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  1. Teamers

    Why is the Makarov not killing with a single shot into a vital organ? In most cases hitting the upper body once, it would mean the end for the target. Hit the lungs, he won't be able to stand up for days. Hit the heart, he is dead. Hit any other vital organ, he is dead. That would be realistic. Why isn't that in the game? Why doesn't the Makarov instakill with a shot to the chest? It doesn't even kill with 2 hits. Hell, in the game even the AKS doesn't kill with 2 shots to the chest, while in reality it would instantly kill even if you miss a vital organ. And in reality you cannot just use a magical medpack to heal your wounds in 5 seconds. You call that realistic? Why aren't weapons killing enemies with a shot to the chest? I tell you why: Because it would utterly suck. It would make the game to who sees whom first and nobody would move around the map. So I repeat for you again: What we have in EfT is not all that realistic as you want it to be and even if it would be realistic is not an argument for a feature which has a negative impact on the gameplay. Groups in lobbies to get into the same match, yes. Ingame there are no teams/squads/groups. Teaming is only made possible by external programs, which are not part of the game. This is the mighty "deal with the problem" argument instead of actually addressing and fixing the problem. It is the same type as the following: Don't like cheaters? Start cheating yourself. Don't like glitching? Start abusing glitches yourself. Don't like spawn camping? Spawn camp yourself. Don't like overpowered weapons? Use them yourself. Don't like the issues in the game? Play a better one. Figure out yourself how stupid it is. Doable? Yes. Fun? No. If the enemy team is just remotely as good as you are, you will have a chance of less than 50% to come out ahead. With 3 or more enemies that chance goes towards 0. And a minimal chance for a double-or-nothing is not exactly profitable, so fighting a team alone is pretty much never worth it. Oh, you do half of your runs solo? Congratulations, after getting all the big loot from playing with a team that is not exactly surprising. Try to play solo only from the get go, struggle for loot for 20 rounds to get finally fully geared, just to lose all your stuff in a single match to a bunch of teamers which are now in almost every match outside of factory. Super fun.
  2. Teamers

    I wouldn't put duos together with solos either. Duos have already such a huge advantage in this game compared to solos. Since EfT doesn't match players based on skill or anything, I think there is more than enough room to just split the matches into groups of equal size. Let people play as 5 if they want and let them spawn next to each other, but put them against another 5 man team, so the game doesn't become a walk in the park. But we don't know if and how it will be implemented. Will you be able to do it for free or will you have to buy the ingame headset for that from the traders? Will you be able to talk after you die? For example the game has NVGs, does that mean adjusting your screens gamma so you dont have to buy them is not cheating? Maybe the game will have goggles which allow you to see through walls, does that mean using wallhacks now is not cheating? Decide for yourself. Oh I am totally up for teaming in the actual game with strangers. I don't have anything against people who team up inside a raid and decide to fight together for an escape, because those people still have to worry about betrayal, stolen loot and what not. I do believe teaming inside a raid through action and proximity voice can lead to great stories in the game and make it fun. But teaming up beforehand into an FFA match for me is absolutely unacceptable. It doesn't contribute anything to the game other than making the game a lot easier than it should be. If you play in a squad, you don't have to struggle for loot, you don't get this anxiety from having to keep an eye on 360° and you can easily run through maps without any problems. I doubt there will be any difficulty in escaping Tarkov as a squad if this system stays. Well, as I've explained above the realism argument just doesn't hold, if said feature has drawbacks for the gameplay. Nobody would like being instakilled by a pistol because it would suck for the gameplay, even if it would be realistic. And fairness is just an important aspect for the gameplay in a multiplayer shooter. That is the reason why for example pay-to-win games are so unpopular. So I don't quite understand why the game should dismiss "unfairness" for "realism". In case you missed that, I am not suggesting to remove teams, I am suggesting to implement them. Right now there are no actual teams inside a raid. I want there to be teams, so they can play against each other and leave the fun to those who enjoy playing the game solo. Making teams play against other teams of equal size would barely touch the realism aspect, while highly improving the fairness and fun of the game for solo players. I don't know anybody who would actually want to play against teams when queuing solo.
  3. Teamers

    I am posting this in honor of the fully geared 5 man team which I met earlier on Factory and which was just camping the top of the map for straight out 20 minutes. I was fully geared, too, and despite killing 2 of them after waiting for them to leave for about 10 minutes I ended up losing everything without ever really having a chance. I am so fed up by teamers and knowing that it will become even worse once Beta comes out and more and more people will start playing together because teams pretty much remove the entire hardcore aspect of the game, is driving me nuts to the point that I believe it is pretty much impossible to have fun playing this game long term solo, which kills about 50% of the potential playerbase and makes this game ultimately crap. I strongly think this game needs a big change in teaming and here is why in detail: Playing in teams is infinite times easier than playing solo In fact I wouldn't even consider the game hardcore anymore. I played myself in a 4 squad twice on Customs and got the impression I am playing CoD. You literally just meet up and start mowing down the map. Even if you die, there is your team to bail out your loot. And even if your whole team dies by some Rambo guy, the chance that between the 4 of you you will lose all your stuff is rather low, so the Insurance becomes very useful. Meanwhile if you play solo, Insurance is pretty much worthless because there are more enemies to take your loot and nobody to secure it for you. You are essentially bound to get looted by some guy, if not an entire squad, and lose all your valuable stuff. I don't even see whats so difficult about playing this game, if you can just team up as 5 on a 8 player map. Just group up with 4 friends and run out of Tarkov with a beer in your hand. Using external VOIP tools qualifies as cheating I am sure many people who use it will (obviously) disagree, but I am going to say it out loud: Since in this game teaming is only made possible by external tools like Discord and using them gives you a huge advantage over others, those tools count (to me) as cheats, just like any other external program which gives you a big advantage. So for me teamers at this stage fall under the same category as cheaters and glitchers, who abuse ingame mechanics to gain an advantage over others and ruin the fun for them. Now let me address the typical arguments that I keep hearing for this teaming bs in the ingame chat: "But teams are part of the game"/"The game is supposed to be played in teams": No they are not, at least not right now. Ingame there are no teams. There is merely a way to group up in the lobby to get into the same match. There are no indicators ingame that you even are in a team. You play the exact same way as you would play alone so the match itself is still an FFA and teaming up in FFA matches is possible but is considered a scumbag move in pretty much every game. You don't spawn together, you don't have a team objective, you don't even have a teamchat. Teaming up is only made possible by using external tools, which, again, qualifies as a cheat. And I will consider it as such until this game gets a way to team up without the need of additional hardware (headset/microphone) and software (VoIP tool). "But in real life soldiers are also run around in teams": The all so amazing IRL argument. First of all there are many things in the game which aren't realistic and it is good that way. IRL you die from a single shot to your chest, even from a pistol, IRL you cannot magically heal yourself within 5 seconds, even if you are a surgeon, IRL you cannot talk to your teammates without others hearing you nearby, IRL you cannot keep talking to your teammates after you die to describe who killed you and how he looks like, IRL you don't have a magical box on you which other people can not take away from you, IRL you cannot just revive yourself and get back your insured stuff after dying. So NO, it is not realistic and even if it would be, realism is not an argument. If you think teams should face solo players because it is realistic, you should also delete your account after dying. An easy solution with more players in Beta would just forcing teams to face other teams of equal size and letting all solo players face each other. Until then #tuckfeamers and everybody who supports this broken crap.
  4. Looking for:

    I suppose that makes more sense, I take my troll back. Although "I will pay" doesn't sound like an ingame trade to me and the "calling out" part sound incredibly stupid regardless. Trading rare items isn't in any way secure just because somebody can "call you out" and trading crap is not worth the effort to anybody.
  5. Looking for:

    You are paying 250 bucks for trash items which will get wiped in a few days anyway - That's what I call dedication! And just in case they don't pay up you threaten to call them out on their acc, while they can make a whole new identity in this game for half the money. You can call me out for free if you want. 10/10 attention troll, made me respond.
  6. Kotton's Noscoping Spree.

    IRL you are also not aiming only with your body but with your arm and hand aswell. Meanwhile in PC games you have only your mouse for the entire control. The old Insurgency for example had a system where on small mouse movements you are only slightly moving the weapon on the screen and on bigger movements rotate your entire body. These controls are realistic but annoying, thats why most games simply simulate this behavior by either making weapons just less accurate or making them sway more than they truly should. Right now the hipfire in EfT is just way too easy. IRL without aiming you would have trouble hitting something 10m away, in EfT you can be quite accurate up to 50m. I wouldn't mind too much if it stays as it is in EfT but saying this is in any way realistic is a huge stretch. Also not a fan of Kotton. He is one of those who thinks all the issues in the game don't matter because it has an Alpha tag on it and that this tag automatically means that this game will be amazing at some point, even though most Alpha samples show otherwise.
  7. Whats with the RAM usage?

    Witcher 3 is neither a shooter nor a multiplayer game. It works with a very short live radius, where the world is actually "alive". That leads to a very low CPU usage, which then can be used for dynamic asset loading instead, see above. In EfT the entire map is "alive", because you have a very high interaction (shooting/vision) range and it's a multiplayer game, so you need information about everything, even if it is happening on the other side of the map. The CPU load in EfT is already very high. Optimizing the code is a thing, but unless it is a total mess right now, you cannot expect wonders from it. If they now need 16GB of RAM for the bigger maps, I don't think we will ever see an open world of Tarkov which contains all locations and is about 10x that size. Unless of course they downgrade the graphics to reduce the size of the assets, which is what The Division did.
  8. Whats with the RAM usage?

    Textures/models are unmanaged resources - you cannot garbage collect them. The resources have to be loaded manually whenever they are needed. And to do that on a big map you have to dynamically load the resources which you can potentially see, which requires computation of vision. That leads to problem 1 I listed and results in a much higher CPU usage. Those are the choices for resource management, either a lot of required RAM or high CPU load. A game which has big maps and good graphics will face either of these issues. And seeing how EfT already is very heavy on the CPU, I doubt they will unload the RAM. Much easier to just edit the system requirements. The only problem stays that to make this game open world you would need like 32+GB or downgrade the graphics.
  9. Whats with the RAM usage?

    Big Maps ⇒ A lot of textures. Lots of high res textures ⇒ High GDRAM requirement. Not enough GDRAM space ⇒ dynamic loading of textures needed. Dynamic loading of textures: vision calculation and loading from HD ⇒ High CPU usage all textures in RAM loading into GDRAM when needed ⇒ High RAM usage That's the main reason why pretty much all games with an open world or big maps have shitty graphics. It's just hard to make it work without high requirements. It is also the reason why EfT will never have an "open world" (without sessions) unless they downgrade the graphics or increase the requirements. Some say it is a memory leak (sloppy development), but even without that this game will have issues.
  10. He is not comparing the games but the development of them. And with that he is spot on. Both games have incredibly slow development which simply dont justify the price. How come good developers manage to update their games frequently even past release while those Early Access cash ins don't even update once a month? How come all Blizzard dev teams are updating WoW, Overwatch and HotS practically every week, while EfT in Alpha, which should get daily updates without having to worry about stabiliy, bugs are not even fixed months later. This is not how development should go of a game that is heavily in development (or in this case rather isn't). How are you satisfied with this poo? If after paying that much money you are fine with the game being done in 10 years, that is exactly what you deserve. Months after Alpha release there has been no break through in anything whatsoever. Almost 1 year later barely anything changed. Some bugs are still there since the very first day. That is EXACTLY like Day Z Standalone. And it says a lot that between those two Day Z is still the much more popular game. Nobody wants to stream or watch EfT because it is so awful. And if nobody speaks up as it was the case in Day Z, nothing will change and the game will stay in development forever, just like Day Z. The quality of EfT is more like No Mans Sky. Both games had tons of promises and hype. Both games were said to release in 2016. Both games have tech issues. Both games have disgusting bugs and problems. Both games failed to deliver by 2016. Both games are still in development. Both games have slow af development which doesnt justify their price. The only difference is that NMS was released as it was promised in 2016 while EfT got this "Alpha" tag. The result? NMS gets bashed into the abyss while EfT gets whiteknighted. Thats the effect of the "Alpha" tag on sheep.
  11. I said this here so many times, but the people here somehow believe it counts as delay when you say you will finish the entire game in 6 months but after that time dont get jackshit done. Even 1000 devs wouldnt be able to finish this game in 6 months. The last year of a games development is just polishing and bug fixing. Saying the game will be done in half a year pretty much means the game is done. It was such an obvious lie by bsg to sell this poo game, yet this community is too blind to see it. They never intended to release this crap in 2016. They also dont intend to release it in 2017 as they say now (and people fall for it again). This game is an utter scam and fanboys dont want to see it. Its the typical russian dev studio which grabs the money and doesnt do anything with it. It will not be out soon if this community is ok with it not making any progress and masturbate over every small patch that is long overdue. I disagree with one thing though. Maybe this game will actually be good at some point. But by the time it is nobody will be playing it anymore. By the time it is out there will be more and better alternatives. The requirements for a good game rise as time passes and with such a slow development this game will stay crap even with additional features.
  12. Hacker in Tarkov?????

    Do you always kill all enemies whenever you know where they are first, even when they are fully geared and all you have is a shotgun? Something like an ESP is not a godmode. You still have to aim, you still have to know your limits. Cheaters do die and not that rarely. Most cheaters are terrible players anyway. This guy here killed the dude in the corner immediately and then hit his teammate with the second shot right after as if he knew the first one died from a single buckshot through a wall. The chance that this is legit is very very slim, even if the sound engine wouldn't be as bad as it is now in EfT. Yes he died in the end, but only because he tried to shoot further through the floor, which didn't deal as much damage as he wanted and he wasted all his ammo.
  13. Hacker in Tarkov?????

    Amazing how every video that reveals how garbage this game is and what kind of a mess is going on here gets downvoted like crazy. That was >99% cheat or at least exploit. It takes a lot of luck and a huge idiot to make this scenario happen. Nobody with a brain would ever shoot a corner once and then stop as if he knows he killed the guy and then proceed to hit the other guy in the room. Especially not with a buckshot which shouldn't ever even penetrate walls.
  14. Constructive Criticism Thread

    What makes this game an Alpha? Because the devs say so? All you have to do is google Alpha testing and you will find in pretty much every definition that an Alpha version is supposed to include all planned features with just content and bug fixing missing. This game has almost none of the promised features. It is just a broken and awful early access game, which considering costs more than triple A titles makes almost zero progress. It is at a state where testing makes pretty much no sense. All we can do is play this awful game, which is only fun at times if you either play with friends (which can make literally any game fun) or think you will have an advantage over noobs later on by having all the knowledge about maps, weapons and skills. The gameplay itself is straight out trash. Now with AI and this useless scav mode I wouldn't even consider it hardcore anymore. The devs lied about the state of the game to make a quick buck and now don't even bother working on it properly or hiring additional developers from all the sales to actually finish the game anytime soon. Its DayZ and NMS all over again.
  15. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Before you buy a product, do you try out all the alternatives first or do you use your brain a bit after just reading and then decide based on that which is better? You say I don't name any issues, but then refer to one that I named in the next phrase. How stupid is that? With the scav mode I can just join a game as scav and run around like Rambo not caring about death, because I dont lose anything anyway, which would ultimately ruin the experience of the pmc players since they have something to lose and would get pissed by dying to a guy who can play carelessly. That is a HUGE drawback of the scav mode. If you cant see it before it actually starts ruining the playing experience, I dont want to have your eyes. If I would have to find a weapon first from corpses or loot boxes w.e. I would have to play carefully to not die before finding anything, otherwise I would have to start all over again. And once I find a weapon, I get the choice to extract with it, so I would still keep caring about death. That is a major difference in gameplay. Oh so finding a broken scav weapon somewhere on the map after having to play super cautious to not die to guys with guns, makes you fully geared. That makes no sense indeed. You should actually see yourself bringing up crap like this. Its absolutely ridiculous. Thats because I am not here to circlejerk but to point out issues so the game maybe becomes somewhat good at some point. People like you however who are trying to find excuses for every problem and cannot form a single proper argument are the reason why broken early access games get tolerated. Now thats what I would call trolling.