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  1. Possible dates for discount?

    Confirmed discount -20% at 23 feb. For motherland!
  2. Possible dates for discount? Who knows.23 feb maybe. The whole civil war thingy defenders of fatherland and stuff.
  3. Value of EoD

    EOD been limited for 2 years now. Sale closing at alpha than closed beta - than open beta. So it's not that limited at the end of day. This is one of the reasons we do not have quest lines and opportunity to upgrade stash sizes. Marketing baby. EOD is nice for DLC's. <3
  4. we don't have butt stroke implemented yet tho have it in controls.
  5. Would be too easy to pickup quest item and than just die. (quest items go into different container on your character) There is a pretty fine line between hardcore and arcade in this game. This game will not die - because the guys from early 2016 clearly knew what they are buying into. Than we had some streamers calling this game 'new dayz' and so on and people started jumping onto band wagon and than one thing leads to another - they are here on the forums suggesting features to the game that go against whole concept of the game. Don't get me wrong - if i could have dayz with eft graphics and gun/inventory mechanics it would be the greatest game but clearly that's another game im talking about and there is no point making eft into one. Believe me - large secure container is not an real advantage. Key chain is , document case is. This game has pretty steap learning curve but once you get on top of it ( and eventually you will ) it's smooth sailing with current meta.
  6. Here - 34 with busy job and life. Couldnt care more about secure container. Useful only for keeping keys and meds. I don't do naked tomahawk runs so its not useful for me at all. Nowadays i play 2-5 raids a week. All successful. There are no quests items to put into secure container so that argument is invalid. No idea why did you even brough up secure container. It has 0 pvp/pve impact.
  7. Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    ok. Late spawn combined with desync. If you see timer countdown you are deploying if you see no time and just appear in game - you are spawning late. You clearly spawned late. Looked liike customs by railway. So killed by rushing guys from woods spawn. I killed this way many players when they are spawning late and every shot felt very bad.
  8. 1PN138 Night Scope

    @Blackb1rd any ETA on the Developer yearly diary for 2017?
  9. Spectate Mode for Team members

    *gentle facepalm*
  10. Spectate Mode for Team members

    Comparing arcade game with eft?
  11. Amazing spawnpoint!

    Yes - this been going on for a while. No radius check on spawning. Happened to me couple of times when somebody spawns in front of me or via versa. Breaks the whole realism and immersion
  12. Spectate Mode for Team members

    I must agree with @DanExert. On paper this idea sounds nice but in reality it's just another set of eyes that will help teammate who is alive to spot someone or help navigate better by sound.
  13. New to game, problems with skills

    Skill system is ok Stat system is bad. I would like to see classical rpg leveling up for stats. Level up - get 3 points - distribute as you wish.
  14. Unlootable Weapons?

    Pre-orders are not protected. Glitch or bug abuse. Pick one.