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  1. No steps forward, one step back?

    Im must be lucky i haven't had these issues - what region are you playing on?
  2. Wow, this is bad...

    Shoreline has been my cash cow! to much loot too much money
  3. Servers

    from facebook - We were able to perform a quality and quantity assessment of the required server base expansion in different regions. New servers are already being ordered to ensure the minimum matching wait time; - Detected a number of bugs and mistakes that could only occur during such mass testing. The nearest patch will be concerned primarily with rectifying them and improving performance; New servers are being prepared!
  4. Punishment

    Don't join random groups
  5. What this guy said
  6. Dog tags value

    I Think you should only be able to sell them in the auction - a player can buy his dog tag back from his killer. They only really hold value for the person that was killed.
  7. Do you likes the new Spawn System?

    Spawned with a group of 4 right behind me. New system is good needs a tweak though
  8. Profile reset and the holiday gift

    We took friends stuff into a raid and swapped it, he reset then we gave it back
  9. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Is reshade allowed? For the colours? I seem to remember a dev posting that it was allowed, and I haven't seen anything canceling that out.
  10. Runs on 21:9 monitors?

    Asus GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX
  11. Runs on 21:9 monitors?

    looks fine on my 3440*1440
  12. Those games you mention give you gear at the start regardless. So not a comparable "grind". We just did a hatchet run on factory- one run we have fort, m4's and a backpack full of shotguns. There are certain places to find guns, but that won't always help as it might not have ammo. Just buy a gun from the traders