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  1. Switching Over to Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha

    I think a lot of us were excited for the extended. Trust me, fellow Standard Account holders, the wait for Beta will be worth it once we're through with the Extended.
  2. New Year’s discount has begun!

    My card got blocked by my bank for "fraudulent activity" the first time, so give them a call and see if they might've blocked it. I caleld my bank up and sorted it in about 5 mins.
  3. [ENDED/CONTEST:ENG] A Christmas in Tarkov ?

    No worries on the tardiness! I'm sure we've all been enjoying a great yule day! Thanks again!
  4. 2017 CPUs

    Nothing in Particular. I've never had good fortune with AMD components. My last 2 processors both failed after about 4-6 months. Had my 4690 and it's been smooth saling since then.
  5. 2017 CPUs

    I've been keeping an eye on it. My Haaswell i5 is a good little chip but it's showing it's age now at just a little over 2 and a half years old.
  6. [ENDED/CONTEST:ENG] A Christmas in Tarkov ?

    Maybe the intention was to remove the most common annoyance. Married men, attest?
  7. What monitors are you running?

    2 AOC 21.5" monitors. Only 60Hz, but they get the job done.
  8. [ENDED/CONTEST:ENG] A Christmas in Tarkov ?

    You're aware you spelt Tarkov wrong? right?
  9. [ENDED/CONTEST:ENG] A Christmas in Tarkov ?

    well, thank you my good man.
  10. Christmas Contest, Keys & Fun

    Haha, quite possibly! Everyone wants a fill of the game before the year is out! Myself included. But you can't pay for games with bottlecaps, sadly.
  11. Christmas Contest, Keys & Fun

    I think he just bought the EoD package ^^
  12. [ENDED/CONTEST:ENG] A Christmas in Tarkov ?

    I'd like to explain my thought process behind this. We all know Tarkov is No Man's Land- Inhospitable and lawless. I didn't want to just slap a few Christmas themed things in there and call it "quits". I decided to go with something a bit different. I envisioned this "postcard" as an ingame postcard someone from maybe a Scav or even a USEC (most likely Scav going on the Russian names) may have written on and was going to send to someone outside of Tarkov (probably in the Russian precinct nearby probably). Which explains my choice for the wood background, as it's lying on a table. with the glow of a light just reaching the postcard on the right hand end, as you can see by the yellow lighting. For whatever reason you can see that the postcard never made it to it's intended recipient. As evident by the rather grotesque bloodstains on the card. Note the foreshadowing in the text; " BEAR have taken the taken the Factory and are moving into Customs" - So one could assume, this was written in the Customs, perhaps in a guard post not long before BEAR forces stormed and took the Customs area and executed the writer (Dimitri) where he sat. The tearing was a personal touch. I wanted to present an image that wasn't flawless and has see it's wear and tear in time (as evident by the missing chunk in the bottom left), but wanted it to be intact enough to make out what it is. In the top right you can see a faint silhouette of Santa and the Reindeer, as well as a sniper. It's probably harder to see, but there are 3 presents littered in front of the shooter here in the foreground (one in front of him, one at the wall further down and one nestled by the wheel of the truck) Hopefully this gave you a little bit more insight into my thought process. I wanted it to be as Lore friendly as possible (with my limited knowledge of the game) while still having a Christmassy theme.
  13. Christmas Contest, Keys & Fun

    I think we all are at this point. It's gotten so bad for me, I've starting having wild dream scenarios about it while I'm asleep.
  14. taking to long

    I didn't say you were. The quoting you was a mistake on my part.
  15. taking to long

    You won't get your money back. Money given is voluntary and is not considered payment for any service.