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  1. Official Trading Thread

    hi how much u want for the documents case?
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    thx man!
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    Where do people find the pocket watch for one of Prapor's quests? Thx.
  4. Official Trading Thread

  5. Official Trading Thread

    Need Factory Key, PAYING 1000DOLLARS. Thx bois'
  6. I am looking for a group !

    im USEC too. would love to have someone to team up with in this game. u know of any free TS server? we could meet there.
  7. Hi everyone. just bought the game yesterday and OMG i cant wait for the full release. I got a question tho, if i for example join a raid as an USEC player, will i be up against other BEAR players? or is it still just scavs? Thx.