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  1. ZVom

    Throwing granade suggestion

    sounds legit. Approved.
  2. ZVom

    Just awful

    I have no idea what are you ranting about. 0.11 delivered so much great stuff and it fixed some of technical issues. The game is more playable than ever. Stop crying kiddo.
  3. ZVom

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    No wipe for sure. It was supposed NOT to happen. Stick to announcements please
  4. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    No. Dynamic prices cannot exist in the current state of the game. Simple reason: Not everything is spawning, and if it is - the amount of it being sold by players is close to zero. This causes situation of permanent rising of prices.
  5. ZVom

    See Your Group Loadout

    genius idea TBH
  6. Compass would be useful for other things aswell as it should be basic equipment of every character in general from the logical point of view.
  7. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    Indeed, but prices of gear haven't been reverted to normal
  8. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    Thank you BSG for listening, you did good job with turning off dynamic prices for ammo. BIG THANK YOU !! Now let's make another step forward and disable dynamic prices for rest of items and we'll have ingame economics in perfect shape. Thanks once again
  9. is there going to be wipe with 0.11 release?
  10. ZVom

    Flea Market Affecting Trader Prices Fix

    Be prepared for tsunami of "constructive criticism". +1 for you buddy
  11. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    Exactly. Biggest issue with ammo is - IT DOESNT SPAWN so it will ALWAYS GO UP. Understand it.
  12. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    What i can see ppl keep saying Flea Market is bad - that was not intention of this topic. Flea Market is masterpiece. It works well with some issues like 1 minute timer after putting sth on it but its still much better than ok. With all respect, i didnt say a bad thing about flea market - it's awesome thing added to the game. I was talking about dynamic traders prices <- this thing is bad because it might discourage new ppl to play the game and i do not want this game to lose players. My intentions are good - i want the game to improve more and more I'm not crying about anything. Just thinking if it's gonna badly affect the game.
  13. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    Not really sir. You can't compare company that limits to government that limits. Here in EFT its like government was limiting amount of items you can buy
  14. ZVom

    Dynamic prices will annihilate the game

    Welcome to world of real capitalism where you are limited to buy certain amount of items nah..