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  1. mertlermert1

    Device ID

    Yes i did
  2. mertlermert1

    Device ID

    İm waiting like 30 min still nothing on my email
  3. mertlermert1

    Device ID

    İ cant get it
  4. mertlermert1

    800k Peacekeeper

    You need to spend 800k dolars for level 2 peace keeper is that a bug because its too much
  5. mertlermert1

    Im trash at the game, any tips?

    Git gud
  6. mertlermert1

    When is this so called "wipe"?

    True back to level 1
  7. mertlermert1

    New helmet screenshots

    DEUS VULT !!!!!
  8. mertlermert1

    Oyunu yeni aldım herkeze selamlar

    Hayırlı olsun
  9. mertlermert1

    What are your rarest items?

    i didnt say i found it on beta
  10. mertlermert1

    What are your rarest items?

    LVOA Handguard
  11. mertlermert1


    So in factory i shot a guy from 4m. 3 times with mp-133. İ can see the bullet holes on his face then he start running to me,i shot him again and again but he didnt die, is this shotgun broken ?
  12. mertlermert1

    Back pack ?

    Because we payed more
  13. mertlermert1

    Tüccar "Skier" (Baryga) Konsepti

    Armor satan abimizin çizimi
  14. mertlermert1

    How old are you?

    18 Turkey