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  1. the DTK-1 and 7.62x39

    So, in-game the DTK-1 says it is a 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 Muzzle Break and Compensator, yet I have not found a way to attach the DTK-1 to a Vepr or AKM. Anyone have any ideas or know how to attach it?
  2. Customs immense performance issues

    Yup, I am also having performance issues of the same situation on Customs.
  3. Gamma case skins

    You do realize they mean unique container because of the fact that all EOD purchasers will have it, but no one else...
  4. Hey, after you guys posted about having fixed the issue about people who have 8GB of RAM having FPS drops, my game ran fine. Now today I'm having the same issue again. I'm getting stuttering, frame drops, freezes, etc.