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  1. sYs

    Blacklist / Karma

    Salty players can be rulled out pretty easily. If player reports someone and it turns out right he gets +1 "REPORT POINTS" meaning his next report has more credibility in developer eyes. If report is false - you get -1 "REPORT POINTS".
  2. sYs

    I can not kill a single human player

    Let us know if that helped (:
  3. sYs

    Promo code from g2a

    Hope you had g2a shield (; This is an issue you have to pickup with g2a not Battlestate games I have a key... 14 day trial spare. I put it up on g2a.com... how can battlestate games stop me? You are rude and an idiot.
  4. I agree with @eftballistics yet on another topic. Personally : Scavs need rework. At this point there is nothing to return to for experienced players. Most people once they gear up don't go into to scav mode mainly cause your scav player doesn't advance. I strongly believe scav player should be 1 in an hour and so that timer for next scav start rolling right when you enter the raid not when you finish it. This way people would be more interested in staying in a raid as a scav longer. 1-2 months into the patch and woula - you don't see that many scav players no more.
  5. sYs

    Teamkilling in Game

    Well its a PVP game so betrayal is just natural (: Jump on discord join clan - get to know people you play with and all will be fine. There are no penalties for same faction killing at this point but dont forget a bear could invite you (usec) into party and he will kill you with no penalties. ( once they implemented) I guess the bottom is line - choose your friends wisely (:
  6. sYs

    1 shot headshots?

    cause that would go against the core this game was meant to be?
  7. sYs

    Make option to stop extraction

    This was suggested back in the days that for extract you need to open door or interact with some kind of object. Dunno if it ever got on the development roadmap. Yeah - i been there. Killed 2 guys while they were extracting at last bunker extraction. Looting them was a chore. Run in loot fast - back out drop on ground and repeat. Same as the mark ambulances mission on shoreline quest located in extraction zone. epic
  8. sYs

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Upvotes - are the beauty of Reddit. Allows the community to filter out the most relevant topic and replies - even if they are memes and jokes but it still shows what is meaningful for the community.
  9. sYs

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    It's been a long road and the road still continues but the price at the end is worth the trip.
  10. sYs

    We need Kill Cam

    1) It would take away your strategies and tactics. Good for people but bad for gameplay. Death needs penalties not gains in this game. 2) If you are desynced and server is desyncing how can you relay on killcam? 3) I have been shot trough armor couple of times. Of course 30 shots to the chest with 5.56 would definetly know you down on the ground and do some internal bleeding. The only way i would approve killcams is if they are released after the raid has ended for everyone who participated in it. They actually stated in first looting video that it was recorded via 'replay feature'. ( first 10 secs of video )
  11. sYs

    We need Kill Cam

    No. Killcam are not for this game. It goes against the whole hardcore aspect which is in the core of idea why this game was built. I would make it so that people with good community standing could volunteer to spectate random matches or people that been flagged by AC and cast their vote.. Killcams don't stop cheating - they just make the name shaming, false accuses kind of threads. I do agree that community spotted cheaters would be easier to detect but only for a while since cheaters knowing such feature exists would just play more safe and natural until a point where you wouldn't know if the player is good or just cheating. In short - Killcam is a feature that doesn't fit into a hardcore aspect of the game and cheater detection should be left in the hands of developers or their select third parties. "Report player" feature in other games is automated. Nobody reads what you write in them until they don't get at least 100 reports for a player and then maybe MAYBE devs will take a look into the person in question.
  12. sYs

    Remove hunger and thirst

    Just a reminder to all the people who haven't been here for a long time. All raid status effects, health and another status like hunger, dehydration will move onto the menu. Meaning for example - if you sustained damage in a raid the healing you provided there was only a first aid. After returning from raid you will still have damaged limbs and low health in menus. This is where you will heal up yourself using healing items or buying service from the medic. Note that without healing if you enter the raid you will enter it with damage sustained in the previous raid if no healing was done in menus. Applies to hydration and hunger too. Old alpha forums where gold mine information wise. (: Since we dont have any update on this i can only assume devs are on the same plans regarding this as they were back in alpha days.
  13. sYs

    When is the new map coming?

    Do you know when the game went into development? Do you know the original timelines that were posted in 2016? Honey - you joined this year. Sadly you didn't have the luxury to live trough alpha forums. I wonder what will you say after 2 extra years. (Hopefully won't be that long )
  14. sYs

    Huge ban wave

    Wow - nice - good job! I can already taste the salty tears.