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  1. zpwarrior

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    What kind of ass backwards thinking is that? I'm all down for participating in helping the game grow, but it if it gets to the point where alot of hardcore fans like myself stop playing, then they have less people to provide feedback. The bare minimum should be a semi fun and playable experience that they could expand on. I
  2. zpwarrior

    Current state of the Game?

    Sounds like im sticking to BF5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 for now.
  3. zpwarrior

    Current state of the Game?

    I haven't really played Tarkov or shooters consistently in the last 6 months or so. My buddy just got back from Alaska and we played alot of Tarkov before he had left, so we are thinking about getting back into it.What is the general consensus of the new patch and current state of the game? My main gripe is dsync, has that improved at all?
  4. zpwarrior

    Repulsive Names

    Let me just simulate murdering people, but oh dear lord if someone uses some despicable slur in their name. I mean I don't care if they implement a system to remove them, but good lord it isn't gonna kill you. I'd rather them focus on making the game run as good as possible than focusing on a name that does nothing to affect the gameplay.
  5. zpwarrior

    Stupid players Scavs

    Well the majority of player's use their Scav to get free and quick gear, not roleplaying as a scav. You have gear that they may want or simply a possible threat to them exiting with their free gear. Why are you people even remotely surprised when you get a quick round to the face? The only way to remove this from happening is punishing the player from not using their scav for 24 hours or more, or have no friendly fire for scav mode(which they wont do). So either kill them or don't let them see you.
  6. zpwarrior

    Any use for Gas Analyzers ?

    Did the remove the quest for them?
  7. I got a class for you to take, it's very realistic and you could learn alot from it.
  8. zpwarrior

    Factory is unplayable for new players.

    10/10 exaggerating.
  9. zpwarrior

    Came across a controller app, are they allowed?

    I doubt it would be a an issue, but not sure. Not sure why you would ever want to gimp yourself like that though.
  10. zpwarrior

    Check ammo doesnt work

    Cool, have fun.
  11. zpwarrior

    FoV not working?

    Are you adjusting in game or in the menu?
  12. zpwarrior

    Check ammo doesnt work

    You didn't rebind it or anything? I rebind T to my side mouse button, so the combination is ALT+mouse button. Make sure even after resetting it all to default that there is a keybind for it.
  13. zpwarrior

    Launcher really zoomed in

    Try switching to Fullscreen
  14. zpwarrior

    NEW PATCH......

    You must have never played Dayz.