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  1. swannyxe

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    A bit of modding to my M4, MP5 and SKS NIIIIIICE
  2. swannyxe

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    It's like the fuckin sun on a stick :'D If I saw this out in field I wouldn't pick it up. Too many man hours put into fitting flashlights
  3. swannyxe

    Just me or unbearable Desync?

    Yes. But I think it's just a Tarkov way of life. There are a lot of things that will just stay with the game. I get a lot of players lag right in front of me when I'm trying to shoot...I end up dying randomly
  4. swannyxe

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    SwandoggXE#6177 please verify
  5. swannyxe

    Things I have noticed...

    So I've been playing for only a couple of months now but I have noticed a few things in that time that are kind of annoying but interesting at the same time. When I'm in game on whatever map I get stuttering and freezing every now and then...just like everyone else. I'll be sitting at a good 100 fps then it will drop to 20 then go back up to 100. But I have noticed something about this frame drop. It is just coincidental that when scavs or late PMCs spawn into the map I get these frame drops. It's a free indicator telling you when they have spawned lol not sure if anyone else has had similar thoughts. Another thing that is bugging me (no pun) is when I see another PMC I lag or they lag or we both lag. For some reason I'll see them, I'll start shooting at them, then I'll see them lag...then I'm dead. It's like I was the one lagging the whole time but it doesn't seem like it. I feel like I have a stable connection. When fighting the raiders on Labs, I have gone in with a TT and no armor and managed to kill 3 and make it out with some nice armor and weaponry. Other times I've gone in there with a full kit and been 1 tapped either by a raider or PMC lol This isn't a salty rant or an F U to the devs or anything. Just some weird poo happening in the city of Tarkov.
  6. swannyxe

    haxer Woods

    Start capturing your raids. Even if you rewrite over the previous capture to save space etc. But if you come across something sus then you can go through the footage and gather what evidence you need. I started doing it because I believe I have been killed by a couple of hackers over the past month.
  7. swannyxe

    Hacked 3 times today......

    It is crazy how easily you can get cheats. Remember back in the day you had to try and look up codes on the net or buy those cheat code books. Then spend countless hours clicking R1R2L1L2leftdownrightupleftdownrightup. Now you just go on google and pay a monthly subscription for endless hacks. I hate it because it just ruins games...especially a game like EFT because you just know how hardcore and in depth it is. #gg
  8. swannyxe

    Servers back up but the Scavs aren't... up...

    Yeah AU is down too...hope they fix it soon. I'm getting withdrawals lol I love your name :'D
  9. swannyxe


    I've been experiencing big frame drops mid game. Ill sit at 100fps then drop down to 20 then back up to 100. Annoying thing is it's always when an enemy is nearby trololol
  10. swannyxe

    Great Scav runs, Die in seconds as pmc

    Yeah see I haven't been playing all that long and after watching countless hours of YouTube content on this game you get a confidence boost and think hmmm yeah I reckon I could do some damage. How wrong I was lol it's all about knowledge like you said. I just need to take the time to learn the maps etc but also not be afraid to take good gear out. Ive had the odd good game as a scav and as a pmc.
  11. swannyxe

    Great Scav runs, Die in seconds as pmc

    Dude I feel ya. I had the same thing happen to me today. I had done a few runs and got some good loot. Found myself a nice mp5. Went onto the flea market and bought some attachments etc ending up upgrading the gun for stealth and I was happy with what I built. Thought to myself "hey I'll do a factory run for a bit of fun now that I have a nice fire rate and suppressor". So I'm waiting for the load screen to finish, I see the count down come up on the screen so I prepare myself. As soon as I spawned...literally 1 second in I hear a shotty fire and I die. I...was...fuming. The fact that I spawned in front of someone's barrel just irritated me. I had everything insured but I got killed by a level 3 player. So they had a field day looting my body for that mp5 a nice helmet and some good armor. #gg