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    Group: The but nusters Action: Move Description: I wake up to the fresh taste of drywall or gravel in my mouth because I rolled a little far out of my makeshift bed. Me and the others shared a laugh and get prepared to follow our same routine that we follow every morning, after we eat and pack up we once again head out to seek a new place. We are in a hustle to get there so we are not stranded in the pitch black of night. once we set up camp under a bridge we all start talking about how used to this new life we live together as a band of brothers, and how normal it can feel. I didn't want to ruin the mood and point out its normal because we hadn't had to kill anyone yet, I had a feeling that was going to change soon though. We once again fell asleep as the stars glistened above.
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    GROUP: The but nusters ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: Me and my group start off another day around our campfire with the distinct smell of ash and smoke. Jason had already got out our food for breakfast, my stomach was very pleased. We planned to move to a new location in search of loot or people. We made sure to keep our pace up, neglecting stealth. My group kept the chit-chat high and i'm pretty sure everyone was happy about it. We made our camp site up a little after nightfall but we made it before we froze to death, so that's a plus. We all participate in our ritual of storytelling by the fire and sank into sleep like rocks into water.
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    Don't use your concordance for your own good, this is a PvP game so giving out your location is not a great idea. You can just say what you are doing not where also don't say you encountered or found anything that's up to the GMs to decide just say what you are going to do for the day EXAMPLE GROUP: Example group ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: As me and my group wake up to gunshots in the distance we prepare for a new day. As soon as we all are full and packed up we plan on how to make our trek to our new location. We all break up into groups and try to cover as much ground as possible before nightfall. We hear the occasional fire fight but they seem pretty far away. As we arrive to our new soon to be campsite we all are pretty happy about the ground we have covered on our journey so far and to celebrate we all share some stories of our home lives then we all spar with each other for a while until we all get tired and wisk off to sleep.
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    Group: The but nusters Action: Move Description: I groggily roll out of my sleeping bag in the morning around 7 am to the sound of birds chirping and my friends arguing intensely over who gets a half melted and open chocolate bar they found on the ground (I took it from the winner). We all eat about half of our rations for breakfast around the dying out campfire, once we all are done we pack up and make our way to our destination. As we are making our way there I tell my friends to get into formation and be aggressive because we are trying to cover as much ground as possible looking for people. All of us are making sure to watch each other's backs. As usual we banter with each other about who has the best gear I brag about my pistol and my PACA then Zach proceeds to interrupt me halfway through me taking inventory, to spin a heroic tale of how he found a mag with some ammo in it and a med kit with and injector, I pull off my glove, exposing the disgusting cut on my hand and he is quite squeamish and i threaten to open it and rub it on him, I didn't even even have to though seeing as he had puked the second I got too close with it, I think he will be alright. during the night we settle down around the campfire we built in a broken down building and tell stories, eat the rest of our rations and talk for a few hours, it sort of gives me a camping vibe. My group was pretty silent that night when we tried to sleep probably for the same reason I was, because we were homesick and scared.
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    Group: The but nusters Action: Move Description: We wake up a bit earlier than last time and i make sure to grab my PACA and Multipurpose syringe that I found last night and i got the cut to prove it. After bragging to my friends about the loot I found we head off to our new destination deeper into the city in hopes to find a way out of this god forsaken city. Note: Sorry this one is weak, i'm writing this day of the move so i did have much time to think it through.
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    Group Name: The but nusters Action: Search Me and my group search the immediate area after waking up at a healthy 11 am (we are still not used to being vigilant and staying up late or waking up early). We end up searching all day other than a few minutes to eat half our daily ration limit. After we finish searching we gather around a fire and enjoy the rest of our rations, I ended up finding a thing of chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows on some poor soul who didn't get to eat himself. After telling the others where I got it from I waited till they calmed down about it, then we planed what we were going to do tomorrow.
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    Me and my squad wake up early at around 4 am then we packed up and moved out. On our way to our new location I remind myself that this is the group of guys I would hang out with after school seeing as they are far different due to the horrors we have witnessed here. As we passed the forest and the hills that came along with it we were anxious about the new experiences we will endure together such as, we might have to kill another person, we might possibly die from starvation or other people, and we were scared most of all to lose each other. Seeing as we were all fearful, we were being very playful towards each other trying to hide the nerves with a smile and a chuckle, but we knew the elephant in the room, it was terrifying to think of the thought that one of us could not see tomorrow.