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  1. sYs

    How do you avoid being burnt out of EFT?

    I play different games. I have been a huge supporter of this project since 2016 January when i made my pre-order. So far i got lots of broken promises. The quote from Nikita in the German convention back in 2016 still bugs me and i quote "Game is 80% done" I Don't believe we will see release this year which would make the game 2 years late of original timeline and hey - EOD was early supporter exclusive - to be removed in 2016 august!!! @trainfender пацан сказал - пацан зделал! а реално - когда релиз?
  2. sYs

    A great way to deal with cheating

    Idea is not bad but just needs too much manpower to realize.
  3. sYs

    How Tarkov is pay to win.

    True but that's why I mentioned that devs keep the 'upgrading stash' feature out of reach at this moment cause it generates quite a lot of revenue. About secure containers I have a mixed feeling - at the end of the day, only things I keep in them are keys and spare meds/ammo. I actually wouldn't be sad if they removed them.
  4. sYs

    How Tarkov is pay to win.

    Well - eft can't be pay2win but kinda is right now. Every item in EOD edition can be acquired in the game - tho it will take time. One of the issues we have right now is that devs don't introduce stash expansion for 'non eod' users purely as a marketing move to get more sales for upgrades. Shady practice but never the less - studio has to feed itself and there's a good old saying " Don't count money that isn't yours". EOD is this kind of type of game - even if you could go and buy guns for real-life cash - it would not matter cause a good player even with standard edition would pick it off your dead rotting body.
  5. sYs

    Bans for using forbidden software

    Hammer never runs out!
  6. sYs

    We need Kill Cam

    There is a problem in the core. People tactics got revealed. Camping or ambush positions get revelead. Sniping positions get revelead. To learn you must see. What i do when i die and have no idea how i diead - i go offline to the same spot where i died and look around and figure it out. Thats how i learn. If we talking about gllitches and cheating i would just suggest spectating feature. select members from community under NDA clause that includes about abusing the rights and voila. People report - community select members review - if review is positive - moves towards developers for indeep look. Tho with current netcode - its not gona be reliable.
  7. sYs

    Can I upgrade my account

    you will have to reset ( wipe ) your account for items and larger stash to appear in game.
  8. sYs

    Gear score system idea?

    True - very low risk at this stage but once after raid damage is implemented - it's gonna be interesting. we had this enabled due a bug for while back in the days and it was awesome and annoying Spawn into raid just to realize you have blacked out body parts and no legs
  9. sYs

    Can I upgrade my account

    if you have loged in with account with which you purchased the standard edition - there's gonna be options to upgrade. It should show you that you already own standard edition and anything below that is an upgrade.
  10. sYs

    Gear score system idea?

    There is no need for that. After raid damage is gonna be implemented 'soon' so.. even hatchling will try to avoid dying as much as possible as the damage you sustain and heal in raid in plain terms is just first aid you will have to heal out of raid too. Yayyy Fighting gear players doesnt necessary provide good firefight. Sometimes a naked guy with a pistol is more of a challenge than 3x man full geared team.
  11. sYs

    Can I upgrade my account

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page just upgrade ( don't forget to log in the website )
  12. sYs

    AHK Scripts for auto buy getting detected yet?

    macros at this moment are not bannable but might change in the feature. Developers advise not to use them.
  13. sYs

    When is hit reg and lag gonna be addressed?

    Probably sounds like a lag switch. One someone unplugs their cable for a moment and than plugs it back in. I had the same issues in factory. Encountered a player and started shooting him - than suddenly he is frozen and invulnerable. Than 20 seconds later im dead - killed by tomohawk in the head. Note : I do have 24/7 pinging service to multiple servers so there were no problems in my connection at all.
  14. Game would be way better if they fire current delta team (Russian community selected experimental patch testers ) and recruit new ones. Sometime i wonder how do they release patches and miss so much bugs. This game is already outside the 'scope' of testing as the playerbase is too large. Please note this was developers choice to invite more and more players before polishin. I feel you man.