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    About locking Chinese players servers

    Oh ho ho wow, I bought the game just three days ago, and now I find myself only able to access three servers? As a noob, I die a lot, I find new stuff as Scav, brought them into a formal run, and die in the first 5 seconds. Repeat. It hasn't disencouraged me from the game yet, but this... Just a note, I live close to the north part of China and the Krasnoyarsk server is the best choice for me in terms of ping, not Hong Kong. I do hope you find better ways to deal with cheating, instead of herding every single one of us regardless of their behavior into a "cheater's box". Besides I don't think this will stop the real cheating bastards from seeping into other servers. We'll see. Someone I know kept bothering me about whether he should choose this game or a certain number six game. Now I can give him an answer.