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  1. adeeli786

    Best recoil you can get?

    thanks, can you mod one and let me know parts you used, with minimum vertical recoil you managed to get? on ak 104/ak 105 be gr8? thanks
  2. adeeli786

    Best recoil you can get?

    sweet, do they cost same, was just thinking as the ak-104 we get from scavs in lab, they have very poor recoil, so thought i'll if if some of ou guys have modded that gun, and what is the least recoil u get.. not sure how much does akm cost the one's you've modified 33 vertical is awsome.. would feel like playing mp5 runing around
  3. adeeli786

    Best recoil you can get?

    Hi May i know what is the best recoil you guys are able to get from AK-104 7.62x39 assault rifle? Vertical recoil.... And share parts you used to get it low recoil.. Thanks
  4. adeeli786

    Looking for Pakistan group

    if you in Pak, you'll be getting massive ping issues? I do play EFT not from Pak ....
  5. Hi Guys, I bought Beta Container, when i had basic version of Tarkov, and bought it off flea market, now i upgraded to top version of Tarkov, and got gamma... Am trying to sell my Beta Container on flea market, but it is not letting me, small lock icon appear at bottom right, and doesn't let me select. Not sure why? i bought it, now why i can't sell it.
  6. adeeli786

    O dear what a BUG

    same happened, the only way i managed to get out after few tries was, sprint as soon i open door.. but annoying was none of the extraction points were working, the lab.. all extraction need to press button, nothing was working.. lucky vent didn't need anything, so got out.. loosing my big back pack and 2 x gen 4 armours long ago it happens in factory, not sure if that was lag too, used AI-2 kit, and it stuck at animation where it injects in arm.. was unable to switch weapon, or do anything at all...
  7. adeeli786

    O dear what a BUG

    Hi Tarkov Guys, Not sure if it has already raised ? Just came out of raid in Lab, all the doors had glitch, they were not opening, as soon they open, they were closing back, none of the extractions were working, i tried sewers, cargo elevator, did tap on power buttons, but lift didn't work, doors didn't even open, went down to sewers fan just appeared, and than went back to dead... had to dispose off a lot gear in backpack, and get out off vent extract... all extracts where button was required to be pressed, and doors were opening.. weren't working
  8. adeeli786

    game lag / freezes

    Hi Its: i7 4 ghz, SSD drive, GTX 970, 16gb Ram
  9. adeeli786

    game lag / freezes

    knock knock.... wake up ???
  10. adeeli786

    game lag / freezes

    Hi, Is it just me or my pc... i get lag spikes/game freezes for a second or two... really annoying, it has happened quite few times at wrong time, and died... Also when we click on Buy/Sell tabs @traders it takes few seconds before they load it... If its with game issue... hope Tarkov devs be working on freezing issue as priority? Thanks
  11. adeeli786

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    haven't received any free key, nor new items
  12. Joined game with my guns etc, went factory in office room, both doors closed.. and just heard footsteps someone went in breach room.. and than just had a black screen.. and said killed by .... no shots.. not one entered room.. seriously
  13. adeeli786

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    o dear so the prices are ex vat displayed, not including VAT was planing to get edge of darkness thought prices are inclusive VAT
  14. adeeli786

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    No Discount? it says 25% off and says "56.25 euros" to upgraded to top package, but when i clicked on credit card the total is coming to "Total €71.81".. do we need to add any promocode? Also when we be getting a free trial keey or new items? haven't received anything yet.
  15. adeeli786

    keep on getting error

    Hi I am getting this error quite often... a bit annoying had a raid, probably lost all items? as it happens as soon i extracted