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  1. whaha this kid......i copy something from TS and you tell me to learn english..... Its very childish trying to be a forumteatcher.
  2. you could try to read the opening post?
  3. you should have read what I posted above I mean...the crybabies already called the EOD/LB holders pay2win players because we have a bigger stash (and they thought more guns) and again they are listening to the crybabies. Wasnt it already stated at the page where you buy your copy? Normal account has ......stash etc etc....yes it was so I totally agree with you its there choice....But then...why are they changing all this? It feels fishy to me cause I made a choice to support the dev team with what they are building here and bought the EOD version not because of the bigger stash. And now they added more better stuff to each tier....so I see the flamewar coming because off the weapons they added in the higher tiers. So for this quote above I speak in 2nd person. Since beta started we have the "normal" tier holders in the game and all they do is cry about there own CHOICE and what anois me the most......they are heard. that I didnt know.......cause its always showing for me
  4. odd under posts is says : Edge of Darkness Limited Edition for me
  5. its under my post count and thats exactly my point.....they make it easier. Wasn't eft's statement "this game aint for everyone" but (and thats just my opinion) they listen a bit to mutch to the community. I don't mind them listening to whats being said but this game start to become a clone of all other FPS out there..........thats not what I signed for.
  6. I posted this already in another topic so i just copyed it.
  7. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    all they need to do....make it impossible to go in a raid unarmed. Hatchet/knife aint armed in a fps.
  8. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    206 a barrel is infront off the room. And anyone can tell what beef to keep for therapist task?
  9. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    I found 1 on the table in pumping room.
  10. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    you could just post where to find the key?
  11. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    key 105 aint working
  12. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    I cant find any info for the room 206 key .....anyone a clue? *edit* nvm Room 105 (206) - This key is identical to Room 105 in appearance and name (probably a typo) but opens room 206. No or unknown loot at this time.
  13. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    ty cant even figure out what i asked
  14. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    cant remeber think on a scav.
  15. Umbario

    Quest Mega Thread

    i found it in customs.