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  1. Thormato

    Any chance this game dropping to 20$?

    Look at the Game, 20$ would be cheap as hell for a game like that, BSG also has to pay for stuff, iam sure the cooperation with Ars Arma isnt that cheap either, maybe when the game is fully released then there may be a christmas Sale with 50% but thats a long time to wait
  2. Thormato

    Updated maps (Specifically Customs)?

    Does PMC even has new Exits?
  3. Thormato

    Android inventory manager

    There wont be any offline Trading in the future, if you want to trade, you have to go on a raid and find the Trader, so no there wont be an app for it
  4. Thormato

    Problem in game

    That was a common Bug a time ago, i thought it is gone, but you just have to wait 1-2 min and then you should be able to do stuff again, there was something you could do about it, but i forgot what it was :/
  5. Thormato

    Flea market and misclicks

    See you just proofed that i was right, the Dumb stuff i said, was totaly true, "I just want to quickly put my stuff on the market and make a million" , DOUBLE CHECK what you do, in my opinion you guys totaly deserve losing all this stuff
  6. Because everyone is a Doctor and knows how to determine how long somebody is already dead...
  7. Thormato

    Flea market and misclicks

    Its simple, check twice befor you put something into the fleamarked.
  8. Thormato

    Scav behavior

    I just wanted to state that you Guys are doing a great Job at making the Scavs more realistic, Artificial intelligence in general is still in its Baby Years and People just have to understand that you cant create a perfectly Behaving AI, which is not distinguishable from a human, overnight (or at all at this time). Of course Scavs have an Aimbot, how else should they be able to shoot at a Target? They are PC-Programs and not controlled Characters. Therefore keep up the great work, you are a small Studio and have better AI then most Game developers. Today for example i couldn't tell if the person i killed was a Scav or a PMC until i looted it, because of its movement and behavior. For sure you have to keep working on them, but you are surely on the right way.
  9. Thormato

    Dragging Bodies

    I can already can see how there will be a massiv pile of bodies in one room and some hatchling in the middle having the greatest time of his life
  10. Thormato

    player scavs

    Its because of the 14-Day Trials, Free Accounts for hackers, so only a few days left for the Hacker Wave
  11. Thormato

    Lab Weapon Key

    You should eat it :0
  12. Thormato

    2018 Christmas Gift question

    From where did you get this Information?
  13. Thormato

    I suggest you to fix this goddamn game...

    Silencer + Headshot + Far Distanz, you drop instant without hearing a shot You could have been unlucky that he was twice in the same Raid, i dont think hackers are able to choose the Lobby they play in could be a hacker, but iam 99% sure he wasnt
  14. Thormato

    I Got killed By half a Usec!

    So the he lower Body wasn't directly invisible but you couldnt see it behind a glass wall?