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  1. Increased FOV for 21:0 Players

    Yeah I'm sure they'll fix that at some point. The game is still alpha after all.
  2. Deploying teams

    I agree with @Cosantoir and @Olloch
  3. @ArmaSwiss I love the static. It's like listening to a radio from inside Tarkov or something.
  4. A minor expansion of the playable area of the Customs location

    FFFFFFFFFFFFF, oh man! I am SO excited! Holy cow!
  5. More Clothing/Gear?

    Yeah if you watch the 2016 report, there's also a moment where it shows an AVS chest rig in a darker green than the current one. Or maybe I didn't... I'm pretty sure I did. I'll try to find the point in the video. Yeah if you pause at 1:32, you can see the AK with the different wood color, the AVS with the darker green, the SVS that looks different... Or backward... Maybe this is old footage and they just updated the colors before I got into the alpha or something, but that's something I thought was interesting.
  6. @Ripper203 Ripper for Sherpa 2017! Probably the most knowledge packed, and eager to help- player I have met so far. Just in the last few days he has helped myself and a few friends understand the game mechanics, the map layouts, how to best loot, tricks to staying alive, and hasn't cried much when I accidentally shot him but of all lessons, the most important... Shoot armored targets in the face, or crotch // P.S. This isn't a serious recommendation, he told me he doesn't have the time to be a Sherpa.
  7. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    I'm just curious how they determined who was caught cheating. Because if it's just because of some report and screen shot from a butthurt dude that got his face blown off by someone with really good reflexes and a low mouse sensitivity, that would just be silly.
  8. Escape from Tarkov Developer's 2016 Report

    Can't wait for extended alpha. Time to check out the video!
  9. Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages!

    I just bought EoD like 3 days ago.... NOOOOOOO lol
  10. The plans for the remainder of 2016

    As true as you could possibly be.
  11. Forum Competition! [Winner gets alpha access]

    Disclaimer: I think I surpassed the 300 word expectation. Sorry if it's a bit too long. I get very enthralled when writing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Serosha, where do we go now?" Asked Krasnyy as the unmistakable echo of warsaw and nato firearms rang out behind us. Our run turned slowly to a jog, and our jog turned to a standstill as we took a seat on the ground of a gutter and fought to catch our breath. "Home." Breathing erratically, I struggled to speak. "I just wanna' go home." My voice trembled. 'Krasnyy' shook his head in disapproval. "Look at you, stop huffing like a scared child. Coming here was your idea, alright? I don't want to hear any of your 'we are turning back bull ****', you don't escape from Tarkov!" His voice was that of a father quietly disciplining a son. I heard the metallic *click, click, click* as one after another, 5.45x39 found home in a beat up magazine. It was methodical, almost machine like. “We don’t escape Tarkov.” *Click* *Click* I looked over to see the rifle loaded, and he pulled back the charging handle, a sound that at this point wasn’t far from nails against a chalkboard to me. "I'm checking those apartments. We need water, and munitions." He gestured at a vast moonlit complex across the street. Fixated on my shaking hands, "I ca-ca-can’t believe we-… We left him. 'Peyrot' is gone... He's actually gone." "Well? You coming with me or what?" He said while he loomed over me. Without even looking at him, I could feel his cold steely gaze, practically breathing down my neck, criticizing me. "No? Suit yourself.” He spat at the ground. “I'll die alone, just like 'Peyrot'." A harsh scoff emitted from his clenched, yellowed teeth, as he trudged off toward the desolate and weary apartment. Only a warped door hung on rusted hinges, blocking the entrance. He was right. Leaving him alone to scavenge that apartment complex was to sentence him to death, the same as 'Peyrot'...... 'Peyrot' wouldn't have let Krasnyy go in there alone, and though still mourning, I was glad in a way that he brought up our fallen comrade. I needed a kick to snap me out of my trance. "Wait, wait!” I called to him. “I'm coming with you." I snatched my poorly kept shotgun off the ground. Though caked in blood and dirt it still worked, and that was all that mattered to me. I dashed across the street after checking both ways, just like my mother had told me to when I was young... Strange how such a childish concept can be so useful, even in a place like this... The door proved a formidable obstacle. The wood was warped in a way that held it jammed into the door frame. In the end we knew stealth was not an option, I took a step back and slowly drew a deep breath. With all my might I kicked into the door, sending my foot through the soft wood. In my head it played out differently, and in my shock, I cursed silently and threw the rest of my body into the door, crashing onto the hard floor with splinters and fragments all around. The putrid smell of stagnant air filled my lungs as I coughed. In jest I commented, “Blynn, it smells worse than your cooking.” He chuckled as the distinct *Click* of his flashlight flickered to life, illuminating the freshly kicked up dust. Forest green paint was flaking from the walls in large patches, revealing black mold in it’s wake. The corners of the floors were littered in heaps of waste, and down the hall was a figure. The empty husk of a man, slumped against the far side of the hall, sitting in a pool of dried sanguine. "Keep your wits about you. We don't want to end up like him." Mumbled 'Krasnyy'. ... A Day Later: It had felt like days since I entered this forest, my leg weak and limp as I hobbled to the edge of the woods, with that damned apartment far behind me. In disbelief I rubbed my tired eyes at what I saw before me. It was a deserted crop field filled with dead plants, glazed with frost, and illuminated with the shimmer of a beautiful golden-crimson sunrise. I stood, paralyzed with emotion, feeling regret, anger, sorrow, shock and exhaustion. Fighting back my tears I tried to push my mistakes out of my head. Just for a moment... Just for a single moment... I forgot about everything. I forgot about eye patched 'Peyrot', I forgot about red haired 'Krasnyy', I forgot about the things I saw, the things I had done... The people I left behind. Something 'Krasnyy' always said to me, rang in my mind... “You can’t escape from Tarkov.”
  12. My reworked photo.

    I died when I saw this
  13. Most wanted

    Or, someone could have killed someone of their team because that team member shot at them first, or something else that caused the incident to happen, which was not directly the killer's fault. Thus, I think if this idea is to be done, it should be done by players instead of game implementation for complex reasons.