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  1. MegumiYumiko

    NA sherpa looking to help!

    o7 Very capable and amazing teacher , Not just that, but also a sincere great guy!
  2. Sup o7 I'm looking for a group or a community to help me learn Tarkov! , Been playing a lil bit ages ago but because of gear fear and terrible first tries i kinda gave up on the game however! Currently trying to get back into the game and could use a hand for sure! Megumi Yumiko#3576 is my discord o7 Happy hunting.
  3. Hello o7 I been a rather big fan of the game for quite awhile but i always failed quite badly to really get into it ( Mostly gearfear tbh.....) So it would be great if someone more experienced and knowledgeable could take some of their time and give me a hand with getting the basic game down! I'm a EU player lvl 1 ish after a wipe it seems My discord is Megumi Yumiko#3576 o7