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    Hatchling butchering

    For me its all about getting that sweet XP
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    Bans for using forbidden software

    EOD cheaters amaze me
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    Weapon modding

    + 1
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    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    Wait for certain members to say this is down to lag and desync
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    https://twitter.com/realTokarev - This one then
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    Thank you for your input on how the new face hitboxes make people think there is aimbot. Of course, this explains the speed hack and the bullet sponge effect with the guy wiggling at you whiles he is being shot. Of course, it can be explained as hacking as there is video proof of it but we aren't allowed to show it - I would quite happily PM the link to the video to you kind sir if you doubt my ability to see when someone is clearly hacking. It is my understanding that there hasn't been a wave recently but on the last one there where several names on the list that we had flagged as a hacker. I would like you to know that I die enough to know when its a dodgy whether that be broken game or an outside code input. I would like to think that you also would be able to tell the difference, is that so? I add I do not have an attachment to my gear and im not bothered if I lose it, although assuming that it is cheap is strange, are you implying that I don't spend money on gear? But you are right it probably was cheap as it would be looted gear from a PMC I killed or happened across. I posted this on reddit aswell but won't reply there as I used to think this community here was less toxic, how about we have a debate about it rather than trying to score points? Feel free to PM me so I can show you the video. To me it feels like the DEVs followed by there parrrots are burying there head in the sand. When they answer questions ref why put new models in rather than fix netcode ( good job on that if your reading this) the got to repsonse is there is different teams working on those areas - is the same not for AC?
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    Will we see a ban wave soon, as for me and my group are becoming disheartened with the easy hackers are playing on the servers. They are ruining the game experience at the moment. I know the company line is that there is to many issues for support to accept reports, that we cant name and shame hackers and reports arent and damming and is 100% hacking. We know the hackers by name now when we get killed. Only so much you can do to run away when the guy speed hacks to catch up, or soaks up all your bullets while friendly wiggling just to one pop you in the head after. The names of the hackers we have come across so far are and have damming evidence against. <snip> <snip> <snip> <snip> I have taken the liberty of snipping the names to save the mods a job My main concern is that the devs have taken the time to wipe people strength because of a streamer movement because it was detrimental to the gaming experience yet freely allow people to hack just to disrupt legit players gaming experience.
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    John Wick Scav

    This is legit John Wick! https://clips.twitch.tv/SuccessfulResourcefulFloof4Head
  10. pm'ed
  11. What do you guys do if one of your members is caught glitching weapons and defaming the name of TAW?