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  1. Znajka29

    Stuck in Interchange

    Had some problems with that too , the thing we found out with a friend is to jump while walking sideways (A;D)
  2. Znajka29

    16 GB RAM

    do this.
  3. Znajka29


    Like if reap-ir spawn and other scope spawn aaannd gen IV armors spawn aand grenades aaaannnd 2 crates and non the less a weapon spawn is bad for you???
  4. Znajka29

    3440x1440 Issues need to be Fixed

    How about you get normal monitor? like the ones that humans are using?
  5. Znajka29


    How about giving us any info ? a lot of people did send reports with logs , but no info.
  6. Znajka29

    Game down?

    Isn't every server telling you that there is 9minutes left??? for me it did...
  7. Now get into the game and use SA58 on full auto
  8. Znajka29

    Mechanic Gunsmithing quests, part 12.

    https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Gunsmith_-_Part_12 Try as shown. IT says OD , you have FG
  9. Agree, i just mean that you shouldn't be too sneaky all the time. or if you do , make sure you are aware of everything around you.
  10. Znajka29

    Toxic Community

    If you are going with no equipment into raid , then stay away from action , go to some places that are abandoned , don't rush just when you spawned . And no one will kill you... Why I wouldn't kill a pmc if he's rushing to grab my precious loot : ( In the last 12min of shoreline i was sometimes able to find (without any fight) level 5 armor , helmets , m4 ... and so on ...
  11. You mean like this dude? or hundred of similar? He had sordins btw. First of all you need to know the map and only then different gear will give a bit more chances to survive.
  12. Znajka29

    Manual Bolt Action Key - EASY TO ADD IN GAME

    I would like to see that in game too
  13. Znajka29

    WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?>Worth 203,775 Ruples if sold!

    3500eur~ from skier (450k~ rub)
  14. Znajka29

    Ban wave strikes again!

    Bring it on ... MORE MONEY to devs