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  1. Everyone is Forced to play Asia Server.Only few days later, fking game cheater appears,very good! When you login then cheater login same time. In past, you can actually use "Time Zone" to avoid fking cheater. Now you cant,very gooood! Please go play with fking cheater ALL THE TIME!!! so legit player,go find a cheat or just been killed by cheater all the time.That's so good for you guys AFK from this game. Asia server will soon turn to no-man's server,once this happened,Developers Will Be So Happy! I AFK at first to show my respect to you 反正大家都在亚服,然后过几天挂一出现,非常好。 你一上线 挂就上线,以前你还可以利用时差. 现在去哪躲?请陪外挂玩一整天吧 合法玩家不能玩,那就干脆都别玩了,正好帮助大家AFK。 亚服马上就可以变鬼服,亚服一空,官方就高兴了! 先A为敬