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  1. loboesp

    leaving game not work

    Never saw this game working so bad as now, incredible
  2. loboesp

    leaving game not work

    thanks vodor for your help, greetings
  3. loboesp

    leaving game not work

    i have the same problem as you IN3ILI, apart others big problems as always in this game
  4. loboesp

    leaving game not work

    Rainmaker your retarded was after you born in the hospital? or was a litlle time ago? tell us the truth perhaps we can help you
  5. loboesp

    leaving game not work

    Seriously i know patch can have problems, but , leave game not work? something so basic and not work, are the dev think leave this project for incompetent ? launch a patcj without check nothing is the correct way? they write in the notes launcher is fixed leaving game, perhaps now the notes are the best jokes can made the devs. Desync , freezes and lag are bigger than before, fantastic work devs fantastic work
  6. loboesp

    god mode

    yes or perhaps in 20 years the devs can made their work properly as we paipd for this thing ,not game. Mods closing and delete this post in 3...2.....1...
  7. loboesp

    god mode

    But what is this sh*t game? I have just seen a player in god mode in customs. All time join with me speaking and jumping discovering my position all time, obviously i have dead. The players shoot him included me and any could kill him. Bugs, lags, infinite problems, hackers and now god mode too. Fantastic work made the devs thanks. THis game is UNPLAYABLE, NOW FAN BOYS TELLING ME IS BETA FROM 5 YEARS TILL NOW