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    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. pedroluz89

    Brasileiros na Europa

    Opa! Já estou lá gajo! É mais pra ver se encontro alguns BR's perdidos por aí pra levar eles pra lá
  3. pedroluz89

    Brasileiros na Europa

    Algum Brasileiro que mora na Europa aí? Com o novo server em São Paulo, ficou impossível pra gente continuar jogando com a nossa turma, Vamos criar um grupo nosso pra jogar nos servers Europeus? É nois, se quiserem só me add direto no Discord: AngelDragonwake#9787 Abrax!
  4. pedroluz89

    Mobile Companion App

    This is probably similar to my Web UI proposition, as it would probably have mobile version as well:
  5. I was wondering, why not use a web UI to control most of the out-game logic? Like inventory, tasks, market, etc Something similar to BF4 battlelog That would improve a lot user experience and make it much easier to improve it, both internally and externally through client-side mods oh, an API would be really cool, too, so people would be able to code their own tools (like EVE Online with their 3rd party tools) Anyway, just a hint from a software dev, let me know if you guys are hiring, I would gladly write this myself :)