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  1. komitor

    Sorry for the delay

    Cant we just criticize something? It just happens at an unfavorable time. If you just bought a game you want to play it of course, thats pretty normal i guess. Go and troll somewhere else ma dude
  2. komitor

    Sorry for the delay

    If you would at least dont loose the stuff, then we could train pvp right now with high level tier. But we make our equip ready for 30 Minutes, buy everything, mod everything, go inside, die after 10 minutes and need to rebuy and remod everything. It takes so much time that its just not worth the effort.
  3. komitor

    Sorry for the delay

    Same for me. Me and my friends bought the game on sunday, played 5 hours straight on monday until the shops were made cheap. Funny for 30 minutes, but then we were just annoyed and are waiting for the wipe right now. We just want to start playing normally. Some kind of testing servers for end-game loot would be smart, but giving it to everyone without even saying for how long is not that good imo.