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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    We were all geared except for SixOldMidgets. The enemy players we came in close contact with were all hatcheteers, I think. Maybe one near the end wasn't. But, yeah, we got out fine.
  2. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    We had SixOldMidgets as our VIP and he was running around with his level 51 strength making us looks like turtles. All the other players were hatchets. Boo.
  3. Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    Nice work! I very much look forward to this improvement. I realize the face masks are rendered outside of the player character, but the next evolution in character style should be face textures like hair (beards, mustache, goatee, etc.) and face paint. And, of course, new clothes!
  4. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    I spawn into factory with a scav vest, Vepr 136 and 5 10-rnd mags. I immediately hear about 10 shots, so I wait for about 5 minutes and then wonder about.This is what I come upon: The luckiest scav run ever:
  5. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    1) Hand gestures - I really like the middle finger, but it adds nothing to combat operations. The real benefit is in-game tactical comms or perhaps signaling to a potential opponent that you are a non-combatant or that maybe you want to make a trade or in-raid quest deal. 2) Weapon handling - Firing from cover position is going to be an awesome tactic to get people thinking about shooting at you. Imagine a teammate provides fire cover so another can cross an opening and get to an alternate cover for a wider field of fire on an opponent. Also, the folding stock is cool, but I hope it provides a more maneuverable stance when going or firing through doors/windows. 3) Quests: Chemical Pt.4 from Skier: Looked like you were placing a beacon on a container with a certain chemical for 200K Rubles, experience points, and rep with the trader. I'm curious if people on a team in the same raid can do the same quest. If the one quest is only available to first-come-first-get situation, they will be very lucrative and 95% of players won't get the opportunity to do them. If the opposite is the case, the 200k is WAY too much and the economy for the traders will be extreme. I can see maybe 5k-10k because you'll be doing the quest along with firefights and loot farming. At one point not that long ago, Fence had 1.5+ billion Rubles. In a survival world, Fence would be constantly under attack to get his money and business. 4) Arena! I assume that's a long way off for us, but was good to have for Gamescon so they could play with the in-raid mechanics without having to deal with scavs.
  6. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Jeebus, I've been away for work the last 10 days and now I have all these new names to learn (to not kill ). Nice problem to have!
  7. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Beta released just in time for me to go OUT OF TOWN for 2 WEEKS! Maybe I'll get some in tomorrow night..... AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  8. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Played with you last night. I think you'll find that "recruits" don't get left behind at all. In fact, when we get in squads, serious or casual, there's a good mixture of recruits, regular guys, and even admins playing various rolls within the squads. Also, we've had several "recruits" that were very high leveled players in EFT and they quickly became leaders when in raids together. Everyone's pretty chill in TAW and willing to help each other out. You'll enjoy your time here!
  9. Lemme see your war face

  10. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Alright TAW buddies.....I'm feeling generous! I know CBT is right around the corner and I may not be able to play since I bought EOD kind of late and I'll be out of town on biz for 3 weeks in a rural area with crappy interwebz. I have a whole stash full right now and want to give some of it away, but only to my teammies! I have 2 light & 3 heavy armor, 4 helmets, several AK74N (most with some kind of optic), two Saiga's (one fully kitted), 6 153 shottys, 30ish 'nades, all the meds you'll need, and other assorted stuff. I'll be on in the evenings over the next couple weeks. Hit me up in PM here with requests. NOTICE: Only confirmed TAW teammates will be given stuff! I will keep one full set of heavy armor for myself. The only thing I ask in return is a little gear help once I get into CBT in mid-August.
  11. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    @RokKlymer, you look so proud to have scaled such a mountain. Given your size, it must have taken 1, maybe 2, steps. @Johnfatboy was in raid with me and I mentioned that I'd seen this floating character before in a YouTube video. Couldn't resist staging this photo after you told me of your hobby.
  12. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    @RokKlymer I found you doing your thing on Woods tonight!
  13. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    @omenrash Post the picture of the TAW Tower from last night!!! TAW members support our teammates!!!
  14. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hmmm......less than an hour after I gave up on the Controls section post and came here to ask, I got the the Contols post. Figures. Answer: Ctrl-Click. Wooooo......triple post!
  15. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    This is the primary reason for my comment. If you get into a firefight with multiple opponents, 5 rounds isn't likely enough. I'd rather have an 8 round tube shotty that I can dispatch opponents and reload as I egress. Not to mention the mags take up two spots that could normally be filled with 60 shotgun rounds, not 5. By the way.....I posted this in the "Controls" post in the Alpha Gameplay section, but got no response yet. So....I ask my TAW family: I've seen in many videos of gameplay where people seem to automatically move things (rather than drag) from a body/lootbox to their vest, pockets, or bag with seemingly a single click. I've tried double clicking. Is there a key combo or something else to do this?