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  1. Ozhack

    New modifications in Escape from Tarkov

    For what riffles is-it?
  2. Ozhack

    AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Could you tell us your best modding and cheapest one that we can do on AKM to get low recoil and high stability?
  3. Ozhack

    Wipe coming soon?

    I upgrated my account into edge of darkness edition. I hope that there will not be a wipe during the Interchange map release.
  4. Ozhack

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    It will probably my favorite handgun. Very hyped about Glock with the extended mag..
  5. The sending of extended alpha keys has not started yet. We have to wait. I bought Left Behind edition for my part, I hope that I gonna receive it soon. I am very hyped.
  6. Ozhack

    New Year’s discount has begun!

    Left Behind ordered
  7. Ozhack

    What would a 10x60 Secure Stash look like?

    Oh no!! Is-it sure or you might be not lootable? If it's the case I gonna probably take a Left behind edition for the 10x30 stash.
  8. +1 edit : If someone knows how we can upcrease our size of stash with playing. I would be grateful if he could say to us or send me an MP.
  9. How do you switch on it? You pay just the price difference? If yes? Where?
  10. The communication way could be better in this way, with more details about VAT. I'm joining you in that point. By the way, I read that the EFT forumer will get a beta access key for the game when it's released whitout ordering an normal edition. Is-it true? Edit : be attention, every unknow studios are unknow before to be know
  11. Ozhack

    Les soldes du nouvel an ont commencés !

    Bon jeu à toi l'ami
  12. Ozhack

    New Year’s discount has begun!

    Of course, it's needing discount. Specially for french players.. TVA of 20% is stopping us