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    Moderation Team Recruitment

    Goodluck all!
  2. We are aware of a problem, that some users have difficulties with entering the game, saving the loot after the raid and not being able to log into the launcher. We have already found the origin of the problem and already working on a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience and understanding. #Locked
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    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    Goodluck everyone!
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    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    Awesome to see!
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    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    Awesome! Interchange looks like it'll be a great map, I can't wait for tomorrow
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    Moves 17/04 Dauntless ( @shepperd ) - You put in your move about an hour after I did the previous event - I will use your already posted move and game panel plot for this event. You push south, heading for a group of buildings that hopefully haven't been looted clean. Still cursing yourself about them previous buildings you scout the area and notice 3 seemingly unlocked buildings and one with a padlock and chain holding the front door shut, there is the occasional gunshot in the distance, you need to get a move on. As you go to the front door of the first building and pull on the door you instantly realize it is locked too! Just from the inside, you shake your head as you move to the next building and pull the door, it swings open and causes you to stumble backwards due to the force your put behind your pull, luckily you don't fall over. Entering you scour the room and notice you are in a lobby area for a small office building, you don't hold much hope for finding anything but you decide to search anyway. Opening every draw and every filing cabinet takes time and yields no rewards apart from some scrap papers and folders, which are of no use to you. Angrily you head to building 3 and mutter to yourself "If this is locked I swear to god.". You pull on the handle and.. It's locked. "MotherF-" you shout as you kick the glass on the door, you put your leg straight through the bottom pane and as you pull it out you catch it on a sharp corner, causing a neat tear in your trousers and a line of blood to appear on your leg. (-6HP) You decide to take advantage of this and reach in to unlatch the door from the inside, this allows you to pull the door open and slowly walk inside, leaving a few patches of blood on the floor. You begin to loot the building and notice it's a restaurant of sorts, maybe you will find food! You excitedly head straight to the back, the kitchen area and search all of the fridges and cupboards for something, you successfully bag yourself 3 cans of beans, apart from that there is just some pans and some old meat laying around, definitely not edible. Heading out of the building and feeling a little happier you check on the last building, you will need to jump up the storage container and through the window. Looking down at your leg, you decide to avoid any further injury and move on. Acquired: Food (x3) Endeavor ( @Raisin ) - You just look around, a bit disheartened and beginning to feel the effects of being on your feet all day with a bullet hole in you. Your frustration amounts to you kicking a door, and the door practically laughing back at you, while Kiril looks on in confusion, he quickly stops you from causing even more noise or damage and ushers you towards an open window. You slip inside and watch in fascination as he explains his little trick to you. You both settle down and begin to rest.. but the snoring, the goddamn snoring drives you nearly to the point of killing him in his sleep, until your exhaustion eventually forces you to sleep... A "peaceful" rest. You awake, noting that nothing has really changed, but your wound is aching now, badly. ( @Pokus ) - You are trying to find a building to rest, your leg beginning to hurt with every step. The smells make you feel a little queasy as you check another building but the door doesn't budge, causing James to freak out and unleash his frustrations on a door, you very quickly calm him down before someone hears his outburst. You notice an open basement window and quickly usher him inside, hopefully if anyone heard his outburst they won't notice the window and get you in your sleep, but just incase you setup a clever little trap which seems to mesmerize James. You slump into the sofa to sleep, sweet, sweet sleep.. You wake up well rested, albeit your leg still hurting, ready to move again! FireControl ( @Sir_Foter ) - You are very pleased with yourself, managing to get back to Boris and get that picture back to him in one piece, you know he appreciates it and very quickly pays back the favor by helping you out of the camp, as you creep through the tunnel you see what appears to be old casings and a few bits of blood, clearly something went down here in the past, so you pick up your pace and get the hell out of there, heading back towards the buildings you were at before. Through the forest, there is very little resistance and noise, you notice a small rabbit hopping around in front of you but decide to let it live, you don't really need to kill it for anything right now, you can see a few fires in the forest around you and smoke rising from the inner city, god knows what lies in wait there. You pick up your pace and reach the buildings, you hide in a small cut in that leads to someones backyard and decide what to do next. Loner ( @REpowerplay ) - You move with purpose towards the buildings, still angered at the fact the wild dog spooked you off, no chance you were taking on a dog with a knife. God knows what disease you would get. You cross the road quickly and you push the door open, slowly, glad it opened and wasn't locked. As soon as you enter you make sure to shut the door behind you as you begin your search, it seems to be a small home consisting of a few rooms. You head left and into the living room area and as you walk inside you see what can only be described as a crime scene. There are two bodies, one laying along the floor and propped against the center coffee table while the other corpse lays on the sofa, there are a number of bullet holes in the walls and the smell of blood fills the room. You go to loot the body on the sofa but as you touch them you recoil back. It's warm. You get a surge of adrenaline as you immediately pull your bayonet out, listening for any movement... RESOLVE IN PM --- Escapers, please remember that in order to move in the Text RPG you must plot a move on the Game Panel* before every event and post in the game forum thread, RP'ing out your moves. If you do not do this, I cannot advance you in the RPG and you will not move. If you do not move for a period of time, your group will be removed from the RPG to make space for new players. Note: I have cleared out inactive groups. *To set a move, you must go to "manage group" then click on the map (this will set your destination, please be aware you can only move a short distance per move) and then set a move (IE. Move to destination) put a little bit of info in the "plans" bit and then click save. - You must do this for every event. List of players who were not moved: @Allan92 (The Rooks) @Tokias (Laughing Coffin) @keninger (Ao2) @Wooker @Bduderocks (SreamyBois) @femmedef (Runners Point) @ejet (The Tourists) @1_Chief_1 (A) @StayEnforced (Enforced) - Note: Please follow the example post in the game thread. @misajurik (VenomickGaming) If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to PM me. Next Move - Friday 20th April
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    Moves 13/04 FireControl ( @Sir_Foter ) - You quickly pick up the pace as you push into the forest, you want to get back before nightfall, you could hear the occasional crack of a twig or rustle in the leaves as you practically ran back towards the hideout. Due to your light weight and speed you manage to cover more ground than you expected to and you manage to reach the hideout in record time with not much more than a bit of mud on you. You walk into the camp and look for Boris. Laughing Coffin ( @Tokias ) - You take a moment to ponder your next path and you decide to go deeper into the city, unsure of the horrors it holds, but you think to yourself "Deeper I go, more stuff there will be!" and head south, towards the gunshots and fires. As you hit the area you planned to loot you notice a single story bungalow looking house which seems a nice place to start, pushing the door open you see a few bullet holes in the walls and dried blood, you quickly move into the first room and find a box of ammo in the corner, opening it reveals a pile of loose bullets, you quickly shove them in your pockets and move on to the other rooms. Checking the other room you see where them bullets came from, there are two bodies laying in the middle of the room riddled with bullets and blood pools around them, you decide to leave them alone as you head towards the dining room.. Opening this door reveals a backpack on the table with a single can of Pudding inside, "This seems suspicious" you think to yourself as you put it in your backpack, checking the rest of the rooms. Finding nothing you head out of the front door, ready to move forward. Acquired: 7.62x25 (x24), Food (x1). Loner ( @REpowerplay ) - You leave the area very happy with your findings, as you head east you begin to become a little more stealthy, checking areas before advancing and creeping forward, wary of making any noise. As you reach the edge of the building area you head towards a house that backs onto the forest. Suddenly you hear a growl from the other side of the road and you see a wild dog, obviously not happy to see you starting to run directly at you, teeth ready to take a chunk of your face off. You run towards the forest and jump two fences, crossing the backyard of the building you were about to search and run into the forest behind it. You stop in a small creek and catch your breath, check your map and decide your course. Endeavor ( @Raisin ) - As you both head deeper into the city, you start to think to yourself if this was a mistake, you appear to be reaching more dangerous areas with more activity as you can hear more gunshots and death around you. Suddenly as Kiril grabs you and points out the noise, you focus in on it and follow Kiril, even though he is wounded, towards the noise. You both reach the end of the alleyway and as you peek round the corner you notice that the noise is merely a crashed Sedan, the engine still running. The car has crashed into the wall of a office complex and is definitely not driveable, you curse under your breath and you both begin to move around the area, Kiril appears to be tiring out from all the walking on a bad leg and your wound is still hurting you occasionally, maybe you should find a safe place to rest. ( @Pokus ) - The noise, you can't get it out of your head. Wait, it's not the ringing anymore, it's a buzzing, no? An engine! You quickly grab James' shoulder and alert him of the noise, you take the lead and slowly head towards the noise, you take your pistol out, just in case as you reach the end of the alleyway, the darkness making it harder and harder to see the area but you can see some lights coming from what appears to be inside a building but quickly realize it is a crashed Sedan embedded in a wall, but the engine is still running. This was recent. You point towards it as you and James' begin to move around the area, your leg beginning to way you down. --- Escapers, please remember that in order to move in the Text RPG you must plot a move on the Game Panel* before every event and post in the game forum thread, RP'ing out your moves. If you do not do this, I cannot advance you in the RPG and you will not move. If you do not move for a period of time, your group will be removed from the RPG to make space for new players. Note: I have cleared out inactive groups. *To set a move, you must go to "manage group" then click on the map (this will set your destination, please be aware you can only move a short distance per move) and then set a move (IE. Move to destination) put a little bit of info in the "plans" bit and then click save. - You must do this for every event. /Will Update with non-moved players SoonTM. If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to PM me. (Sorry for the short moves, a little bit of a busy day but didn't want to let you guys down!) Next Move - Tuesday 17th April
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    Moves 10/04 FireControl ( @Sir_Foter ) - As you go to leave the building you stop for a moment and look out towards the west, the direction the hideout is, and decide to head south in case you were followed or another group spots you going back towards the forest. You exit through the backdoor and jump the fence into a small, dirty alleyway, bags of rubbish litter the alleyway and you even spot the occasional rat running around. Deciding to not hang about, you push south and reach another area of buildings and cut through some backyards to begin heading towards the forest, however as you turn to cross the main road, you hear some footsteps and some chatter in Russian. You dart behind a bag of rubbish and wait for them to pass, you spot at least 3 men as they walk past, down the main road. You quickly begin heading towards the forest, ready to deliver Boris' picture. Loner ( @REpowerplay ) - You continue to gently rub your wound as with every step it causes a slight pain in your shoulder, running into that door was not the best idea you've ever had. Regardless you force yourself to keep going and find another building of interest, you swear you hear noises coming from the west but you zone them out and decide to search this house. Gently pushing the door open reveals a nicer interior than the last one, you instantly head into the first room on your right and see the room in chaos, the chairs are upturned, the center coffee table is missing a leg and is slumped on the floor, you have a quick search of the room and find nothing. Continuing through the house, you check through a small personal office room and find nothing but a PC and a stack of folders. Heading to the kitchen you immediately spot a bayonet laying on the work top next to the fridge, you are unsure of why someone would leave it there, but the rest of the kitchen is picked clean. Going upstairs you check the main bedroom and find nothing but some clothes in the wardrobe and an under bed chest that has a rusted old pistol which seems beyond repair, you decide to leave it in there and turn to leave before you remember to check the bedside table. Opening the door reveals a small pouch sitting alone in the draw, carefully pulling the drawstring to open it reveals a single grenade with the pin still in it. You carefully put it in the front pocket of your backpack before leaving the room and continuing to search the remaining rooms, unfortunately you turn up nothing useful. Happy you didn't wound yourself this time, you head to the front door, ready to head out again. Acquired: Bayonet, M67 Pearl. Laughing Coffin ( @Tokias ) - You can do nothing but laugh at yourself for losing your cool back in the house, especially punching that wardrobe. Looking down at the kit you just nod to yourself and start hauling ass deeper into the city, you very quickly decide to take the more "scenic" route through the city, avoiding the main roads and people. Hitting another area that seems to be a bit more industrial, you head to one of the only houses on this district and slowly enter, searching the room with your eyes for any traps, afterwards you spend a good few minutes setting up your trap in case anyone decides to come in behind you. You begin searching the bottom floor and upon checking the living quarters you stumble upon a pile of magazines, going through them reveals nothing of importance apart from a few scraps of paper. You begrudgingly head towards the kitchen to see if you can at least find a can of food. You search every nook and cranny of the kitchen and manage to find 2 cans of Tushonka sat at the back of the top cupboard, clearly someone who looted this place was too short and couldn't see the cans. You sigh and head back to your trap, stepping over it you head outside, ready to continue your journey. Acquired: Food x2 Dauntless ( @shepperd ) - You wake up from your rough slumber in your car and as you try to start the car, it splutters but refuses to start, upon inspecting it you release you accidentally left the lights on in the car and the battery has gone flat, there is no way you are getting this thing to start again in the forest and you decide to ditch the car and go on foot, heading east. Hitting a small building area you can hear the faint chatter and movement of other people, unsure of their intentions you decide to lay low and only scavenge when they are cleared of the area, you decide on a group of three buildings to search, as the men appear to be walking away from them. Upon walking into the first building it becomes immediately clear that they have just looted this buildings, as there are fresh holes in doors, damage to the furniture and even overturned sofas where they have ransacked the place, you shake your head to yourself and head to check buildings 2 and 3.. Building 2 is the same story, but you decide to have a quick look in case they missed anything. Every room you go in, it's been turned upside down with no corner left untouched. You get a little irate and move towards building 3, hopefully there is something. You curse under your breath as soon as you step inside, it's looted. You turn around and walk out of the front door as fast as you went in, this place has been picked clean and you realize you need to head deeper in the city to find less looted areas. Endeavor ( @Raisin ) - A little shocked from finding Kiril trapped under some beam, using all your strength to pull up the beam you nearly cause your wound to re-open but luckily he wiggles free before you cause yourself an injury. You have a quick scan of the room and think you see something of interest, but you quickly realize it's just the sun hitting an old watch at a weird angle and creating what appeared to be a shiny item on the desk in front of you. Shaking your head you meet Kiril downstairs and have a small chat, agreeing on moving towards the end of the alley, however his injury causes you to move at a slower speed, so you are not able to cover as much as ground as you usually would. ( @Pokus ) - "Goddamn beam." Is all you think to yourself as you hobble down the staircase and out of the back door, coughing hard enough you think you are going to see your lungs, turning around you can hear James coming down the stairs, a little bit behind but well. You take a few moments to discuss the plans and make sure you are okay to move. You nod and you both begin your journey deeper into Tarkov, but the injury forces you to take a slower pace than you would like. Hopefully you don't run into any trouble... --- Escapers, please remember that in order to move in the Text RPG you must plot a move on the Game Panel* before every event and post in the game forum thread, RP'ing out your moves. If you do not do this, I cannot advance you in the RPG and you will not move. If you do not move for a period of time, your group will be removed from the RPG to make space for new players. Note: I have cleared out inactive groups. *To set a move, you must go to "manage group" then click on the map (this will set your destination, please be aware you can only move a short distance per move) and then set a move (IE. Move to destination) put a little bit of info in the "plans" bit and then click save. - You must do this for every event. List of players who were not moved: @CupHead (Task Force 1) @bobsters (The Keepers) @Allan92 (The Rooks) @mrpixel44 (USEC) @colocaust (Colocaust) @Madaar (Pillagers) @Jasonleehoyer (Foxtrot) @Bloxkilla (Lemoms) @StayEnforced (Enforced) @Weby64 (F1 Frag Nation) @ogill117 (Crimson Raiders) @BlueMinotaur (Scouts) @Xianto61 (OPS) @undercutian (Juice) @poppig123 (plsnokill) @Leepak (Pathfinder) If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to PM me. Next Move - Friday 13th April
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    PLZ WIPE!!

    The patch will come when it is ready, please be patient. The team are hard at work making sure it is ready for you guys #Locked
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    EFT Dev Blog (sound)

    Thank you for this BSG Awesome to see how things are done behind the scenes.
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    Moves 06/04 Loner ( @REpowerplay ) - You move with the wind and head east towards a nearby road that you had marked on your map, you cover the ground quickly but were very careful not to leave a trail behind you in the forest, you don't want to be followed. You rub the knife in your holster and wonder to yourself if it will be enough to fend off any attackers but you digress and push forward, maybe you will find yourself a firearm. Reaching the clearing in the forest you come across a small group of buildings, they resemble homes but look worse for wear. Putting your hand down towards your sheath you move through a blasted out doorway into the nearest building. As you enter you realize that this building was clearly a small home for someone, but it has seen the war badly, parts of the roof have collapsed and is blocking the doorways, you are forced to head upstairs to check for any remaining loot. The first room you come across appears to be a bathroom, the door stuck slightly open by a beam that has fallen from the ceiling. Squeezing your way into the room you check the cupboard under the sink and smile as you pull out a green box with a plus on it, opening it reveals a tidy stash of medical items. You quickly seal up the box and put it in your backpack, it will undoubtedly come in handy later. You squeeze yourself out of the bathroom and head towards the only other door upstairs, you push it but it does not budge, you suspect something is blocking it on the other side but you aren't going to let that stop you. You take a few steps back and run at the door.. You hit it with an almighty "thud" and feel something move. You are suddenly hit with pain in your left shoulder, you quickly pull your top up and can see it is already starting to bruise, a big black circle appearing which makes moving your arm painful. (-7HP) "For gods sake." you mutter to yourself, maybe that medical kit will be more useful than you thought, you take a deep breath before moving down and out of the building, preparing to carefully move on. Acquired: Ambulance Box, Injury. FireControl ( @Sir_Foter ) - You finish talking with Boris at the hideout and decide to head out into the dangerous city of Tarkov, luckily Boris lived near the hideout, but you will still need to trek through the thick forest and god knows what awaits you in there. You grab your food and head out, it shouldn't be too long of a trip so you decide to go unarmed. As you begin walking through the forest you hear gunshots, explosions and you can see smoke rising from the deeper city. You being to regret your decision to not bring a weapon with you, but you push forward as your friend is counting on you. You get through the forest without so much as a squirrel running around and break through the treeline onto a road that leads to the house, you carefully push your way down the road and reach a fence you have to cross to reach the house. Jumping over the fence you suddenly hear some laughing and you drop to the floor, looking to your right you see a group of men of which you can count 3 standing around a barrel having a smoke and a chat, you notice pistols hanging from all of their belts. You definitely should have brought a gun. They don't seem to have noticed you and move off fairly quickly, heading East further into the city. You move up to Boris' house and slowly push the front door open, how nice of Boris to leave his house unlocked for you. As you step into the house you decide to have a little look around, maybe he left something behind you can use. You head straight to the kitchen to see if there is any spare food laying around, as you can never have enough of that! The cupboards appear to be empty but you open the refrigerator to see 2 small containers on the top shelf, inspecting them reveals them to be 2 ready meals, both seem to be some sort of pasta dish, moving out of the kitchen and into the rest of the house you decide to check every room before moving onto the bedroom, where the picture is. You find a small Bars Knife embedded in the wall behind the TV in the lounge and decide to quickly take it, at least you can defend yourself now. The rest of the house appears to be picked clean, which you expected with it being on the edge of the city. You quickly grab the picture from the bedroom and exit the building. Acquired: 2 Small Diet, Bar's Knife. Task Force 1 ( @CupHead ) - You pick up your pace and reach the outskirts of the city in record time, one of the smaller sections just off to the west of the main city and start searching through the first building you come across, but you don't hold too much hope out for finding anything worthwhile as you are still on the edge of the city. Moving into the building you notice immediately it used to be some sort of office complex as you walk into a reception area with a thick wooden desk and a broken sign above, you can't quite read what it says. You begin to search the front desk but come up with nothing apart from old papers and a broken pen. You move into the main office area and dig through every draw and filing cabinet you can, not really caring about the noise you make. Inside one of the draws you pull out a knife, you are unsure what type it is, but it's a knife! You quickly put it in your backpack and continue searching. You find absolutely nothing in any other desk, just the odd chocolate wrapper and a mountain of paper, which is worthless now. You reach the managers room and push on the door with frustration, not noticing the metal handle has been damaged and is slightly sharp, it creates a cut going straight through your palm and you wince back in pain. (-5HP). You decide to open the door with your foot and you manage to get it open, walking in with your wounded hand held under your armpit to try to stop the bleeding you check the managers office and notice a small safe in the back left corner, behind their desk. It is locked. You search the desk for the key and come up with nothing, out of frustration you hit the desk with your good hand and you hear something fall to the floor underneath the desk. Looking down you notice a key! It was taped to the underside of the goddamn desk! You excitedly open the safe to reveal a Grach Pistol and a few spare rounds. Your prayers have been answered and you can actually defend yourself in a sticky situation now. A knife and a gun, you are pretty happy with what you found and decide to leave the building, only if you had a bandage to stop this bleeding.. Acquired: Bayonet, Grach Pistol, 11 9X19 rounds, Injury. Laughing Coffin ( @Tokias ) - You set your watch alarm nice and early and head out at the crack of dawn, pushing your way through the trees to reach the city as fast as you can, luckily you don't seem to encounter any resistance through the forest and you hit the city in no time, you look for the best building to loot while thinking to yourself about how disgraceful it is that you have stooped this low.. You decide to check out a large house which looks long abandoned. Gently opening the door reveals a long hallway and a number of rooms, you are pretty happy with your choice of building but you just hope it has something left in it. You head straight into the first room on your right and begin to search the lounge but come up with nothing except some newspaper scraps. You go through the entire lower floor and begin to get frustrated as there is nothing of use, just the old cigarette, some rotten fruit and a pile of newspapers. Quite annoyed you decide to check upstairs and head straight to the master bedroom. You manage to find a large container underneath the bed and when you pull it out it reveals a faded "+" on the front of it. Unlatching it reveals a slightly smaller medical kit inside which you quickly throw into your backpack. At least you found something. Checking the rest of the rooms, you manage to come out with nothing more and decide to take your anger out on a nearby wardrobe, you punch the door but it does nothing but hurts your hand, you end up with a few cuts and bruising on your left hand knuckle. (-3HP). You can't help but let out a huge sigh of frustration as you make your way downstairs and out of the building, maybe if you went deeper into the city you would find more than just a medical box. Acquired: Large Ambulance Box, Injury. The Rooks ( @Allan92 ) - You decide to venture slowly, not wanting to exhaust yourself and you head to a hunting camp that is just outside of the hideout, unfortunately that means it is most likely picked clean, but you decide to stop and search it regardless. As you open the door you are met with a horrible smell, it smells as if someone has died in the shack, but you press on and check for anything useful. Opening up the cabinets make a fair bit of noise and give no reward, as there are just some old scraps of paper, some paper clips and a stash of pencils, none are useful to you. Continuing to check around the building you see what looks like a pile of clothes in the corner, you head over to them and quickly realize that they are not just clothes.. It's a body.. A horrible, bloody and mangled body which seems to still have a backpack on. You wrap your hand in some of the paper and hold your breath as you roll the corpse out of the corner, revealing a number of bullet holes coming out of his back, clearly this place isn't as welcoming as you would wish, searching his backpack turns up nothing but 3 cans of fruit. You have no idea why no one would take these, but you happily pocket them. Not wanting to touch the body you decide to leave his pockets be and search the rest of the shack, focusing on the crate in the back. Opening it gives you a heart attack as a massive spider comes running out of the crate, going right under your feet and towards the body. The crate is empty. A little shook from what you have seen nearly as soon as you leave the hideout, you grip your pistol in your holster a little tightly and walk out of the shack... Acquired: 3 Food. Endeavor ( @Pokus ) - After that little encounter you feel a bit more confident having James with you as you head deeper into the city, you both quickly come across an alleyway with doors on each side and agree to split up to search them. You head to the first door on your right and give it a tug and it surprisingly opens! You step inside and see it is a convenience store, hopefully there are some cans left laying around for you. You begin scouring the shelves for something, anything of use! But it appears to be completely empty. Heading upstairs into the management section you go to push the door open but it seems to be jammed, you decide to push it down and you put your back into it as the door gives way. You should not have done that. As the door gives and you tumble inside of the room, you lose your footing on something wet and end up flat on your back, your legs facing the doorway. As soon as you hit the floor a small roofing beam that seems to have been damaged and been barely balancing on the door frame decides now is the perfect time to fall, right on top of you. Luckily there are no sharp objects sticking out of the part that lands on you, and it wasn't too much of a drop so it doesn't kill you instantly, but your left leg is trapped underneath the beam and the pain begins to set in. You can still feel your leg, but god does it hurt. (-35HP). You can see an open window in the corner of the room that faces the alleyway and you shout as loud as you can to get James' attention. Hopefully he hears you. After a few seconds you hear some footsteps and someone coming up the stairs. You hear Jame's familiar voice "What the hell happened!". ( @Raisin ) - As you both recover from the previous fight, you are occasionally reminded of your stomach wound as it sends sharp spikes of pain through your body when you jolt it, but you are pretty happy with the fact Kiril trusts you now, or at least sort of does. As you reach the alleyway you offer to take the left hand side buildings, hopefully you'll find more meds. You push open the first door you get to and it just glides open, this is strange, what business leaves their back door unlocked? Regardless, you begin to search what appears to be a small office complex, not much chance of meds in here, but you start to search anyway. All you manage to find is office supplies! Pens, pencils, paper, printer ink! No one needs this crap now, as you turn to leave the building you hear a crash across the street and suddenly Kirils voice crying out. You run out of the building as fast as you can and up the stairs, all you can see is Kiril's feet sticking out from under a beam. --- Escapers, please remember that in order to move in the Text RPG you must plot a move on the Game Panel* before every event and post in the game forum thread, RP'ing out your moves. If you do not do this, I cannot advance you in the RPG and you will not move. If you do not move for a period of time, your group will be removed from the RPG to make space for new players. Note: I have cleared out inactive groups. *To set a move, you must go to "manage group" then click on the map (this will set your destination, please be aware you can only move a short distance per move) and then set a move (IE. Move to destination) put a little bit of info in the "plans" bit and then click save. - You must do this for every event. List of players who were not moved: @bobsters (The Keepers) @Orion139 (Raid69) @shepperd (Dauntless) @dandroid87 (Sack Tap) @Aliem (Action) @mrpixel44 (USEC) @spoxxje (FST SPX) @The Scavenger (Potatoes) @slabadab38 (The Slabs) @SlaveToTheGames (Looters) @colocaust (Colocaust) If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to PM me. Next Move - Tuesday 10th April
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    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    Giving an estimate is very risky, and I personally wouldn't give any ETA's for any patches. At no point was 0.8 advertised before, interchange was mentioned as being in development but that was it with a few screenshots of the map. There have been a number of patches between December and now, with this being a big patch. They are preliminary patch notes and have been out just about a week now, prelim notes have been up longer before (IIRC).
  13. Lewisuk

    The Traders Greed event is over

    There's no ETA on the patch, the team are hard at work getting it ready though! (Sorry I'm not Nik )