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  1. Taxes on gear?

    logically this makes no sense as we are in a war torn city. game play wise also makes no sense because we need to keep a back up of gear in case we loose what we have currently out in the field which will happen a lot.
  2. Fighting Pits / Illegal 'Arena' Battles

    from the FAQ "We would like to know more about the Arena game mode. You said it will be like gladiator fights. Just how similar it will be to the gladiator fights? There will be various arena modes, but the main arena fight will allow you to pick any equipment, with previously taking a look at your enemy (if there is a possibility). For the most part, it will be 1 vs 1 fights to death on a closed arena. 2 entered, 1 left." so arena will be in the game. but as for the betting that could be a cool idea
  3. voted EFT and i have never heard of bless online nor dark and light until today.