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  1. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Still no word on oceanic servers? We have been asking about this since the start of closed alpha and have had radio silence for the most part. Can you give any idea when we can expect it? Because it is nigh on unplayable for us (especially NZ) if we connect to a European server instead of the US servers. Also, for a game like Next Day: Survival to release with Australian servers, it is mildly poor that EFT does not yet have them. Cheers.
  2. Beta Release 2016!?

    The alpha is for making sure the core gameplay mechanics work. The beta is for adding new stuff and improving on the core mechanics and gameplay. So I'd imagine that alot of updates will be happening during the beta. The way devs like EA and Ubisoft do betas is extremely misleading as they release a nearly finished product and brand it as "beta" when all they are actually doing is getting free advertising. The other extreme is Dayz SA which are still in alpha but adding features to keep the player base happy whilst f**king the core mechanics and gameplay. Those two examples is why I think the battlestate devs are doing the right thing in making sure the game works to a decent standard before beta.