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  1. just curious where servers are located within north america. in other games i play ping is crucial and playing on an eastern server is smooth for me, or even midwest but a dallas or west coast server is slow and choppy. how do we know where we are playing in tarkov and do we have any control over where we connect aside from large regions?
  2. Mondogrunday

    Did not know food can kill you lol

    funny lol "i'm pretty f*cked up, wait! did I get shot?" rofl
  3. Mondogrunday

    kill cam revisited

    now i completely understand why a kill cam cannot be implemented as per usual kill cams which exist in other games. (exposing shooter, location etc) but is there a way for kill cam to be accessed once the raid is complete? i play another game (unreal tournament) and it logs all games so you can go back and watch whole match if you wanted to. ( much much smaller population however). But to be able to watch your death from a match only at at the raids complete conclusion seems like it would be ok. i may be missing reasons why this can't happen which is the reason for the post. I believe it could help with cheating, and also for new players to learn from. thoughts?
  4. Mondogrunday

    bfg may have got it wrong

    i was thinking the big F*ckin gun from Doom lol
  5. Mondogrunday

    Get over nerves?

    gear fear is strong with this one lol kidding aside, listen to other comments, and just go in with decent gear. will you lose it, probably, but you can get more with scavs fairly easily. been running interchange at night and can hit 6 or so loot boxes with virtually no encounters. can confront some AI scavs if i want usually too and grab their stuff. have tons of stuff to sell and nabbed a few high level weaps from the crates from time to time. that fear is what makes this game soooo good. its intense and i love it. the more heavily geared the better the experience imo.
  6. Mondogrunday

    KIBA store - make a great again

    actually really like the idea of an alarm when store is unlocked or entered. would make for some good fire fights i bet. might be problematic for hatchlings or low geared players trying to do a quick in and out, no one gets hurt tactic. but fun none the less.
  7. Mondogrunday

    high end guns mean nothing

    law of averages comes into play. every dog has its day. we all get those kills despite having inferior gear to our opponent, but i'm betting if you played that guy 10 rounds, the score would fall into the 9-1 range in his favour. i got super lucky on factory once as a hatchling and was going through lockeroom when a fully decked out player rounded a corner with his visor up, I right clicked my hatchet into his face and killed him instantly and scooped all his gear. he may have been injured already, but it was the circumstance, not that hatchets make good gear obsolete.
  8. Mondogrunday

    Next Wipe

    just upgraded to EoD (on sale ) waiting for wipe to reset profile. getting anxious for it, wanna get back into the action soon.
  9. Mondogrunday

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    i was a bit surprised when did some research into the availability of cheats for this game. i mean its all right out there and unfortunately there is quite a market for it apparently. won't name the sites for obvious reasons and im sure any who wanted to go that route would know what to do. i don't believe in naming someone suspected of cheating until definitive proof is put forward, but i really hope bsg gets on this prior to release. i have gamed for years and never understood aimbots or cheating in general. its not you who got the kill, it was the bot. how does one get gratification from that? its like your friend smashes a chick and you claim it was you, like seriously wtf?? makes no sense.
  10. Mondogrunday

    New Cheat/hack/glitch!

    technically yes. such as a link to said banning. perhaps the reason for ban. otherwise I would have to just take your word for it. again, not saying i don't believe you but evidence makes your statement valid.
  11. Mondogrunday

    Cheater paradise......

    lol, thinking the same thing
  12. Mondogrunday

    New Cheat/hack/glitch!

    not that i don't believe you but, yes you do need proof. and that's not what a "guilty" person would say, it's what a normal rational person would say. i've been accused of cheating in other games, which i was not. but claims of cheating require evidence. it's just how it works.
  13. Mondogrunday

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    to the fellow hatchling on factory. thanks for the wiggle to me and my buddy also running hatchlings. but especially thank you for the hatchet into the back of my head while i looted the box on the crate and following it up by axing my partner, ah good times. if you see me ingame and wiggle to show truce, run. i will spare no one anymore lol. learned the hard way, not to trust.
  14. Mondogrunday

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Aged Gods#5553 pls verify thx
  15. Mondogrunday

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Mondogrunday#1793 pls verify thx