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    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

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    not getting device ID

    Ok guys, so I finally got my Device ID. 1 of 2 things I did got me the email. Either I launched the forums from the game launcher which ended up opening up my browser, or a google search result of this forum (which was this discussion) got it for me. Once the launcher or the google search result opened up and brought me to the forums I noticed I was not signed in. Which is odd because google stores my passwords and it automatically remembers me and signs me in every time I enter the website manually into chrome. So if i go to the actual "escapefromtarkov.com" website and hit enter, it takes me to the website which I am already signed in. When I clicked on forums from the launcher or from the search results on google i was NOT signed it. Only when I signed in from that point was when I began receiving the emails with the code. I received about 8 of them with different codes. The latest email with the latest code is the one you want to use. At first I used the first email and it locked out all other codes. If it does not work just launch the game and wait until you get to the point where it asks for your Device ID. Click back and it will show you your email. Then click next so you can get a new code sent to your email again. Once you receive your email close out the game, restart your client, launch the game and use your latest code and you should be fine. Hope this works for ya. Good luck
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    not getting device ID

    Same..I submitted a ticket. Had a friend buy me a copy. Redeemed the code, downloaded the game, launched --- Enter Device ID. Doesn't make sense. Should not be this difficult. Been checking my email all day. Its already been about 7 hours. Anyone have any idea on who or how to contact anyone to get my ID?