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    Massive amount of Microstuttering

    As i stated in my last post, this issue has been solved. This game doesn't apparently run well with bottleneck, so a i7 8700k upgrade fixed it. Comming from a guy studying computer science, i've to say that there definitely is atleast one devoloper at BSG who truly has no idea what he's doing.
  2. themonsterswe

    Massive amount of Microstuttering

    Update: Sorry for not being active, i've resolved this issue by upgrading my CPU + motherboard + RAM to an i7 8700k with 16 gb, 3000 MHZ RAM. This game doesn't seem to be that bottleneck friendly since i'm now (after the CPU upgrade) lagging less than what an average streamer does.
  3. Hey! I just upgraded my GPU from an amd r9 280x to a gtx 1080ti and recieved a massive performance on every game except this one. The average FPS that i recieved was as expected but the game microstutters once every 5 to 20 seconds at all times, even in the menu. Here are the things that i've tried that didn't work: - Lowering the settings, don't work and doesn't even enhance my performance on the game. - Reinstalled the game and moved in into a different hard drive, i've done this twice and it didn't help. - Turn off Vsync on Nvidia settings - Turn off all Nvidia settings - Turn Off/On VSync in the ingame settings - Turn off shadowplay - Run the game as high priority software - Stopped overclocking my GPU - Changed the resulotion to 1080p - Run a memory cleaner software - Run with borderless mode and windowed mode GPU is at 80 to 97% and CPU isn't going over 60's, nether the GPU or CPU are throttling aswell. The game doesn't eat up more then 40% RAM so that is out of the question. my specs: CPU. Intel Core i7-3770 max OC (4.1 GHZ/4,3 GHZ) with nocturna cooler (CPU doesn't go above 81 degrees) GPU. MSI GTX 1080TI gaming Display. 27”, 1440p, TN with GSYNC. HDD/SSD. 200GB SSD / 3TB HDD. RAM. 16GB DDR3 (probably 1600 MHZ)