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  1. sYs

    Are VPN legal to use?

    Depends on which service you use. I use locally sourced VPN which ends up getting through to Russian game server with fewer hops. Without VPN I get average 50ms ping to main auth server with 17 hops If I use VPN I get an average 25-30ms ping to main auth server with only 10-12 hops.
  2. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/J3WW6s
  3. до хотхикса 80-120 таможна RTX 2080 Ti
  4. Yes. Hotfix screwed a lot of nvidia users. + game uses all the ram available. Before hotfix game would use 8-10gb ram for customs.. now it goes to max. Memory leaks back?
  5. Make a bug report and attach game logs. We need the game logs.
  6. sYs

    My start after this vipe

    No it didn't fail. People somehow forgot that the most stuff we have on traders are only for testing purposes.
  7. sYs

    Adjust matchmaking

    Go in hardcore game.. ask for matchmaking No. I' go naked with TT and i wana be able to wreck 4 man teams with my TT. Now matchmaking is simply queue based. If you add 'level' or 'gear leve l' type matchmaking... gonna be fun right... For example - level matchmaking. Go in fully geared - still kill level 40 hatchlings.. Gear based? Go in - people are geared but its always the same no suprised of a naked guy popiing up TT in your face. This goes both ways - 4 jugs probably though - wow another poor guy... play smart
  8. sYs

    Anyone else's game crashing every 5 minutes?

    Not crashing but game is starting to eat A LOT OF RAM after hotfix. Stable 15gb used.. before hotfix i had 8gb max on customs..
  9. sYs

    Micro Stutters Back

    After EFT hotfix have fps drops and micro stutters RTX 2080 TI
  10. sYs


    Probably want offical support for like corsair, razer, logitech... so for example you get shot and low hp your keyboard turns redish.. features like this require support for those keyboards implemented into the game.
  11. sYs

    Need help with Gunsmith 8

    https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Gunsmith_-_Part_8 scroll down to shopping list. AKM
  12. sYs

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    Load up your motherboard manual it's all in there.
  13. sYs

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    1 beep - System boot successful
  14. sYs

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    600 Watt or greater power supply.**** Your PSU is minimal requirement for that card to run. Add some OC and i7 6700k (if OC than yeah you are lacking power ) with load - you clearly over the limit. If the shutdown only happens on high loads it's a good sign - means your motherboard is not screwed. For what calculated you need 700 wat psu. + what @Xarc said