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  1. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    I meant more in the respect that the original FAL has become a relatively common surplus weapon now, so you could give it to scav bosses and add some more dealer variety (rather than another Peacekeeper super expensive gun.)
  2. Sorry, I misspoke, meant the "M Case," I hadn't found one yet.
  3. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    Smoke grenades best netcode test.
  4. Random map selector and repeatable quests

    Like a button that just sorts you into whatever raid needs you? I'd be a fan of the idea, though it's not terribly realistic.
  5. List of suggestions

    One thing they did in Day Z was allow you to "search the area" by hitting the search key, and a menu would show you all the items you could loot within arm's reach. That's not a bad idea for Tarkov when the loot can be extremely dense. Or at least, maybe highlighting an item with a faint outline when you're looking at it. The doors are a pain in the neck, too.
  6. leg armour & clothing.

    That's because the police officers who responded to the shooting only had 9mm pistols and shotguns (and one of the shooters was killed regardless.) One of those two men was actually killed by being shot in the legs with rifle fire by responding officers, where the armor did not help. In a game where a majority of players use AKs or M4s, soft kevlar limb protection is largely irrelevant.
  7. Personally, I'm not sure why money containers (wallets) and Icases are so expensive / rare in general. I think money is one of those items where allowing people to store them in cash bags for cheap sounds pretty reasonable.
  8. New Weapons??

    The Ukranian Army actually has a 5.45 licensed Tavor rifle, so those rifles escaping into the black market probably makes sense. The Tavor is also a rather popular civilian firearm, so it's not out of question for PMCs to bring their personal firearms (such things were common for Blackwater or Aegis in Iraq; iirc James Yeager brought his own AR-15 into the green zone.)
  9. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Huh, so the vanilla FAL is not coming before the DSA?
  10. Hey everyone,

    I'd like to publicly apologize for my absence and lapse as an EFT-Forum Moderator. Unfortunately, it was a time in my life where all the stars lined up to screw me over, including a job change, death in the family and turning my schedule upside-down. I'm very grateful to the support the EFT staff gave me and the opportunity to be a moderator for the forum. I may apply again in the future if the position opens up. I look forward to continuing my interaction with the community in the interim.

    Thank you.

  11. 1PN138 Night Scope

    They do seem a little hard to use right now, but I like them.
  12. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Gonna be a lot of people using the clip-fed SKS once the magazine loading feature is implemented, I bet!
  13. Summoning Circles?

    Roger, but it doesn't warrant hostility either way. I wouldn't call it a derail.
  14. General questions on weapon implementation

    They have differences in real life (AKM gas tubes need more hand fitting, AK-74 tubes have a spring to keep tension and are more precisely made), but are generally compatible so there isn't a difference ingame. You can replace the gas tubes with an Ultimak gas tube to add a rail, though.
  15. Hideout-Raids

    The wipe is a temporary feature that is purely for testing purposes, the final release of the game will not incorporate it. Additionally, it would weigh much more heavily on players who are new to randomly take gear, than a highly experienced player with a huge stash of guns and armor. So I'm really not a fan of that implementation.