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  1. Brilla2000

    Tired of the cheaters...

    That is proof?
  2. Brilla2000

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Does the Eroktic video contain evidence of cheaters cheating for months, not getting banned because BSG needs players? I saw the videos, and I did not see that. Edit:And I think the video was removed because many of the claims were false or misleading.
  3. Brilla2000

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Do you have any proof of this? Pretty strong statements that are worth little without any proof.
  4. As a new player, I play woods almost exclusively. Choosing servers with long matching times gets me into raids with few other players. This has actually led to me getting a good extracted % and good k/d with a decent economy. I never get the 1 million roubles, but I usually leave with some armor and scav kills. If I see other players (I play really carefully) I avoid them if they are looking like trouble, if I'm not I a really favourable situation. My favourite setup is blue armor with the cheap Ww2 helmet and a Ak74 with the 1/6x scope and whatever attachment I have found. If I choose automatic server, I get dropped into Omaha beach and die.
  5. Brilla2000

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy i met by shortcut on Customs, i brought extra gear for you and we cooperated to extraction. It was freaking awesome! We used the ingame coms to somewhat relay orders. I used alot of my cash to do a run like that, hope you had as much fun as me!