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  1. sYs


    They come out of nowhere. Always be on your toes. They sneaky cheeki breeki so much you dont hear them in comtacs.. but yeah - apperantly there are no radius checks on player/ai/scavs spawns so a lot of retarted stuff happens.
  2. sYs

    What was your first beta test?

    34 and still kicking.
  3. sYs

    What was your first beta test?

    Yup. First online MMORPG. Than we had everquest -which i didn't quite like cause the real money trading was born in that game
  4. sYs

    What was your first beta test?

    Ultima Online. <3 Check out Legends of Aria if you miss Ultima Online.
  5. sYs

    How Many Acccounts Do You Have?

    I know a guy who has 2 eod accounts + 2 standarts. He just drops the stuff to his main from other 3 than resets and repeats. Wait until reset timer goes down and than just repeats.
  6. It just shows lack of creativity.. Technicaly we should be able to benchpress and weightlift in bunker once it's released. Same as ammo load skill. Why it doesnt go up in menus? Oh - cause macros and scripts gona be too easy. Since we are gonna keep the I would just preffer to go with classical RPG STAT system.. Level up - get points - distribute where you want... Wana jump higher? Focus on strenght Wana run longer and hold breath? Focus on spending points on endurance... Wana be a loot machine - focus on perception.. wana be fast lockpicker.. focus on inteligence.. and so on..
  7. sYs

    make fun of me for being bad

    Join clan or community Mess around in offline with bots How do you usually play? Do you go slow or fast.. which maps do you preffer? How is your fps experience? (:
  8. Ip cannot be blocked since ipv6 protocol is not worldwide. There are a lot of providers sharing 1 ip for multiple clients. Example : College dorms - 1 guy cheats , whole college dorm gets banned. Lets not talk about internet cafe :)) The best solution to banning cheaters is banning their paypal/visa from processing payment but than again (; that less cash for devs.
  9. sYs

    Forbid "CHEATERS" topics

    Newbie or noob doesn't matter. Everyone was one in their gaming life.
  10. sYs

    the reason for hatchet running

    One of the reason to do hatchet runs are quests why? Cause they are based mostly on random so you have to spam and run to loot locations to find the item you need most of the times.
  11. sYs

    Scav Behaviour ( Hostilility)

    Scavs are scripted. They have detection radiuss Detection is based on distance The closer you are to the - scav the faster he shoots you once he detects you engagment timer goes down - once that happens he shoots you If you prefer to move slow ( steatlhy / average slow play ) chances of you being killed by scav are way higher than run and gun.
  12. Frustration...Frustration...Frustration... and wen finally something goes your way - a bliss.. This is why I play tarkov. I Wouldn't say the learning curve is high for this game but i would defintly say that good stash size and map knowledge leads to success. +1 nice post.
  13. Easy ways is not the best way. Patch notes today adjust face hitbox. It been reported as a bug and has been treated as one. Fix in this patch. There are issues and issues need to be solved. Removing core features of the game is not a way to go. A lot of people especaly ones who joined this year or been playing for month somehow has the impression this is run and gun game. About prices - you can assume that a lot of stock is gonna disapear from traders in the later stages of game as clearly the devs emphasis is gonna be on player trading and player market. Once this is implemented ( and it will ) supply and demand will regulate the prices and devs will have just readjust chance of items spawning. Communicate and trade with NPC merchants, gain their trust to get special goods and quests. Adapt to the economy, which changes in real time according to other players' operations and events, controlled by AI. Sell your loot in rag fairs and auctions. Become a trader with your own store, runners and specials Just a quick question? What bullets do you use when you go inside raid? Somehow i can bet you are using 1 ammo type. I go inside raid usually with 4+1(ingun) mag loaded with different ammunitions for different targets.