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  1. coners

    New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Is this maybe the first step for the backpacks and chest rigs able to be packed? This is awesome
  2. coners

    The Oceania server started!

    I think there still should be a indicator ingame that shows to what server location you connect. Maybe in the raid lobby screen. So that you see for example if you teamup with somebody from a different location what to expect. Maybe even show a fast average ping to a gameserver of that location.
  3. coners

    Scavs Gameplay video

    Oh i want the same Nothing ist better than just smooth gameplay. Im just saying that a video can show you everything. Anyway, you dont agree with me but that is okay ^^
  4. coners

    Scavs Gameplay video

    That is not a fact. That is a opinion on a compress youtube video file with footage of game that looks smooth. It has nothing to do what the performance looks like on our end. Its possible that the performance is good because they have a local server just for them in a LAN environment or something else. To conclude from a video and say something is a fact is not very good. A litte gaming history proves that really nice. To the FPS. Maybe i wrote it not very good. To explain what i mean. I know how the movement works in EfT. I know some delay or unresponsiveness is intentional by design. That was not what im trying to say. But it does not matter for this discussion anyway ^^
  5. coners

    Scavs Gameplay video

    It does not run better on there end. I think i does even run worse on there end because of the dev build that is not optimized and does more logging etc The reason is that on video 30 FPS look way better. Its the same on streams. On Video you dont have the feeling between your input and the picture on the screen. Its not that you dont see the FPS that you have more. But more imported is the input lag that you feel. That is the main reason why 80-100+ FPS feels so good.
  6. coners

    Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Excellent Question! I would like to know that too :3
  7. Yeha i know. But i cant find Battlestate Games or EfT on the schedules. So i don't know wich day from the 6 to choose from
  8. Is there a exact date for that GDC show? Can we expect the a video from you guys after you have shown it?