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    reduce scav cooldown

    so with offline mode and pve i can practise with gun without loose gun and ammo?
  2. MrBasinga

    reduce scav cooldown

    how i can play in offiline if lose the gear with main when try is only a loose and nothing to learn
  3. MrBasinga

    reduce scav cooldown

    i ask to put of the scav cooldown for new player since im new to the game and im already frustated for that already tried 4 time with scav and my time life is about 30/45 second and wait 10 minutes for retry is absurd and i i havent even the time for understand where i am that someone kill and the wait upper the rage/frustation for that how i can learn in this condition-
  4. MrBasinga

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    i would to join i just buy this game so im total newbie and i add you on steam for make 1 question before.