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  1. SmugAnimeAvatar

    unity 2018

    Why does it matter? The game looks mediocre as hell and even a GTX 750 should be able to play it on high, but the optimization is so abysmal that everyone has memory leaks and can't get this game to stop stuttering and dropping frames on their Vega 64s and 1080 Ti. There is literally nothing impressive about the visuals and yet it somehow runs worse than any other game I have ever played in my entire life.
  2. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Performance Issues

    There's nothing wrong on your end. Even those youtubers are playing the game on low settings and still get stuttering. The problem lies with the game's optimization
  3. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Escape from Hospital

    "WTF I came into a game that I dislike and now I am mad! How could this ever happen to me?! Truly the problem lies with the game and not ME! This game needs to pander to ME!" Get the hell out and never come back. It's like a fortnite player coming into an Arma 3 forum and complaining that the gameplay is too complicated or not fast-paced enough.
  4. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Xmas Box

    Any kind of microtransactions, including cosmetics or boosters are absolute cancer. Rather than locking game content behind extra paywalls, focus on making a proper product. I'd rather unlock items, cosmetics and other stuff by playing the damn game rather than having the (easy) option to throw away extra money just so I can get stuff that should already be in the base-game available for everyone.
  5. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Ban Wave

    Alrighty then. Didn't know that we couldn't report players. Still, I'm pretty sure that not every single ban is viewed by the devs. Speed-hacks and flyhacks are instantly detected by the server. I'll stay neutral on this subject though.
  6. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Ban Wave

    Some of them maybe, but there are certain cheats that will insta-ban you automatically by the anticheat. If you read warnings and reports on some cheating forums, you will see that they warn users not to use teleports, speed-hacks and fly-hacks because they are instantly banned. When the anticheat hasn't spotted anything but the user is reported by others, that is when the devs need to manually view his logs and stats.
  7. SmugAnimeAvatar

    How to make tarkov run sommothly on my laptop

    Nothing you or anyone can do until the developers update to the latest version of Unity, which they said they are planning. You could have 2x GTX 1080Tis and still get frame drops or stuttering due to the lack of optimization.
  8. SmugAnimeAvatar


    Rumors say they will fix the performance issues while simultaneously improving the visual quality once they move to the latest version of Unity Engine. Fingers crossed.
  9. SmugAnimeAvatar

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Yeah keep calling anyone who makes fun of you a troll. That will lead you to a good healthy life for sure.
  10. SmugAnimeAvatar

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    @Drakku was being told to be competent at literal video games hurt your feelings? I'm sorry, should we make the game easier for some of you? Perhaps give you an easy mode? Oh I know, we should have an optional mode with HUD, screen tips, minimap, objective markers and PRESS X TO WIN buttons. Maybe that will make this game easy enough for you.
  11. SmugAnimeAvatar


    Ignore what the others say. You CAN get a refund through your credit card company. The TOS has absolutely 0 power over something like this. A random agreement can't remove your rights.
  12. SmugAnimeAvatar

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    It is one of those ridiculously basic things the game needs but for some reason hasn't been added yet. When you design a game, movement should be the first thing you finish. I cannot comprehend why they keep adding armor, weapons, attachments and soon med animations but WE STILL CAN'T JUMP OVER A 2 FEET TALL FENCE
  13. SmugAnimeAvatar

    A story about zebras and crocodiles and recoil [Wall of Text]

    eftballistics is for once actually correct. Tarkov's recoil right now is almost perfect. In reality weapons in the game should have even less recoil than they currently have but that's another topic. What Klean is asking for is completely absurd and has no place in a realistic shooter. I've fired G3A3s and M4A1s during my military service and they were nothing like "hardcore" games make them out to be. With a correct stance the recoil becomes negligible. Full-auto doesn't kick your rifle all over the place. It kicks at the start but then your body quickly leans forwards to control it. The M4 especially was very nice to shoot. It kicked way less than it does in EFT and that's without any attachments. It was just the rifle exactly like it came out of the factory. No custom buttstocks, grips, optics, nothing. Recoil in EFT used to be 100% realistic until for some reason they increased it. That was a bad move. I can't take the SA58 seriously in this game when it kicks like you're trying to shoot a punt gun one-handed.
  14. SmugAnimeAvatar

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Maybe stop being bad at the game.
  15. So that kid is still refusing to show us the sources of all this data. Therefore all his posts are spam. Why don't the moderators ban him?