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    Scav Perma Lock On You

    Had the same thing happen on shoreline last night also, also got face hit-boxed through a car at the power plant from a scav who took cover inside the building they should just put gen 4 on the scavs now because they're god tier operators after the update
  2. navy454

    Armor Bug still persisting

    Same issue showed up last night for me and a friend, Customs against a scav player team. I took 1 shot to the chest with and he took 2 with the Vepr KM. I had Kirasa, him Paca
  3. navy454

    Question on pre order packages

    A friend got into tarkov after the wipe and they are looking to upgrade the pre order, and with this update, I saw the change of home package changes will come in game mail and inventory increased automatically, is that a change tarkov makes to the package or a pre order upgrade. just wondering if he will have to reset his profile if he upgrades thanks!