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  1. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    If you for some reason can't access that part of the forums, they post them on the reddit page as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/
  2. Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Dayz melee was horrendous.
  3. Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    It's not hard when it is one of the top threads. Thanks for your help too.
  4. Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    This has been discussed multiple times, stop creating the same thread. If you die to a hatchling on any type of consistent basis while armed, you need to look at what you are doing wrong.
  5. I think I saw a guy SpeedHacking...

    As stated above Naming and Shaming is prohibited.
  6. I think I saw a guy SpeedHacking...

    BSG does not accept any type of manual hacking report. They have an active anti-cheat in place.
  7. I think I saw a guy SpeedHacking...

    I don't think they would mind you showing a video of a possible hacker, as long as you remove the end with his name. It will be considered naming and shaming.
  8. I've LITERALLY completed this quest multiple times.
  9. Are these gestures of generosity?

    It means no one made it out with your gun. So let's say he grabs it after killing you and then dies to scavs on his way out. As long as no one loots it off him and extracts with it, it will be returned to you. Also could be not worth it to him. I leave or drop 74-us all the time, but it can be ok because of the folding stock.
  10. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    You're 17 years of "experience" in the fps genre means jack in this game. I have thousands of raids of experience and to this day can still count on my hands the times i thought i was killed by a hacker. Most new players associate their lack of game knowledge and dysync deaths to people hacking.
  11. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    They arent going to add a kill cam and Im happy for that. If you can't turn most of your deaths into some kind of learning experience without a killcam, this game might not be for you.
  12. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    What most new players don't realize is 90% of their deaths if not more, can be explained. They just don't know what happened to them because their first reaction is to run to the forums after 2 days of playing and ask for the game to be easier for them. Then they get mad when the community reacts negatively to their waste of time thread because we all had to learn the hard way.
  13. Is EoD upgrade reset worth it?

    It really depends on how you feel about it. Can always grab it during the sale and hold onto until you feel ready for a wipe. Also the upcoming patch will not have a wipe so we will all be running around with our gear. Do you want to run around as a fresh account while everyone is geared up for some extra space and a nice gamma container. Not to mention if you held your account for now, at level 35 and max level therapist you can buy containers for extra storage.
  14. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    Except you stated that you don't want to try and understand the game in your own words. Like @DanExert pointed out. Maybe stop rolling your on head on the keyboard about how this game is unfair and actually learn a few things.
  15. Pistolen, Messer und Armor

    werde gut I couldn't resist.