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  1. Escape from Tarkov book

    Can't wait to read it
  2. This game is BROKEN!

    Thank you for the feedback, the team are working on eliminating the bugs as we progress through the development cycle, please remember you are testing the game and if you experience bugs to submit then as a bug report with logs and screenshots/videos. #Locked
  3. Will the trader's quests be reset on wipe?

    As others have said, it is a complete wipe of everything, it will be as if you have just started the game up for the first time again #Locked
  4. Cheaters ban

    Thank you for releasing this information! Hopefully this helps to alleviate some of the concerns people had about the AC not actually being enabled or working
  5. Game

    Group name: Highrise Corp. Action: Move West. Description: Quite happy with what I found in the building, I decide to leave the area and start moving to the shop next door to setup camp. As I head to the door to exit and meet the group at the designated camp area, I hear at least a dozen gunshots and shouting. "For godsake" I mutter to myself. I think everyone else has moved to the other building, but turning around to head inside and hide I notice Agnis stood at the top of the stairs, I wave for him to come down to me so we can get out of here. We quietly move back towards the rear of the building and I see what appears to be an emergency exit, I stare at the door and tilt my head to the right slightly before shaking my head and mumbling to myself "I can't read bloody Russian." The door looks alarmed, normal doors do not have big bars and a metal frame. "Do not open it." I say to Agnis, I turn around and move behind a thick office desk, watching the entrance, as I move behind the desk I notice there are some large office windows that I could smash and escape through to the side of the building, this will be a last resort though. After a few seconds there is a hail of gunfire and a shout in Russian, I move closer to the doorway and look out of a large boarded up window next to the entrance, I try to get a look at what is occurring outside and hoping that they don't come here, from the sounds of it, We don't want to get involved right now, but staying here like ducks will get us killed. I wave for Agnis to move up closer to me, so we are together should something happen. Peaking through the gaps in the boards, I can see there are 3 very burly Russian men in a 3 way cross road outside, trapped behind some burnt out cars and sandbags and are under fire from two separate directions, I'm not totally sure how many hostiles they are facing, but it has to be at least 6 judging by the amount of gunfire. I watch as the 3 man team seem to be closed in on from both directions, suddenly one of the men shout out and I look to see him falling to the ground, clearly he got shot. The bigger Russian, who I suspect is the leader, takes something off his belt and hurls it down range at a group of advancing men, the explosion appears to take out at least 2 attackers. I notice the Leader point towards me, or at least the building I am sat in, I take the split second decision to show ourselves as friendly to the group of three, something about them makes me think they are the friendlier of the two groups outside. I curse under my breath and look back at Agnis and motion at the door, while doing this I pull the pistol out of my holster with my other hand, and then cock the TT, ready to fire. "Cover me" are the next words out of my mouth, as I say it I at the front door and basically kick it open, shouting "Don't shoot!" as I do so. I step to the left side of the doorway at the top of the stairs and aim south, squeezing the trigger 3 times towards an advancing SCAV, I notice two rounds connect, one in his clavicle and another in the throat, I see his blood paint an off-white sedan a crimson red and wave the team towards the building. As they walk up the stairs, I look at them and notice a patch on the leaders arm, it reads "BEAR", these guys are with one of the PMC teams that were briefly mentioned by my government official, hopefully they don't put a round in my head. As I turn to enter the building behind the BEAR's I see a SCAV hunched down on a wall, aiming at me. "Son of a-" is all I manage to get out before I see a flash and suddenly a sharp pain in my left side, I fall into the doorway and hobble inside, falling against an office table facing the front door and the nearby windows. The BEAR leader looks at me and says something in Russian, I just shake my head and pull my medical kit out of my backpack, looking down at my wound I notice a pool starting to form next to me on the floor, it's like a goddamn fountain from my ribs, I gingerly reach behind to check if I am bleeding from my back, but I'm not, it wasn't a clean shot and the bullet is rattling around inside my rib cage somewhere. "Just great." I mutter to myself as I pull out my bandage and hand it to Agnis, I need to stop this bleeding. As Agnis bandages me, I notice two cartridges sat in the medical kit that I forgot about, I make a mental note to remember to use one after this fight. I look up at the Russian and say "English?" but I get no response, he is too busy at the window firing at the attacking SCAV's. I wince and my vision goes blurry as Agnis applies pressure to my wound. Agnis manages to at least slow down my bleeding enough that I feel like I can sit at a window and fire a round or two to at least act as a deterrent, I quickly shove everything back into my medical kit and slowly reload my TT. I breathe in sharply as I stand up, unable to stand up straight and holding my left side with my left hand as I hobble to a nearby window and slump against the wall, resting my pistol on the window sill so I have at least a chance to hit something. I look around for the idiot who shot me but my vision goes blurry again.. I want to make that asshole pay. I see the SCAV sat in the exact same spot as he was when he shot me, I aim the best I can and go to fire when I hear the crack of an SKS next to me and see the SCAV's face disappear into a cloud of gore. I look up at the BEAR and just quietly grumble to myself, I don't really want to anger someone like him, especially being in the state I am right now. I notice the last two SCAV's running for the lives, "Cowards!" I call out, briefly forgetting I have been shot and it makes me cough with pain, a swift reminder that I do indeed have a hole in my chest. I take aim at a SCAV that appears to have armor on and I squeeze my trigger 3 times, hoping to at least get a shot on him... Haha! I hit him! I see him flinch as one of my rounds hit his back, unfortunately that armor saves him from a lethal shot and he continues running, I hear a gunshot from the left and see him flinch again, clearly Jules or Oranje just shot the asshole as well, but he remains up and running for his life. I turn around and slide down the wall, now sat under the window using the wall to support me. I look at the leader BEAR as he has a heated conversation in Russian and I grip my pistol a little tighter, ready to fire off at least one round before my demise if they decide we are not worth keeping alive. They finish their conversation and I just say "English?" while I get the medical kit out again, grab a couple painkillers from a container inside and begin to load the cartridge into the injector. Oranje suddenly walks into the building and throws a gun at me, I catch it but the sudden movement made me drop my injector and caused me to pull my injury, I look up at Oranje and just say "Thanks" through gritted teeth as I put the KEDR on the floor next to me and while I'm picking up the injector, the BEAR leader looks me dead in the eyes and says "Who are you?". Slightly intimidated, I inject myself with the multi-cartridge and zip up the medkit, putting it back in my bag, I pull myself up using the window frame and put my hand out to shake the BEAR's hand, as a sign of mutual respect, as I do I explain "My name's Lewis, that's Oranje, Agnis and then Jules is outside" as I say that, I hear another shot from outside "That's him." As I shake his hand I nod my head in the direction of each person as I say their name. "We are just a group of men, trying to survive and all here for our own reasons. We mean no harm." The injury is making it difficult to talk in fuller sentences and I hope that they understand. Looking down at my wound I notice my once bright white bandage is now a dark red, soaked with blood, I put my hand on my wound and hold it tightly, looking at the BEAR's and waiting for their reply. The BEAR pauses, then looks around to his comrades and says a few words, they nod in agreement to him and he turns back to me, seeming to spend a moment thinking about what to say, or how to say it. "This area dangerous, take your friends and go. South means death. You understand?" as he says that, the non-wounded BEAR goes to begin treating the BEAR who got shot. I look at the BEAR leader, look around the group and say "Understood, Thank you." I very carefully lean down to pick up the KEDR that is at my feet and I sling it over my right shoulder. I head for the door and Oranje engages in a little bit of conversation with the BEAR's, asking them why South is so dangerous. I reach the door and hear him say "South Scav Base. -- Do Not Go." I turn around and give a nod towards him for the help and hobble down the four steps to the street outside. It looks nothing like it did when we first arrived, there is gore lining the paths and bullet casings all over, this is exactly why I was paid triple for this job, Tarkov isn't just a warzone, it's a hell hole. I begin to search the pockets of the attackers, checking the asshole who shot me first, I find some bits and pieces, including some medicine, he didn't have much. I turn around and go to check the SCAV who I painted with lead and notice his chest is still moving slightly, I take out my hatchet and gently crouch down next to him and say "Better you than me." as I plunge the hatchet into his skull, it makes a sickening crack as it ends his life and his chest ceases to move. I take his gun and check his pockets, by the time I'm done the others are ready to leave with me and have cleared the area of loot. Jules says "I have the BEAR's radio channel, they didn't seem to enthusiastic about exchanging channels though." We spend a moment swapping loot and giving each other a fair share and then decide to heed the BEAR's warnings and to avoid the south region. Our rag-tag band of 4 head off west, I take one look back at the mess behind us and just thank my lucky stars I am still alive...
  6. Q&A about 2018 development plans

    Awesome Can't wait to see these things ingame!
  7. I got proof someone is cheating

    Yup. We don't accept cheater reports right now, the anti-cheat will ban them. #Locked
  8. I know a fair few people had been asking about having something like this. Awesome to hear the plans for the sound system and some of the background work that goes into it
  9. about the EOD edition

    The Crown and yellow name is from the EoD reward "Unique ID" and cannot be turned off. I'm not sure if there will be an option in the future, as I have yet to see another user question about having the crown, but as it stands right now, it is a permanent reward for purchasing EoD.
  10. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    DayZ died because the developers didn't really care. BSG Have a lot of passion for this project.
  11. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    The game has always been meant to be a hardcore niche. It won't play anything like it does right now on release.
  12. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Awesome! Thank you for getting this information out there BSG!
  13. Patch

    Attention: The continuous launcher repair issue is fixed.
  14. Patch

    Please wait, the team are working on a fix for the repair loop.