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  2. Scavs Gameplay video

  3. Beta Timeline

    take your time devs.... we all love what your doing and want it to be the best it can be, we're along for the ride, thats what we paid to be part of
  4. Details on the NDA lift on March 24, 2017

    I feel for you dude, perfect streamer to showcase this game, I have seen a lot of streamers who have received their free copy in the last 24hrs streaming without a watermark. Still NDA lift tomorrow for all, i'll come say hi when you stream.
  5. Great news, Not a content creator myself but cant wait to see more being put out to showcase this awesome game. My the Hype train never stop rolling!
  6. Lose of gear (will limit the game)

    This is a really interesting topic and interesting to see the two sides of the argument, i come from playing Dayz and more recently ArmA 3 Battle Royale, these two games have perma death and although you re spawn or play again with nothing it is that mechanic that gets your heart pumping, the fear of loosing gear is essential to the emotional connection to your character. Other games such as COD or CSGO you get the buzz from winning the round with your team but I personally dont have my heart pumping in those type of games unless it only me left on the team. There are different games for different players and EFT is the game i have always wanted to see made. Grinding on factory, using stealth and pistol to grab a couple of shot guns and low level armour, taking that loot in to eventually get an AK47 and high tear armour and helmet and then risking it all on customs to get an m4 and enough money for NVGs and then doing fully kitted night raids... this progression is awesome and keep attention through constant fear, and if you loose it you start again, with all the same factors and fear. IMO this style of gameplay is perfect as it is and I personally dont feel gun insurance should be introduced at all.
  7. So good to see the level of care and detail employed on the models, I'm new to the alpha but have been watching the development since the game was announced. Looking forward to seeing new items and bug fixes in game but also happy when i see things are being done with passion and not just thrown in to get it to release, keep up the good work!