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  1. ITrollRussians

    fix the sound

    When are the devs going to fix the sounds ? This is a hardcore game and you should hear precissis where steps and gunsounds are comming from. Every other game I play i can perfectly spot enemies over the sound. But this game has rly one of the worst soundindicators i have ever experienced. I played with a lot of ppl and they all had the same problems. You cant hear a difference between sounds above below or on your same lvl. Its rly poor for a game like this, getting confused from sounds. It also seems like some ppl do not make any sound when they run arround.
  2. ITrollRussians


    Man kann auch nicht wirklich unterscheiden auf welcher Ebene die Sounds herkommen. Keine Ahnung ob oben unten oder auf der selben Ebene. Dieses Spiel hat echt für einen Hardcoreshooter erbärmlichen Sound.
  3. ITrollRussians

    kleine gruppe (noob friendly) sucht teamorientierte mitstreiter

    Ich bin auch auf der Suche nach ein paar Mitstreiten. Würde mich über eine pm freuen.
  4. ITrollRussians

    How bad is cheating in this game?

    This game still has serious cheater problems. Since you cant report cheaters and this game has one of the worst anti cheat. Ppl can use free anti cheat software like in warz. Could be easily solved with a death cam like pubg. But since battlestate is not open for any kind of criticism nothing will change. + this game has a horrible hitdetection and major desync problems netcode problems watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tfwdnY5cDg&t=450s I got alot of strange deaths in the last days and you cant even report those cheaters. There is nothing worse than a hardcore pvp game with cheater problems