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  1. digimonvan

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    Ah, the good old level matchmaking and "solo players shouldn't meet fuking 5-man squads" topic. Like bush campers, this is up to the devs whether they should adjust it in the next patches. They claimed the game is "hardcore"(lul). They MIGHT think about something to help new players, like adding a tutorial. As for the scavs... seriously, ever since the AI nerf their shooting went from ridiculously accurate to the other extreme (although the Kobe grenade throws is still kinda a problem). If you have a problem with the AIs in this patch, you really need to learn the maps better. That's like the first thing a new player should do. No PvP games out there can have all players have fun. EFT is just a little bit worse.
  2. digimonvan

    Strange Scav Walking Animations?

    Oh, I just ran into the first glitch again. It's dark, but the silhouette of the AI should be enough. The guy in the picture was facing left, while his gun sticks out of his back (to the right). I tried to get closer but he shot me x(
  3. digimonvan

    Strange Scav Walking Animations?

    Um, no. They're walking forward just right, but the body is like 30-45 degrees against the ground. Image how Machael performs an anti-gravity lean and then tried to walk like that.
  4. digimonvan

    Strange Scav Walking Animations?

    Sorry I don't have any screens recorded. But I'm sure many players out there saw scav AIs walking like this: Walking forward with their guns/arms pointing backward "Leanwalk" like Michael Jackson. So I can't figure out where his actual head hitbox is. The 2nd one appeared more often for me in the current patch. I'm sure someone may already have a post about it. I didn't look for it though.
  5. digimonvan

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    Last time I checked, this game is still called "Escape from Tarkov". You choose whichever way is best for you to survive, as long as it's not cheating or exploiting bugs. Rushing around CoD style or taking it slow in bushes are both legit approaches, unless the game officially discourages them. And no, firefighting like a man or hiding don't make someone a noble/coward whatsoever. The survivor Escapes from Tarkov.
  6. digimonvan

    Scav's and Grenades

    They made AI intelligence from one extreme to another. And they forgot to fix those Kobe's.
  7. digimonvan

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the duo eh, about 20mins ago at customs, night (red office building, second floor). You probably heard me walking on metal and opening the outer door, but I heard someone in the first closed room when going into the second, so I camped. You didn't do a good job because someone kept turning quickly and going prone. It was so clear with only a wall in between. I didn't expect there was a second ppl camping in the same room though. The dude kinda reacted too slow after I killed the first guy. I know you camped in there for like ~20 mins. As a fellow sneaky camper, I can return the DVL and an AK74M plus two night visions to you. Thats all I could pick up. I need the fort for a quest so no returning that. Sorry. If you see this message too late, I may have already lost them in another run. I suck at shooting.
  8. digimonvan

    RIP 7.62 PS rounds

    Though the flea market troubled me for good, I'd give it time for them to test it out. This is still the first implementation. I know people are happy about how they don't have to grind days for a quest/key now, but I don't think finishing them in several clicks is the way to go. Let's see how they balance this out. By the way, the dynamic, MANIPULATED market is just dumb. Seriously, stop it. This is not hardcore, it's stupidity.
  9. digimonvan

    Battlestate Crash??

    Darn, I was doing a quest on Woods. Now it rolled back.
  10. digimonvan

    Remove Flea market

    Personally I enjoyed spending time farming quest items & rare keys by myself. The flea market though, kinda makes all that work meaningless. I know it saves time for players who don't want to spend the time farming. But...now I'm beginning to worry about what the devs are trying to do with their "hardcore" part. The market board simulator is having too much influence on this shooter game.
  11. digimonvan

    What were the devs thinking?

    I don't know how to improve this flea market but looking at how it works now, I'd say just remove it. Unless the devs think "unable to buy from trader, pay more money to someone then!" is considered "hardcore" too.
  12. digimonvan

    Anti Cheat Disconnect Error

    I run into this problem roughly once every 20 raids. When I do, nothing (change connection, reinstall game, but haven't tried re-do system) will save that raid. I either give up or somehow rush to the exit using the 3-minute "breather".
  13. digimonvan

    About locking Chinese players servers

    Oh ho ho wow, I bought the game just three days ago, and now I find myself only able to access three servers? As a noob, I die a lot, I find new stuff as Scav, brought them into a formal run, and die in the first 5 seconds. Repeat. It hasn't disencouraged me from the game yet, but this... Just a note, I live close to the north part of China and the Krasnoyarsk server is the best choice for me in terms of ping, not Hong Kong. I do hope you find better ways to deal with cheating, instead of herding every single one of us regardless of their behavior into a "cheater's box". Besides I don't think this will stop the real cheating bastards from seeping into other servers. We'll see. Someone I know kept bothering me about whether he should choose this game or a certain number six game. Now I can give him an answer.