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    End the late spawning for PMCs

    You completely missed the point 100 percent there man. It's not the matching that's the problem, i was pointing out ways in which it could be fixed to deal with that with wouldn't impact the wait time overall but with what you mentioned before if they implemented what i wrote it would more or less fix what happens when your friend takes a minute or two minutes longer. It wouldn't affect the overall time it would take to get into a game or anything but would help with reducing time variation between people. Also you mentioned how you shouldn't suffer because you have to wait people. I shouldn't die either because someone gets to spawn in behind me like a ninja either and i'm happy to wait a minute two minutes more to make it so everyone can get in if they can't implement the solution i wrote.
  2. legjiAN

    End the late spawning for PMCs

    I completely agree with this the amount of times i've spawned in labs outside the room over seeing the server room and the amount of times i've seen like 2-3 dead bodys and all the loot has been picked is pretty stupid (It only takes me like 2:20-2:50 seconds to load up the map and loot as well so it's not like i'm taking 5 minutes to get in). Like one time when i ran on the bottom floor of labs and ran up 3 flights of stairs to get to that side office with the good med spawns there was a guy at the doorway i kill him and his buddy legit spawns right behind me as i headshot him and then he kills me. Like it isn't hard to implement a system like in siege, CS;GO, PUBG, Fortnite or CoD. All you will have to do is have people load up the map before they find a game on the map they're searching then have everyone load up the loot and get to the load in 20 second screen before it starts so the deviation of people loading to the server is around 1-7 seconds. Instead of the 1-4 minutes instead.
  3. Recently i've been stashing a bunch of PP-91 Kedr 9x18PM SMGs but before i do that i usually take its mag off and pistol grip and sell them to save inventory space as you do, and i noticed i wanted to use my kedrs since i didn't feel like bringing out my regular equipment since i was on a lose streak. When i went to set up my loadout i noticed that you cannot buy the kedr pistol grips from any IG vendors (I have all vendors to level 4 besides peacemaker since i can't be bothered to his quest line). I'm guessing it was just an oversight from BSG since it wouldn't make sense for Prapor to not sell it at level 2 or level 3 or the same for Skier. Maybe it's locked behind a quest i don't know about since this is my first wipe and i haven't done all the quest lines since i got the majority complete but even on the tarkov gamepedia it doesn't say anything about which vendor has it and i can't find any info about the vendors selling it or it appearing on the flea market so i feel like it's safe to assume it ain't for sale from any IG vendors.