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  1. Weapon Strap

    Ah okay I see what you mean. Hopefully they address this. It would be cool to if as you master your gun you can swap quicker either with a different animation or a quicker animation.
  2. Weapon Strap

    Couldnt agree with you more. The bottom video is the way it should be.
  3. Weapon Strap

    I have been wondering what the current use of a secondary weapon is and I can't really seem to find one. Yes there are some minor uses like if you bring in a sniper rifle it's nice to have, but in the thick of combat it is useless to switch to. I looked it up and stumbled on this thread: In the video attached it shows a weapon strap and some ideas for what the animation might look like. However you could probably simplify it to make the gun just fall to your side and have access to your pistol much quicker. It seems like this would be a very welcomed feature to have access to a weapon strap attachment that you need to find or buy to have access. Hopefully people will like this idea or if the dev's think of some other way to compensate for this feature. Thanks for reading!
  4. Purchase Question

    You will need to go into your account on the website and reset your profile to get the items after you upgrade (you will lose your current progress) . Or you will have to wait until the next wipe.
  5. Can't play as a PMC or use traders.

    Good glad to see.
  6. Can't play as a PMC or use traders.

    No. It just happened and the devs are probably sleeping.
  7. Can't play as a PMC or use traders.

    This bug seems to be ongoing. Usually it is a back-end issue and I also can not play, use traders, or insure my items. Scav mode works fine. We just have to wait for BS to fix it but usually when it happens at this time the devs are sleeping. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.... I would like to play...
  8. recommend a headset?

    Get anything HyperX good price and good quality. I recommend these to all my friends who ask that dont want to hurt their wallet. They all love them. easy choice
  9. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    Holy crap someone who actually has some good input and uses logic. I would be all for that idea of a shorter night longer day. Also an opposite clock for each map is also a good idea. There will never be zombies don't kid yourself I'm pretty sure this has already been touched on. Popular or not read the lore and tell me where zombies fit in. You don't make all these crazy mechanics that are in this game and then flip it into a zombie game. This is a combat simulator. On a side note a night/day selection would not split the player base more then it already does. Players log off or play factory when it's night time. What would be so different?
  10. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    If you are uncomfortable losing gear chances are you arent playing this game at all. Yes I agree its nice getting people to go outside there comfort zone, but I personally dont agree with forcing it. They should be incentivizing it.
  11. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I love how this topic moves from the discussion about there being a day/night time phase selection to @Strat calling people out. Good talk, glad this could be a civil discussion. Glad to see you could bust out your thesaurus. If you cant grasp sarcasm from "Yeah dude you are toooo good mang wish I can be like you when I grow up." then I dont even know what to say. Sorry if you thought I was attacking you it seemed like someone was just stroking their ego as stated before. This topic is not about them making night time easier. It is about them making a phase selection so people who do not want to play at night do not have too. Just because someone doesn't like to play at night time does not mean they are bad at the game... Would it not suck coming home every night after work and having to play in the darkness? Yeah I still play regardless, but it would be nice to have choice to some extent, yes. They do not need to make night time easier at all I believe night time is in a good place (an EXP bonus would be pretty rad though).
  12. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    Yeah dude you are toooo good mang wish I can be like you when I grow up. We arent talking about not surviving during night or that we are too scared to go out. Personally I just prefer daytime and obviously you dont mind night time. Lets be civil here and not just dropped a bomb saying "im so good why can't you all be like me". This world is filled with many opinions and I thank everyone who is actually discussing and not bragging. Yeah I get what you are saying. When I turn sRGB mode on my monitor I can see outlines more clearly. I just thhink that is a bit unfair.
  13. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    You shouldnt be able to buy a better monitor and have an advantage over players at night so I dont know how I feel about that statement, but unfortunately it is the current reality. You can see players prefer daytime because of the overwhelming lobby screen in factory at night time on the other maps, so obviously there are many people who agree they just are not vocal about it. Regardless there being a "time phases" selection is beneficial to everyone. If you like night time then great!!! select night time. Like I stated before you should only be able to select "night" , "day", "random" and they should have separate clocks, though random should drop you in either, to explain that a bit more. I see this helping streamers mainly which is a very arguable point, who would want to watch a basically black screen.... not me.
  14. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    No, I believe it would even the players out across the maps because now you are allowing people who enjoy woods and customs to pick daytime. These are the players logging off at night time. Yes I am sure some of them just switch to factory but a larger majority just logoff because factory is just the same thing over and over. Some people only play factory because they enjoy that close quarters intense right in the action gameplay, in-fact that is probably the majority of players atm. A box that lets you check off day or night would be most appreciated, I don't need to select the hour but it would be nice to select daytime and have it anywhere in between 8am - 8pm or if you pick night it should be 9pm-7am. You should not be able to select the hour , but you should be able to select if its night or daytime. Coming home from work and it being dark 80% of the time sucks....
  15. Upgrading Graphics Card RX480 or fury?

    I wouldnt go with AMD until they release their new CPUs / Graphics cards. Not only will it make the market cheaper, but the performance gains will be much better on the AMD side of things. You can buy anything Nvidia atm and be pretty happy with performance.