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    schermo nero subito dopo lo start

    dopo l'ultima patch in aggiunga al mio già problema di non poter cambiare i server xche non ci sono scritte ora ho pure lo schermo nero appena dopo la prima schermatina di escape from tarkov che mi impedisce totalmente di giocare vorrei avere una soluzione o un fix a questo problema
  2. MrBasinga

    Black screen at launch

    i still have the issue of black screen at start and i cant see the server for change
  3. MrBasinga

    reduce scav cooldown

    so with offline mode and pve i can practise with gun without loose gun and ammo?
  4. MrBasinga

    reduce scav cooldown

    how i can play in offiline if lose the gear with main when try is only a loose and nothing to learn
  5. MrBasinga

    reduce scav cooldown

    i ask to put of the scav cooldown for new player since im new to the game and im already frustated for that already tried 4 time with scav and my time life is about 30/45 second and wait 10 minutes for retry is absurd and i i havent even the time for understand where i am that someone kill and the wait upper the rage/frustation for that how i can learn in this condition-
  6. MrBasinga

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    i would to join i just buy this game so im total newbie and i add you on steam for make 1 question before.