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  1. paid to win??

    Devs said once that you'll be able to expand your Stash size when Hideout feature will be released and by doing some quests, related to expanding Stash size. Wouldn't expect it to be released soon though, since there are more important stuff to do atm (imo)
  2. Equipable colored scraps of cloth

    That's actually a planned feature already( armbands of different color to identify your group members). Won't find a proof/source for it atm unfortunately, sice it was stated by devs a long time ago. Like, during Alpha or Extended Alpha cycle.
  3. Wipes?

    I doubt that there will be wipes before OBT, since it's relatively soon to come, but there will surely be some wipes prior to release.
  4. Multiple head slots

    It's a planned feature and will be implemented at some point.
  5. Skier mission EXTORTIONIST

    No, you're probably too late because someone already took it from him.
  6. Offline Co-op?

    Offline was created for testing purposes only and will be gone prior to release or earlier, so no, not going to happen.
  7. Offline points/exp

    This topic was discussed multiple times, and the answer is no. Offline mode was made for testing purposes only and will be gone from the game prior to release( or earlier).
  8. face customization and more

    1. There will be multiple face variants for each faction. 2. Healing animations are planned. How they are going to be implemented- who knows, but you can watch a sneak peak of them in the 2016 dev report on youtube. 3. There was a suggestion like that on one of the streams, Nikita( CEO of BSG) said that it's a cool idea and they'll think about it. 4. Can't really say anything about that since i don't understand the issue. 5. Weapon jam mechanic were actually in the game in the first early alpha builds, but were removed for tweaking and reworking and will come back at a later stage. 6. Picklocking is a feature that is also planned, you can, once again, watch a sneak peak of it in the 206 dev report. 7. That's a cool idea, but probably very hard to implement.
  9. Новые скриншоты HK MP5

    Вы тоже не забывайте, что тепловизор- вещь очень недешёвая, а учитывая курс рубля к доллару в игре, то станет ещё дороже. Конечно, на время теста будет половина людей с ними бегать через недельку после вайпа, а вот как это будет всё работать на релизе- на это будет интересно посмотреть
  10. Новые скриншоты HK MP5

    Оружие не такое уж плохое, свою цель выполняет на отлично.
  11. Новые скриншоты HK MP5

    В целом я согласен, с MP5 я побегал несколько дней после добавления его в игру, потом как-то подзабил. Игрушка хорошая, но я просто редко на Завод хожу, а на других картах мне с ней немного неудобно.
  12. Новые скриншоты HK MP5

    Конечно нет, так никто не делает
  13. Новые скриншоты HK MP5

    Для вас тепловизор бесполезен? Не знаю даже, что и сказать.
  14. Any news on the next patch?

    3-4 weeks after Gamescom, so i guess end of september, maybe a bit later.