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  1. zpwarrior

    Escape from......Fukushima? (DLC/MOD thought)

    Lets get the actual game to a better state and maybe finish it before we start talking about dlc or mods. Doubt there will be mods allowable in this type of game.
  2. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Once again it has nothing to do with implementing a kill cam, it's about making sure we keep hackers out and increase the overall stability of the game. If a games anti cheat is working correctly I don't need to know how I died. Adding another system on an already strained one would do nothing but harm. I played a crap ton of Dayz in the early stages and never heard anyone requesting a kill cam to combat hackers. Ya and you should be able to learn from your deaths without having a look at a view that you should never be able to see from. You get better by dying over and over, learning the correct routes and tactics from trial and error. (I'm not directing this at you btw, just speaking generally). Pretty sure dsync would also affect the kill cams too, the labeling would intensify.
  3. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Lol I have to apologize again. I tend to get very condescending when I start disagreeing and it was really warranted with you. They were doing so well before the beginning of this year. Me and my friends played this non stop for like 4-6 months and then we hit a brick wall. I have faith in the team when it comes to the design/vision of their game, however I have lost a lot of faith in their capabilities this year. I understand the hackusation locks, its pretty counterproductive to have those popping up especially when 90% of the time there isnt even proof. But it is a byproduct of not having any type of in game reporting measure. It couldnt be that hard to implement some type of automated system that reviews an account for suspicious behavior if its been reported a couple times. And I completely agree with the lack of transparency with BSG, especially with all the internal drama Ive been hearing about. They really need to get their team in order and get the game to a better place of testing.
  4. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    I'm not arguing against a report mechanic and would fully support that being implemented. The permadeath argument is a disservice to yourself, as someone who used to use it as well. Hatchlings are a byproduct of development and gearbased games. Not to mention from what I heard, they nerfed them to hell anyway. If you can't kill a hatchling you did it wrong ( dont see a problem there) unless we are talking about dsync. Secure containers could be explained as well..... secure containers. Lets just say they are some amazingly advanced container that people dont bother retrieving because you cant get into without a code. I agree there will always be a balance between realism and fun gameplay. It's agree to disagree at this point. I still don't think a proper way to fix hacking is adding a kill cam or that it would even help in the slightest. Pretty much every direction the game has gone would indicate that they still have no intention of adding a kill cam.
  5. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Well the med system will have animations, the time is sped up but ya the dehydration could be slowed down and painkillers are a bit immersion breaking but who knows what their plan is for those. Everything you pointed out are things that either have an intended feature for later in development or just need a numbers tweak. They have always stated this will be a HARDCORE shooter. Learning from your mistakes is Dying, not getting a free view of how you were killed. Once again your problem is with their anti cheat(me too) and not really needing a kill cam. I will still agree that they need to figure out there anticheat and optimization soon. I haven't played in months because of those reasons.
  6. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Cheating is not a in game feature that was implemented intentionally, stop using that analogy. It's not about breaking immersion for a minute to see what happened. It's about having a feature that makes no sense for the "scenario" or the hardcore nature of the game. If the answer for hackers is kill cams , then I'm even more worried for this game. Please tell me how it combats it, when they dont accept manual reports. Not to mention dsync, kill cams would look like hackers all the time. You didnt defeat anything, but you did provide one of the most nonsensical ideas for a kill cam I have ever seen. For one I mentioned I wouldnt be against viewing your own bodycam footage, just not other peoples. Your idea would place so much unnecessary strain on an already overwhelmed system so you can feel better after a match. ""The players will have to experience living in the skin of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict. After choosing one of the sides – USEC or BEAR – player’s character starts to make his way out of the city. Tarkov is sealed off by UN and Russian military, supply chains are cut, communication with operational command is lost, and in these conditions everyone has to make his own choices of what to do and how to get out of the chaos-ridden metropolis.""" Where does your system fit into this? Funny thing is that battlefield only shows who kills you and not how.
  7. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Sorry if I seemed a bit hostile. I'm used to people posting these and immediately hostile toward the forum community because alot of us disagree with it. However you guys haven't reacted in a rude way at all and I should have been a little more civil with the discussion. I think we all can agree that the best course of action for BSG is to get a handle on their anti-cheat and performance.
  8. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    It has alot to do with the genre and type of game. Pubg makes sense, same as call of duty and the other shooters that have it. I'm not dismissing it because I can't see your point, I just don't think your reasoning has any weight. I believe it has no place in a game like this, just like the devs. Once again your driving force behind this is to catch hackers. They don't need to add a kill cam for that. They need a better functioning anti cheat and better performance. Do you know how many kill cams with dysnc would look positively like a hacker?
  9. zpwarrior

    Face hit box

    You can't possibly be serious. You get hit in the face you are most likely out of the fight or dead. It's funny that people play a hardcore shooter and are surprised that something unprotected kills you quickly.
  10. wearing a helmet?
  11. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Holy crap, can we stop bringing PUBG into the conversation regarding a hardcore authentic shooter. When pubg implemented their kill cam in the midst of their hacker problem, knowing that a hacker killed me did nothing for how I felt dying to a hacker. I still stopped playing that game because their optimization went to hell along with their anti cheat. The same goes for tarkov right now, the addition of a kill cam would do nothing but make me lose faith in BSG.
  12. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Just because the community is growing, doesnt mean BSG is suddenly going to change their vision of the game. I'm so tired of people that just jump on the forums and demand things to change and their way is the only way. Do you know how many times I've seen post like yours that basically say "BSG you should do this or you will lose your customers". No the argument against it, is that it has no place in a game like this. Sorry if anything, the death cams would push people away from this game more than anything. Btw the thread you posted just reconfirms my point. Majority of the posters on their are against it.
  13. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Um for one I havnt seen any post in quite some time to indicate the support for death cams has increased in any way. If it's about confirming if you died by a cheater or not, then it's not about death cams, it's about fixing their anti-cheat. Which I have heard they are reworking and is something i'm waiting on before returning. It's not like they implemented cheating and its part of the gameplay mechanics, what a silly argument. You might not care if its been brought up, but the mods and forum community dont like seeing the same post with the same answers posted for no reason.. Half of deathcams in games are quite off anyway so there would be once again more people claiming cheaters. The thing they need to focus on are their anticheat and optimization. Why should you get to know how you exactly died in a hardcore shooter that is as punishing as this.
  14. zpwarrior

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    The forum rules ask you to utilize the search bar and look for similar threads before posting. If you already know this, which it appears, why even create another thread. They have on multiple occasions stated that they had no intention of adding a death cam. They are going for an authentic, hardcore and immersive shooter. How would a death cam fit into any of those criteria. However I wouldn't mind seeing a bodycam attachment that you could review(of course you could record yourself if you want) your view. I don't really care what Pubg does.