that is why since then I'm in favor of "unreal" engine to any other engine, because it allowed me play games on slow hardware so what I'm trying to say, may be you need to blame "Unity" engine developers, not EFT developers as a suggestion, maybe developers shouldn't patch all clients at once maybe they should choose some players who likes to test new things and make them intensively play it for a week, then if they complain a lot they make fixes and make them play again and so forth until it will be stable to make update for all other clients, because right now it seems like after rolling out new update too many people start coming to forum even thought they should understand the game is in heavy development, and you, the player is now "testing" the game, but not all people understant it yet, so they just go to forum to outpour their complaints as if they were cheated by developers, and its just not very helpful, you knew what you were signed for, no need to call it "unplayable", just throttle your gaming addiction, there are many other online games around to waste your time on
  9. right, we all need to learn how to be humble imagine people would stop using windows after all those complains aboit its insecurity, instability, but no, they are still using it, same for EFT, you will be playing it anyway, why ? you know why
  10. whereismyloot

    Can i Sell the game? I didnt like it

    maybe they should've very limited version where you can only spawn as SCAV on one map, like "customs" and you can only play it for a week, and then you have to decide whether to buy it or not, because there are people who just don't realise the meaning of "hardcore" word in case of EFT, like DayZ was "hardcore" too in a sense you have to survive by eating and healing yourself and you can die from one bullet, but it also gave you lots more opportunities to have fun, but in EFT game that "fun" part is stripped down to an amount that only some type of people can appreciate and actually enjoy the game, that is why some people do complain and some even want refund, because EFT is actually "hardcore" and not to just hype you up, and its also "realistic" in an different way than we all got used in games, like "realistic textures" or "realistic physics", no its "realistic", in a sense that you load up every bullet, or if you wear helmets they make you hear less sounds, its "realistic" in a way it makes you think about stuff that other games just don't include, because they want to be "fun" games for lemmings to enjoy, not in this case, welcome to Tarkov I mean it could've been worse, if you think of it, take a look at "stalker: misery mod", I think you got the idea
  11. whereismyloot

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    no, following the trend of adding ancient guns, next one should be Muskets from napoleonic wars by the way will "sticky bolt" feature be implemented ?
  12. the weapon to surpass metal gear, the rifle to rule them all: suppressed Mosin with thermal scope, collapsable buttstock, and a 60 round magazine, and a saying on the side, written in gold: "Approved by Vasily Zaitsev" and don't forget its full name: "Mosin-Nagant"
  13. whereismyloot

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    I remember being like that when they first announced "No Man's Sky"
  14. whereismyloot

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    that is a main drug lord in all Tarkov, you sell him all the weed you can find in Tarkov they should've used "Bounty" bars, that way player searching for it can be considered a "bounty hunter" is it that "drug" Tom Cruise used in "Minority Report" to alter his face shape ?
  15. whereismyloot

    New map and plans.

    "laboratories", smal map, similar to "factory" and big open map "streets of tarkov", so far