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  1. I got a class for you to take, it's very realistic and you could learn alot from it.
  2. zpwarrior

    Factory is unplayable for new players.

    10/10 exaggerating.
  3. zpwarrior

    Came across a controller app, are they allowed?

    I doubt it would be a an issue, but not sure. Not sure why you would ever want to gimp yourself like that though.
  4. zpwarrior

    Check ammo doesnt work

    Cool, have fun.
  5. zpwarrior

    FoV not working?

    Are you adjusting in game or in the menu?
  6. zpwarrior

    Check ammo doesnt work

    You didn't rebind it or anything? I rebind T to my side mouse button, so the combination is ALT+mouse button. Make sure even after resetting it all to default that there is a keybind for it.
  7. zpwarrior

    Launcher really zoomed in

    Try switching to Fullscreen
  8. zpwarrior

    NEW PATCH......

    You must have never played Dayz.
  9. zpwarrior

    Static loot locations.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a quite different looting system toward the later end of development. There are already so many different random loot locations in comparison to the alpha.
  10. zpwarrior

    Static loot locations.

    They were mining bitcoins, lmao.
  11. zpwarrior

    scav on scav?

    It's been that way since the mode came out.
  12. zpwarrior

    Static loot locations.

    Thank you for providing such a constructive thread for your first forum post. 10/10 cheeki breeki
  13. Maybe he shouldn't create the same thread that has been discussed over and over again. Utilize the search function, I know how hard it may be with "your limited time".
  14. The ONLY thing that didnt get wiped was your trader reputation. You still have to meet the other requirements for trader levels.