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  1. sYs

    What BSG going to do with lower gears.

    You forget that most of the gear in traders are there only for testing purpose.
  2. Thats what i said forgot , That if they get sued in US Battlestate games limited is in uk so since no brexit, eu laws apply. EU consumer protection is very nice - had my fair share of adventures and all turned out good for me ( consumer ).
  3. That if they get sued in US Battlestate games limited is in uk so since no brexit eu laws apply.
  4. sYs

    Serious Account Issues

    Make a support ticket. Ask what key you activated. ( this is just to confirm - will help your case against the seller if bought trough g2a ) If you didn't buy the game from the official store at www.escapefromtarkov.com than you probably get scammed and got sold a trial key. If that is the case you should make a complaint towards the site that sold you the key. Always take that insurance in g2a
  5. sYs

    War With Cheaters!

    The system detects ( as it learns ) but doesn't do bans. Devs review each marked player by hand. Reading logs and spectating if needed. When you train your AC - it can have false positives, that's why bans are delayed in this case and manually review. It's a natural process of developing AC. Tho - sometimes people reviewing can have false positives too. @misamanboThere's a lot of stuff that accesses the memory of the game for it to run actually. The game is not an isolated operating system - it's depending on the OS in this case windows. A lot of processes can hide and pretend to be windows processes to manipulate memory. You are banned - that's it. No reverse. All bans are manual so someone at BSG just thought you deserve one. They don't have to prove anyone anything - that is how it works. Tho if you wanna be 100% sure - you can always issue you GDPR right. ( usually takes 1-2 months if devs not responding but eventualy they will - fines are huge )
  6. sYs


    Glitches are not bannable at the moment. Of course - depends on the glitch and excess.. Make a bug report will get fixed asap especially if you include repo steps video.
  7. sYs

    eroktic wtf

    This is not the first breach. There was one more than a year ago too. Which was hush hush.
  8. sYs

    game not purchased

    Go to g2 support.They are the only ones that can help you. Tho you could write to BSG support to confirm that the code you activated was a PROMO code. Such response from BSG would help in your case against G2A seller. @Natalino Maybe developers can implement pop up when activating code? Someone enters code - a window pops up saying " You are about to activate Escape from Tarkov Standart Edition PROMO code which will expire in 3 weeks starting from activation day. Are you sure you want to activate?"
  9. sYs

    Game no longer purchased

    Your friend got scammed. BSG won't help. Only ones that can help him are the support of the site where he bought the code. If he bought straight from hands - good luck his money is in the wind.
  10. sYs

    Purchase Limits

    It's better to increase loot ingame and let traders only sell bare minimum + resell stuff which they have bought from players. The only place where something should be created out of thin raid should be only inraid.
  11. sYs

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    Run in open like an idiot die like an idiot in the open This is not COD - never was, and never will be. Imagine all the wars in the world.. since the invention of guns... well i guess all wars and firefights should be run and gun - what a fun world we would be living in.
  12. Seasons score ranking rewards mmm is this diablo 3? #nolife4life
  13. sYs

    400 BS Rounds every 3 hours?

    Well, technically we had a talk about this back in 2016. I think it was even mentioned in gamescon. It will come eventually - there is no other logical solution. I'm not that much concerned at this point about this feature as we have more pressing issues to deal with. (Desync, hit reg). Have faith - this is pretty big scale game for BSG development experience. I hope unity ups their game too.
  14. If you have 100% proof - make a support ticket. Someone might look at it. This is a hardcore game - i been reported for cheating so many times especially in early days when i was active. If you don't seem someone blatantly cheating or speedhacking across the map.. how do you know they cheat? There's a reason these threads are being locked. + what @SkyCloudsaid bellow.
  15. There's always a golden midway. At the end of the days, Devs want people to enjoy and play their game and players want to enjoy the game in a fair environment. I think it could be done. They are already doing it - buts there's a limit on how much people small staff can cover.