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    Reporting Cheaters

    I understand that it would take more man power, to sort through every report. but something needs to be done because during sales, cheaters skyrocket. makes us not want to play anymore but me and 3 friends just died all simultaneously from "Christmasfear" headshots all at the same time, not to mention the tracking they did before we even got within range of the roof and they were on point with grenades.
  2. navy454

    War With Cheaters!

    [REMOVED] top of interchange mall
  3. navy454

    Scav Perma Lock On You

    Had the same thing happen on shoreline last night also, also got face hit-boxed through a car at the power plant from a scav who took cover inside the building they should just put gen 4 on the scavs now because they're god tier operators after the update
  4. navy454

    Armor Bug still persisting

    Same issue showed up last night for me and a friend, Customs against a scav player team. I took 1 shot to the chest with and he took 2 with the Vepr KM. I had Kirasa, him Paca
  5. navy454

    Question on pre order packages

    A friend got into tarkov after the wipe and they are looking to upgrade the pre order, and with this update, I saw the change of home package changes will come in game mail and inventory increased automatically, is that a change tarkov makes to the package or a pre order upgrade. just wondering if he will have to reset his profile if he upgrades thanks!