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  1. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    No, it doesn't say that anywhere. If you own the game you can just keep playing in the Open Beta as you did before.
  2. Too much Fort Armor

    For me it seems to be random aswell. I personally got 12 goldchains so far. A mate who was playing with me most of the time already got like 35 or 40 of them. He just finds them far more often than I do. Same for docs. I found 2 by now and one of the guys from the discord found 8 and is giving them away. Some people just have more luck than others.
  3. geld verlust ohne es aus zu geben

    Beim Händler nichts mehr kaufen stimmt, aber ich und einige Mitspieler vom Discord habens mal beobachtet und bei jedem fehle das Geld nachm versichern aus dem Wallet. Selbst wenn ich mehrere Hunderttausend Rubel lose im Stash hatte, wurde das Geld für die Versicherung immer direkt aus dem Wallet genommen. Oder habe ich deine Aussage gerade falsch verstanden? Ansonsten einfach nochmal testen. Alles Geld in die Wallets/docs, Betrag merken und dann iwas versichern und nachm Raid nochmal gucken.
  4. geld verlust ohne es aus zu geben

    Hast du bedacht, dass das Geld für Versicherungen aus dem Wallet bzw dem Docs genommen wird?^^
  5. Da aktuell ein Patch samt Wipe ansteht ist es eh egal. Man muss damit das Upgrade aktiv wird zurücksetzen. Ein anderer Weg ist meines Wissens nicht möglich. Der Patch samt Wipe sollte innerhalb der nächsten Tage/Stunden kommen,
  6. Die Patchnotes gehören nunmal ins Beta Test Forum und da gibts kein Project News.
  7. I personally have never seen a fly hacker myself. is it possible, that a lot of people mistake the "floating around" people(people/scavs who are spawning and flying through a certain part of the map) for hackers?
  8. No, because the stash increase isn't listed for every package
  9. It say's "Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame" in the Post, but the link only shows the pre-order packages. Where can we find this infos, or are they still to come?
  10. Matchmaking Bug NEW?

    take a look into the beta forum pls. there is a survey thread regarding backend errors
  11. I've got the same problems some mentioned here already. Scavs were quite good and finde but now they are back to acting like hackers. Getting shot by scav through like a dozen bushes, while you can't even see their muzzleflash is ridicilous. For example me and a mate got killed on a nightraid by a scav who shot us through several bushes with a pistol while being like 40 meters away in a forest. We didn't shoot before, we didn't have flashlights and were walking not running. It's just bad, when they can see you perfectly without nightvision, while you can't even see the muzzleflash with nightvision on. It's not fun anymore, when you die to a pistol scav while having Fort Armor and a helmet because he locked on you legs while you are crouching behind trees and bushes and trying to see him. And for all the people telling us, that it's not a finish product: We know that, but especially then isn't it the right thing to speak about the problems we encounter and say what our problems are with it?
  12. Quest Mega Thread

    On the task tab it now has a checkmark on Find the body and find the place where the messenger hid the item, but there was nothing to pick up.
  13. Quest Mega Thread

    I did't get a key out of this dead scav, but i was able to open the shed without a key and the shed was empty =/
  14. Fraktionen wechseln?

    Also ich bin USEC und meine mates sind BEAR, aber ich sehe sie trotzdem immer in der Lobby und wir können normal miteinander spielen. In der Lobby stehen bei mir auch immer alle anderen Spieler als USEC drin, obwohl die anderen BEAR sind. Andersrum werde ich für meine Mates in der Lobby als BEAR angezeigt. Also anscheinend funktioniert das ganze nicht richtig.
  15. Hi, i'd like to get activated on discord. My preorder package is visible on my profile discord name: DaMnSiCc#2273