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  1. Denver09

    I think I saw a guy SpeedHacking...

    they do not accept manual reports, this thread will likely get closed in a bit, but if they were they will be caught and banned.
  2. Denver09

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Manbearpigtjk#6514 please verify
  3. well to each their own, when i bought the game i read that as they stated its a work in progress and not a finished product and that being a alpha and beta tester that you were going to help them iron out bugs and other issues but have a good one see you when its fully released. cheers!
  4. have you contacted support? or gone through any trouble shooting measures?
  5. Denver09

    How to Play

    to go into an offline PVE your screen should look like this on any map any time, this will allow you to face of against scavs (AI) and learn maps if you deselect the bottom one that says allow PVE you will spawn in an empy server and be able to run around and not get shot.
  6. just as Elmyr stated if you post your pc specs it will help to see if your pc is not capable of running this game, i have heard before people can run "insert game here" on ultra and get 60fps this game must suck. EFT is a very graphics card intensive game and if your running a lower end pc your gonna have a hard time, but with that said they are still in the process of optimizing the game and it will get better.
  7. peackeeper does not have quest. you have to spend over the amount that is stated to advance to the next loyalty level. once you do that exit the game and relaunch , repeat till it works.
  8. Denver09

    Is this a glitch?

    factory has extremely long wait times do to the amount of players trying to get into the servers. so no not a glitch. you can keep trying and you will eventually get in.
  9. Denver09

    Error 605- no servers

    in the patch notes it states they are letting in a bunch of people to do load testing on all servers this will likely be the case for a couple of days so just tough it out and the devs will get it fixed
  10. Denver09

    Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages!

    i am not able to preorder it. it goes to the payment screen and says error payment did not go through.